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Miriam Weiner Archives & Publications

New Partnership

The JewishGen/Bessarabia SIG is very pleased to announce a new partnership with Miriam Weiner and The Routes to Roots Foundation. As a result of this agreement, our SIG has received a large amount of material collected by Miriam during her 25+ years of working in the archives of Ukraine and Moldova. The material includes archive inventories (from Moldova, Ukraine and selected data from the archives in St. Petersburg); cemetery/tombstone lists; numerous copies of archive documents (with thousands of personal names), telephone books from the 1970s from many towns in Moldova, and links to/or excerpts from Miriam’s award-winning book, Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova.

Miriam has been recognized with three awards from the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) for both of her books as well as the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award and also recognized recently with the award of Emeritus Status by the Board for Certification of Genealogists for her thirty-year ground-breaking career in genealogy.

Bessarabia SIG leadership and members are delighted to receive this unique and historic material to share with our membership. It will take time for our researchers to put most of this material into our Bessarabia SIG website, kehilaLinks websites or into the database.

In addition, Miriam has a significant collection of photocopies of archive documents (arranged in folders by town name) which she has obtained during her 25+ years working in Moldova. These are not complete sets, for example, “not all birth records for Beltsy” – however we feel that there is a significant amount of material that we can eventually offer as “selected archive documents from (town name).” Posting the index and link to these selected documents will be a gradual effort.

Also, Miriam has provided us with extensive inventories she has gathered from the Moldova National Archives, The ZAGS office (Ministry of Justice) in Soroki and Kishinev (local town hall records throughout Moldova) as well as photo copies of two complete books:

  • Index to Kishinev Jewish Births: 1829-1857 (approx. 10,500 total names, Russian language)
  • Bessarabia Jewish Births: 1889-1896 (approx. 14,000 total names, Russian language)

The foregoing inventories and two books represent a massive amount of material that we will process and make available as soon as we can. We also received from Miriam a complete list of burials in the Beltsy Jewish Cemetery. She has already done the data entry for the 4,500 approx. burials and given us both the original list and excel file which we will incorporate into our partial list in process. Also, we received from Miriam a list of burials in the Ataki/Otachi Jewish cemetery, with some burials dating back into the 1700s.

This is one of the most important books for Bessarabian Genealogists.

There are many articles from this book below and also all Bessarabian towns chapters/entries.

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