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Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations

The Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations (UOHC) is an umbrella organisation of Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) Jewish congregations, primarly in London. It was founded by the late Rabbi Dr. Victor Schonfeld in 1926 with the stated mission "to protect traditional Judaism" and has an affiliation of nearly 90 synagogues, as well as a number of educational institutions, which, while retaining their independence, accept the authority of the rabbinate of the UOHC.

Membership of UOHC and other congregations of a similar ethos (which collectively the Board of Deputies refers to as "Strictly Orthodox") constituted some 13.5% of total synagogue membership in the United Kingdom in 2016, membership numbers having increased by a massive 139% over the preceding six years.(1) The synagogues or bethei hamedresh of these congregations, situated mainly in London and Manchester, are much smaller, on average, than those of other strands of Judaism, having an average only 63 members per congregation. The number of such synagogues constitute some 37.4% of all British synagogues, being nearly three time the synagogue membership percentage.(2)

Synagogues are entitled to representation on the Council of the Union through their delegates, who elected an executive committee, responsible for the management of the Union. The spiritual leadership of UOHC is in the hands of its rabbinate led by the Av Beis Din (see list below).

Basic Data


The Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations (UOHC)

Head Office:

140 Stamford Hill, London N16 6QT

Date Formed::



Generally Ultra Orthodox

Burial Society:

Adath Yisroel Burial Society of 40 Queen Elizabeth Walk, London N16 OHH

Kashrut Authority:

Kashrus Committee - Kedassia  of 140 Stamford Hill, London N16 6QT

Reg. Charity No:



Most of the affillated congregations are to be found in the London suburbs of Stamford Hill, Golders Green, Hendon and Edgware.

London - Stamford Hill and District:

London - East End (E1):

London - Golders Green (NW11)

London - Hendon (NW4):

London - Others Areas:

Provincial & Outer London:

 * A congregation that is still active.

*(BS) An active independent congregation that left the UOHC and is still affiliated its Burial Society.

  A congregation that left the UOHC and became affiliated to the Federation of Synagogues or independent but did not remain affiliated to the UOHC's Burial Society.


Av Beis Din of the UOHC

  • Rabbi Dr. Victor (Avigdor) Schonfeld - from 1926 to about 1930(?)

  • Rabbi Dr. Solomon Schonfeld - from about 1933(?) to 1965

  • Rabbi Chanoch Dov Padwa - from 1965 to 2000

  • Rabbi Ephraim Padwa - from 2000 to present (June 2017)


Search the All-UK Database

The records in the All-UK Database associated with the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations:


Cheshunt Cemetery, 1964 - 1998 (Adath Yisrael / Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations)(4,010 records);
Enfield Cemetery, Carterhatch Lane, 1926 - 1999  (Adath Yisrael / Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations), (7,980 records);
*A search in the database may also reveal duplicates of some of these records on the
JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Register (JOWBR).


Bibliography, On-line Articles and Other Material
relating to the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations


  • Annual Reports filed with the Charities Commission (pdf):

  • Selected Bibliography

    • A Fortress in Anglo-Jewry: the Story of the Machzike Hadath. Bernard Homa 1953 (Shapiro, Vallentine & Co)


UOHC Cemeteries

The following are cemeteries of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations:

Synagogal Organisation in the United Kingdom

London Jewish Community home page


Notes & Sources ( returns to main text)

  1. "Jewish News", Issue No. 1010, 6 July 2017, pp. 1 & 4, quoting report by Board of Deputies Policy Reseach, carried out between April and September 2016.

  2. Ibid.

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