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Bessarabia SIG Research Division Town Leaders & Kehilalinks Owners

TownTown LeaderKehilaLinks or Website Owner
Akkerman (Bessarabia Province) Ariel Parkansky (Contact) Ariel Parkansky (Contact) 
Beltsy (Bessarabia Province) Martin Davis (Contact) Martin Davis (Contact) 
Bendery (Bessarabia Province) S De Castro Leon (Contact) S De Castro Leon (Contact) 
Brichany (Bessarabia Province) Barbie Schneider Moskowitz (Contact) Barbie Schneider Moskowitz (Contact) 
Brichevo (Bessarabia Province) Ayana Kimron (Contact) Ayana Kimron (Contact) 
Dombroveny (Bessarabia Province) Peter Seltser (Contact) Peter Seltser (Contact) 
Dubossary (Kherson / Podolia Province) Yefim Kogan (Contact) Yefim Kogan (Contact) 
Ghershunovka (Kherson / Podolia Province) Steve Glinberg (Contact) Steve Glinberg (Contact) 
Grigoriopol (Kherson / Podolia Province) Yefim Kogan (Contact) Yefim Kogan (Contact) 
Izmail (Bessarabia Province) Yefim Kogan (Contact) Yefim Kogan (Contact) 
Kamenka (Kherson / Podolia Province) Marilyn Feingold (Contact), Yefim Kogan (Contact) Yefim Kogan (Contact) 
Kapreshty (Bessarabia Province) Patricia Klindienst (Contact) Patricia Klindienst (Contact) 
Khotin (Bessarabia Province) Judith Wagner (Contact) Judith Wagner (Contact) 
Kiliya (Bessarabia Province) Ariel Parkansky (Contact) Ariel Parkansky (Contact) 
Kishinev (Bessarabia Province) Ariel Parkansky (Contact) Ariel Parkansky (Contact) 
Klishkivtsi (Bessarabia Province) Harriet Kasow (Contact) Harriet Kasow (Contact) 
Leipzig (Bessarabia Province) Yefim Kogan (Contact) Yefim Kogan (Contact) 
Leovo (Bessarabia Province) Joel D. Waters (Contact) Joel D. Waters (Contact) 
Novyye Kaushany (Bessarabia Province) Yefim Kogan (Contact) Yefim Kogan (Contact) 
Olishkany (Bessarabia Province) Cassio Tolpolar (Contact) Cassio Tolpolar (Contact) 
Orgeev (Bessarabia Province) Terry Lasky (Contact) Terry Lasky (Contact) 
Sekuryany (Bessarabia Province) Avraham Yehoshua Kahana (Contact) Avraham Yehoshua Kahana (Contact) 
Skulyany (Bessarabia Province) Elina Malamud (Contact) Elina Malamud (Contact) 
Tarutino (Bessarabia Province) Yefim Kogan (Contact) Yefim Kogan (Contact) 
Tiraspol (Kherson / Podolia Province) Yefim Kogan (Contact) Yefim Kogan (Contact) 
Tuzora (Bessarabia Province) Helene Kenvin (Contact) Helene Kenvin (Contact) 
Ungeny (Bessarabia Province) Karen M Albert (Contact) Karen M Albert (Contact) 
Zaim (Bessarabia Province) Yefim Kogan (Contact) Yefim Kogan (Contact) 

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