Svinzian Region; Memorial Book
of 23 Jewish Communities


55°09' / 26°10'

Translation of
Sefer zikaron le-esrim ve-shalosh kehilot
she-nehrevu be-ezor Svintsian

Edited by: Shimon Kanc, former residents of Svintzian in Israel and the U.S.

Published in Tel Aviv, 1965

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We are grateful to Leyla Holzman, chair of the Svencionys landsmanschaft in Israel,
for the permission granted to put this material on the Jewish Gen web site.

Thanks also to Laura Kisber Benjaminson and her husband, Ari,
for copious scanning help, and to Eitan Kovarsky for his scanning help.

Our sincere thanks to all the work done by Marjorie Rosenfeld, Arlene Tievsky
and Steven Weiss in getting this translation online.

Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
for the submission of the necrologies for placement on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation from: Sefer zikaron le-esrim ve-shalosh kehilot she-nehrevu be-ezor Svintsian;
Svinzian region; memorial book of 23 Jewish communities.
Ed Shimon Kanc. Tel Aviv, former residents of Svintzian in Israel and the U.S., 1965

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Svencionys

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[This book contains approximately 1300 pages. The below partial listing
of its contents represents only selections that have been translated.]

Book Committee    
Illustration (full page) Showing Menorah Alexander Bogen  
Svintsyan Region: Yizkor Book in Memory of 23 Jewish Communities    
Illustration of Crying Man    
Crying Stones    
Photograph of Svintsyan Memorial Plaque in Har Tsion in Jerusalem    
God Full of Mercy    
Akeyda (The Binding of Isaac) POEM Mordechai Bartana (“B. Mordechai”)  
We Will Remember    
Prologue Shimon Kantz  
And You Shall Tell Your Son    
Remember What Amalek Has Done to You Shimon Kantz  
The Blood of Our Brothers Cries Out from the Mass Grave - Poligon Heshl Gurvitz  
The Sources are Buried Avraham Golomb  
He Who Stands to Receive the Blessing Shakhne Akhyasaf (Tsepelovitz)  
Illustration (full page) with Name of Shtetl in Yiddish and in Hebrew Alexander Bogen  
Jews of Svintsyan Shimon Kantz  
Those Who Glorified the Name of Our Town in the World Shimon Bushkanyetz 65
The Town and Its History An Illustrated Page with Photo of Main Street and Marketplace   77
Svintsyan: Heersha-Leyb Tarshish POEM Menke Katz 80
The History of Svintsyan Shimon Bushkanyetz 152
The Ezras and Nekhemias of the Jerusalem of Lithuania Shmuel Kagan 181
The Great Torah Scholar, Rabbi Reb Shloyme Eli Ushpal, of Blessed Memory Rabbi Yitskhok Duber Ushpal 211
The Rabbis of Svintsyan Rabbi Y. L. Maymon 221
The Tailors' Synagogue Dr. Moyshe Kuritski 229
Education and Rearing [of Children] Shimon Kantz 233
The Modern Jewish Schools In Our City Yoysef Brumberg 237
Political-Social Life Shimon Kants 283
The Zionist Movement in Our Town Dr. Avigdor (Vigdor) Levin 295
The Leftist “Worker-Zionists”: Its Founders and Its Leaders Tsadok Kharmats 313
The Professional Needle [Trades] Union Tsadok Kharmats 329
The Artisans' Association Ber Kharmats 329
Institutions and Businesses Leyb Margel 333
Vaytsman's Historic Kiss to Rabbi Y. Y. Reynes Yitskhok Grinboym 339
Caring for the Poor and the Sick Dov Ber Shloyme 341
Economic Life Reuben Abramovitsh 345
Memoirs Shimon Bushkanyets 403
The Sabbath in Town Yitskhok Shibavski 415
From an Old Book of the Town's History and Later Times Bronye Forus-Khasid 431
The Jewish Fire Brigade Prevented a Pogrom Abrasha Bak 433
Tin Names M. Natish 435
Imaginings Shimon Kants 441
Cultural Activists and Culture Creators Sara Katsizne (Renna) 465
The Parents of a Leading Personality Fati Kremer 471
The Tragic Figure of Julian Bak Shaul Ginzberg 473
The Artist Aba Garsheyn Heshl Gurvitsh 475
Sara Garshteyn the Sculptress   477
Kopl Sirotka and His Dream Come True Yosef Bromberg 489
Rabbi Dr. Yankev Shmuel son of Leyb Minkin, of Blessed Memory Pini Minkin 491
Fayvl the Mailman Rafoyl Los 493
The Teacher, Dvoyre Fisher M. Shutan 501
R'Asher son of Akiva Kavarski Dov son of Shloyme 515
Dr. Herts Kavarski – Doctor and Social Activist Sh. Bushkanyets 515
Mendl Treger's Fight with the Soviet Authorities for Judaism Dr. Moyshe Koritski 519
Jews of the Synagogue Courtyard   521
Activists During the Difficult Times of the Jewish Schools Sender Kovarski 525
The Prophet of the Town Itshe Hirsh 531
Two Friends Khaim Grade 531
The Economic Situation in Sventsyan   539
The Destruction of Sventyan Ber Kharmots and Yankev Levin 541
In the Ghetto Klara Yavitsh 553
I Was in Poligon Leah Svirski-Holtsman 559
The Last Mile Yehuda Ambrus 575
The Death of a Ghetto Jew Yehuda Ambrus 579
Margumishak – the First Mass Grave of Sventsyan Dr. Moshe Kuritski 583
Illustrious Figures in the Ghetto Khane Shlanski (Rabotnik) 585
The Decline and Fall of Jewish Life in Podbrozie (Pabradė, Lithuania) Ben Zion Lapp 1371
Our Shtetl (Lyntupy, Belarus) Mordekhai Kentsianski (Max Khenchynski) 1433
My Shtetl (Lyntupy, Belarus) Tsilia Matskin-Tsiblin 1445
Addendum (Lyntupy, Belarus) Irene Mauber Skibinski 1445
Through The Eyes Of A Child – My Childhood In Lyntupy (Lyntupy, Belarus) Irene Mauber Skibinski 1446
Shliomke – Pioneer From Lintup (Lyntupy, Belarus) A. Kril 1447
The Story of the Holocaust in Shtayatsishok (Stajetiške, Lithuania) Israel Gantovnik 1617
Svencionys Necrology (Švenčionys, Lithuania) 1889
New Svencionys Necrology (Švenčionėliai, Lithuania)  1903
Ignalina Necrology (Ignalina, Lithuania)  1910
Daugielishki Necrology (Naujasis Daugùliškis, Lithuania)  1913
Dukstas Necrology (Dukštas, Lithuania)  1915
Ceikiniai Necrology (Ceikiniai, Lithuania)  1916
Koltiniany Necrology (Kaltanėnai, Lithuania) 1919
Podbrozie Necrology (Pabradė, Lithuania) 1921
Lintup Necrology (Lyntupy, Belarus) 1927
Kiemieliszki Necrology (Kamelishki, Belarus) 1928
Hoduciszki Necrology (Adutiškis, Lithuania)  1929
Koziany Necrology (Kozyany, Belarus)  1939
Kobylnik Necrology (Narach, Belarus) 1941
Postav Necrology (Pastavy, Belarus) 1943
Nemencine Necrology (Nemenčine, Lithuania) 1949

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