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Synagogal Organisations

The first organisation of synagogues in Britain was the establishment in 1870 (by Act of Parliament) of the United Synagogue, which began as a union of five London Ashkanazi synagogues. This was followed in 1887 by the establishment of the Federation of Synagogues, also of London Ashkanazi synagogues, but generally smaller congregations. The third Ashkanazi organisation was the more Orthodox Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations, which was founded in 1926. All three of these organisations consist primarily of congregations in Greater London, although in recent years several provincial congregations have become affiliated, in particular to the first two named organisations.

Of the non-Orthodox organisations, the first to be established was the forerunner of Liberal Judaism, in 1902. Although the first Reform synagogues synagoge was founded in 1840, it was not until 1942 that an organisation was formed for the Reform movement. The umbrella organisation for the Masorti movement dates from 1985. The non-Orthodox organisations (unlike their Orthodox counterparts) are national, including congregations spread throughout the United Kingdom.

The premier Sephardi congregation, the Spanish and Portuguese Jews' Congregation, (now formally known as the S&P Sephardi Community) owes its orgins to the first synagogue established following the Resettlement of Jews in England in 1656. Many of the other Sephardi and Edot haMizrach congregations, whilst independant, are loosely affiliated with this Congregation.

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