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[Columns 1941-1944]

Kobylnik Necrology

(Narach, Belarus)

54°56' 26°41'

Transliterated by Beryl Baleson

Gender Marital
Name of
Remarks and
additional family
EINBINDER Rabbi Yehuda Laiv M married Rabbi 1941
EINBINDER F married Yehuda Laiv 1941
ALSFINE Mendel Laiv M married Gisiya 1941
ALSFINE Gisiya F married Mendel Laiv 1941
AXELROD Eliyahu M family 1941
BATVINIK Moshe M married Haya 1941
BATVINIK Haya F married Moshe 1941
BATVINIK Joseph M Moshe Haya 1941
BORGIN Hayyim Meir M 1941
BERGER Shabtai M married Nehama 1941
BERGER Nehama F married Shabtai 1941
BERGER Israel M Shabtai Nehama 1941
BERGER Moshe M Shabtai Nehama 1941
BERGER Mina F Shabtai Nehama 1941
BERGER Hana F Shabtai Nehama 1941
GORDON Abraham Laiv M married Haya 1941
GORDON Haya F married Abraham Laiv 1941
GORDON Eliyahu M Abraham Laiv Haya 1941
GORDON Hava F Yishayahu Joseph children 1941
GORDON Baila F Yishayahu Joseph 1941
GORDON Fruma F In list written in brackets "Yishayahu Gordon". 3 children 1941
GORDON Saul M married Dabe 1941
GORDON Dabe F married Shaul 1941
GORDON Jacob M Shaul Dabe 1941
GORDON Gaiga F Shaul Dabe 1941
GALDZAGER Abraham M married Baila Slaughterer 1941
GALDZAGER Baila F married Abraham 3 children 1941
GANTAVNIK Meir M married Gitel 1941
GANTAVNIK Gitel F married Meir 1941
GANTAVNIK Yehuda M Meir Gitel 1941
GANTAVNIK Hayyim M Brother of Bila 1941
GANTAVNIK Bila F Sister of Hayyim 1941
GANTAVNIK F Brother of Hayyim and Bila 1941
Laiv M married Aida Family name unsure. In list written "GILAN" 1941
Ida F married Laiv Family name unsure. In list written "GILAN" 1941
Hayyim M Laiv Aida Family name unsure. In list written "GILAN" 1941
Asher M Laiv Aida Family name unsure. In list written "GILAN" 1941
Leah F Laiv Aida Family name unsure. In list written "GILAN" 1941
Matla F Laiv Aida Family name unsure. In list written "GILAN" 1941
GLAT David M family 1941
GERSHTER Moshe M married Tamara 1941
GERSHTER Tamara F married Moshe 1941
GERSHTER Shlomo M Moshe Tamara 1941
GERSHTER Hirsh M Moshe Tamara 1941
GRINBERG Jacob Beinish M married Mina 1941
GRINBERG Mina F married Jacob Beinish 1941
GRINBERG Laiv M Joseph Bainish Mina 1941
GRINBERG Hana F Joseph Bainish Mina 1941
GRINBERG Esther F Joseph Bainish Mina 1941
DANISHEVSKY Baruch M married Menucha 3 children 1941
DANISHEVSKY Menucha F married Baruch 3 children 1941
DIMENSTEIN Esther F married Wife of the cantor 1941
DIMENSTEIN M married Esther cantor 1941
HILFMAN Shmuel M married Hana 1942
HILFMAN Hana F married Shmuel 1942
HILFMAN F Shmuel Hana 1942
VAINER Israel M 1942
VAINER Alter M married Faiga 1942
VAINER Faiger F married Alter 1942
VAINER M Alter Faiga 1942
VEXLER Yishayahu M married 1942
VEXLER F married Yishayahu 1942
VEXLER Shaina F Maiden name. With family 1942
HADASH Joseph M married Baila 1942
HADASH Baila F married Joseph 1942
HADASH Haya F Joseph Baila 1942
HADASH Isaac M Joseph Baila 1942
HADASH Laiv M married Asna 1942
HADASH Asna F married Laiv 1942
HADASH Mina F 1942
HADASH Moshe Zelig M married Rivka 1942
HADASH Rivka F married Moshe Zelig 1942
HADASH Tzipora F 1942
HADASH Shaina F 1942
HADASH Rivka F 2 children 1942
HADASH Sarah F 1942
TADRES Ita F 1942
TARANTSHIK Hirsh M married Sarah 1942
TARANTSHIK Sarah F married Hirsh 1942
TARANTSHIK F Hirsh Sarah 1942
TARANTSHIK F Hirsh Sarah 1942
TSHERNATZKY Israel M married Dina 2 children 1942
TSHERNATZKY Dina F married Israel 2 children 1942
TSHERNATZKY Jacob M Fraida 1942
TSHERNATZKY David M Fraida 1942
TSHERNATZKY Gedalyahu M married Sarah Rivka 1942
TSHERNATZKY Sarah Rivka F married Gedalayahu 1942
TSHERNATZKY Yochevet F Gedalyahu Sarah Rivka 1942
YAVANAVITCH David M married Boniya 1942
YAVANAVITCH Boniya F married David 1942
YAVANAVITCH Baruch M David Boniya 1942
YAVANAVITCH Laibel M David Boniya 1942
YAVANAVITCH Joseph M married Rachel 1942
YAVANAVITCH Rachel F married Joseph GANTAVNIK 1942
YAVANAVITCH Michael M married Matla 1942
YAVANAVITCH Matla F married Michael HADASH 1942
YAVANAVITCH Shlomo M married Raiza 1942
YAVANAVITCH Raitza F married Shlomo 1942
YAVANAVITCH Shalom M Shlomo Raiza 1942
YAVANAVITCH Isaac M Shlomo Raiza 1942
YANAVSKY Zelata F 1942
YANAVSKY Yehoshua M Zelata 1942
YANAVSKY Gitel F Zelata 1942
YANAVSKY Dvasha F Zelata 1942
YANAVSKY Eli Joseph M married Raizel 3 children 1943
YANAVSKY Raizel F married Eli Joseph 3 children 1943
YANAVSKY Hershel M family 1943
YANAVSKY Hayyim Jacob M married Sarah Rivka 1943
YANAVSKY Sarah Rivka F married Hayyim Jacob 1943
YANAVSKY Yishayahu M family 1943
YANAVSKY Moshe M In Kobylnik during the war. With family 1943
YANAVSKY Moshe M married Gisiya 1943
YANAVSKY Gisiya F married Moshe 1943
YANAVSKY Shmuel M Moshe Gisiya 1943
YANAVSKY Faivish M married Sarah 1943
YANAVSKY Sarah F married Faivish 1943
YANAVSKY Haya Liba F Faivish Sarah 1943
YANAVSKY Pinchas M married 3 children 1943
YANAVSKY F married Pinchas 3 children 1943
YANAVSKY Shlomo Laizer M married Haya 3 children 1943
YANAVSKY Haya F married Shlomo Laizer 3 children 1943
YABLANAVITCH Eli Joseph M Merel 1943
YABLANAVITCH Tzviya F Merel 1943
LOSHNATSKY Shabtai M married Rashel 1943
LOSHNATSKY Rashel F married Shabtai LEVITAN 1943
LOSHNATSKY Shmuel M Shabtai Rashel 1943
LOSHNATSKY Isaac M Shabtai Rashel 1943
LOSHNATSKY F Shabtai Rashel 1943
LAZEROWITCH Hayyim M married Liba 1943
LAZEROWITCH Liba F married Hayyim 1943
LAZEROWITCH F Hayyim Liba 1943
LIPSHITZ F Liba Malka 1943
LEVITAN Dina F 1943
LEVITAN Isaac M married Frieda 1943
LEVITAN Frieda F married Isaac 1943
LEVITAN Israel M Isaac Frieda 1943
LEVITAN Meir M Isaac Frieda 1943
LEVITAN Abraham M Isaac Frieda 1943
LEVITAN Faiga F Isaac Frieda 1943
LEVIN Fraida F 1943
MAKAVSKY Laiv M married Liba Rabbi 1943
MAKAVSKY Liba F married Liba 1943
MAKAVSKY Abraham M Laiv Liba 1943
MASHITZ Isaac M married Tzipora 1943
MASHITZ Tzipora F married Isaac 1943
MASHITZ Shmuel Hirsh M Isaac Tzipora 1943
MILKMAN Michael M married Mina 1943
MILKMAN Mina F married Michael 1943
MILKMAN F Michael Mina 1943
MILKMAN David M Michael Mina 1943
NARANSKY Laiv M married Frieda 1943
NARANSKY Frieda F married Arye Laiv 1943
NARANSKY F Arye Laiv Frieda 1943
NARANSKY F Arye Laiv Frieda 1943
NARANSKY F Arye Laiv Frieda 1943
NARANSKY Michael M Arye Laiv Frieda 1943
NARANSKY Shlomo M married Braina 1943
NARANSKY Braina F married Shlomo 1943
NARANSKY Baila F Shlomo Braina 1943
SVIDLER Esther Leah F TSHERNATZKY. 3 children 1943
SVIRSKY Herzl M 1943
FAIGELMAN Tuviya M married Haya Sarah 1943
FAIGELMAN Haya Sarah F married 1943
FAIGELMAN Moshe M Tuviya Haya Sarah 1943
FAIGELMAN Sarah F Tuviya Haya Sarah 1943
KAGAN Laiv M married Pesa 2 children 1944
KAGAN Pesa F married Laiv Maiden name ALSPIN. 2 children 1944
KAPLAN Yehudit F TADRES 1944
KAPLAN M Yehudit 1944
KORNITSKY M In list written - Christian from ZNAKATSH 1944
KIEVSKY Abraham M married Haya Sarah 2 children 1944
KIEVSKY Haya Sarah F married Abraham Maiden name GLAT. 2 children 1944
KIRMAILISKY Laiv M family 1944
KIRMAILISKY Baila Dabe F 1944
KIRMAILISKY Faivish M family 1944
KLOMEL Haya Sarah F 1944
KLOMEL Gitel F Haya Sarah 1944
KLOMEL Miriam F Haya Sarah 1944
KLOMEL Isaac M married Rivka 1944
KLOMEL Rivka F married Isaac 1944
KLOMEL Abraham M Isaac Rivka 1944
KLOMEL Biala F Isaac Rivka 1944
KLOMEL Niosa F Dentist 1944
KRAVTSHINSKY Isaac M married Batya 4 children 1944
KRAVTSHINSKY Batya F married Isaac 4 children 1944
KROKAV Kiena F 1944
KROKAV Heshel M Kiena 1944
KROKAV Israel M married Haya 1944
KROKAV Haya F married Israel 1944
KROKAV Ariye M Israel Haya 1944
KRIVITSKY Hana Dvsasha F 1944
KRIVITSKY Laiv M family 1944
KRIVITSKY Abraham M family 1944
KRIVITSKY Gershon M married 1944
KRIVITSKY F married Gershon 1944
KRIVITSKY Zelig M Gershon 1944
RAIDER Hayyim M married Aida 1944
RAIDER Aida F married Hayyim 1944
RAIDER Slava F Hayyim Aida 1944
RAIDER Esther F Hayyim Aida 1944
SHTEINGART Joseph M married Batya 1944
SHTEINGART Batya F married Joseph 1944
SHTEINGART Jacob M Joseph Batya 1944
SHTEINGART Boniya F Joseph Batya 1944
SHAPIRA Shraga M Teacher. With family 1944
SHTEINGART Reuben M married Saniya 1944
SHTEINGART Saniya F married Reuben 1944
SHTEINGART Raizel F Reuben Saniya 1944
SHTEINGART Haya F Reuben Saniya 1944
SHTEINGROV Raizel F 1944
SHPITZ Hayyim M family 1944
SHAPTAN M Teacher. With family 1944


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