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[Columns 1910-1914]

Ignalina Necrology

(Ignalina, Lithuania)

55°21' 26°10'

Transliterated by Beryl Baleson

Gender Marital
Name of
Remarks and
additional family
IVANTER Isaac M married Alta child 1909
IVANTER Alta F married Isaac child 1909
ILITAVITCH Yehuda M married Sarah Leah 5 children 1909
ILITAVITCH Sarah Leah F married Yehuda 5 children 1909
EINHARN Joseph M married Fraida 2 children 1909
EINHARN Fraida F married Joseph 2 children 1909
ITZICKSON Velvel M married Yenta 1909
ITZICKSON Yenta F married Velvel 1909
ITZICKSON Isaac M married Pearl 1909
ITZICKSON Pearl F married Isaac 1909
ITZICKSON Ethel F Isaac Pearl 1909
ITZICKSON Laiv M Isaac Pearl 1909
ITZICKSON Raiza F Isaac Pearl 1909
ITZICKSON Faiga Ethel F 1909
EFESKIN Isaac M married Rivka 1909
EFESKIN Rivka F married Isaac 1909
EFESKIN Abraham M Isaac Rivka 1909
EFESKIN Rachel F Isaac Rivka 1909
EFESKIN David M Isaac Rivka 1909
ARAN Israel Noah M married Golda 1909
ARAN Golda F married Israel Noah 1909
ARAN Benjamin M Israel Golda 1909
ARAN Abraham M Israel Golda 1909
ARAN Sima F Israel Golda 1909
ARAN Reuben M Israel Golda 1909
ARAN Meir M Israel Golda 1909
ARAN Bentzion M Israel Golda 1909
ARAN Fishel M married Hana 1909
ARAN Hana F married Fishel 1909
ARAN Pesiya F Fishel Hana 1909
ARAN David M Fishel Hana 1909
ARANAVITCH Benjamin M married Rivka 2 children 1909
ARANAVITCH Rivka F married Benjamin 2 children 1909
BANK Abraham M married Deborah 1909
BANK Deborah F married Abraham 1909
BANK Shaul M Abraham Deborah 1909
BANK Isaac M Abraham Deborah 1909
BANK Yehoshua M married Yenta 1909
BANK Yenta F married Yehoshua 1909
BANK Rivka F Yehoshua Yenta 1909
BARANCHUK Joel M married Hana child 1909
BARANCHUK Hana F married Joel child 1909
BARNSTEIN Nehama F married 1909
BODAVITCH Basiya F Sister of Masha & Raiza 1909
BODAVITCH Masha F Sister of Basiya & Raiza 1909
BODAVITCH Raiza F Sister of Basiya & Masha 1909
BORMAN Jacob M married Braina 2 children 1909
BORMAN Braina F married Jacob 2 children 1909
BITSHONSKY Hananya M married child 1909
BITSHONSKY F married Hananiya child 1909
BITSHONSKY Yehiel M married child 1909
BITSHONSKY F married Yehiel child 1909
BITSHONSKY Moshe M married child 1909
BITSHONSKY F married Moshe child 1909
BEGIN Unclear if individual or in family 1909
BECKENSTEIN Hana M Heniya 1909
BARMAN Israel Moshe M married Batya child 1909
BARMAN Batya F married Israel Moshe child 1909
BARMAN Shaina F 1909
BARMAN Shaina F 1909
BARMAN Rachel F Shaina 1909
BRADSKY Miriam F 1909
BRADSKY Fraida F Miriam 1909
BRADSKY Gedalyahu M Miriam 1909
BROMBERG Nehemia M married Sarah 1909
BROMBERG Sarah F married Nehemiya 1909
BROMBERG Reuben M married Sarah 1909
BROMBERG Sarah F married Reuben 1909
BROMBERG Moshe Isaac M married Saniya 1909
BROMBERG Sonia F married Moshe Isaac 1909
BROMBERG Rivka F Moshe Isaac Saniya 1909
BROMBERG Bera M Moshe Isaac Saniya 1909
BROMBERG Yehudit F Moshe Isaac Saniya 1909
BROMBERG Hirsh M Moshe Isaac Saniya 1909
BROMBERG Aharon M married 2 children 1909
BROMBERG F married Aharon 2 children 1909
BROMBERG Moshe M married 2 children 1909
BROMBERG F married Moshe 2 children 1909
GAVENDA Hena F 1909
GAVENDA Hinda F 1909
GAVENDA Hana Rivka F 1909
GAVENDA Yonah M 1909
GAVENDA Joseph M married Alta 2 children 1909
GAVENDA Alta F married Joseph 2 children 1909
GAVENDA Faivish M married 3 children 1909
GAVENDA F married Faivish 3 children 1909
GAVENDA Shlomo M married Tzvia child 1909
GAVENDA Tzvia F married Shlomo child 1909
GAVENDA Shmuel M married Faniya 1909
GAVENDA Faniya F married Shmuel 1909
GAVENDA Liba F Shmuel Faniya 1909
GAVENDA Raiza F Shmuel Faniya 1909
GAVENDA David M Shmuel Faniya 1909
GALPERIN Sima F 1910
GARDAN Shaina F 1910
GARDAN Yekutiel M 1910
GARDAN David M Yekutiel 1910
GARDAN Joseph M Yekutiel 1910
GARDAN Noah M Yekutiel 1910
GARDAN Sarah F Yekutiel 1910
GEDUD Eliyahu M married Pesiya 1910
GEDUD Pesia F married Eliyahu 1910
GEDUD Liba F Eliyahu Pesiya 1910
GORVITCH Abraham M married Sarah Leah 2 children 1910
GORVITCH Sarah Leah F married Abraham 2 children 1910
GORVITCH M married Dabe 1910
GORVITCH Dobe F married Herzl 1910
GORVITCH Sania F Herzl Dabe 1910
GORVITCH Ita F Herzl Dabe 1910
GORVITCH Noma F Herzl Dabe 1910
GORVITCH Mattel M married Hinda 1910
GORVITCH Hinda F married Mattel 1910
GORVITCH Faiga F Mattel Hinda 1910
GORVITCH Liba F Mattel Hinda 1910
GORVITCH Laiv M Mattel Hinda 1910
GORVITCH Moshe M married Tzira 3 children 1910
GORVITCH Tzira F married Moshe 3 children 1910
GEIDIGER whole family 1910
GILINSKY Aba M married 1910
GILINSKY F married Aba 1910
GILINSKY Hana F Aba 1910
GILINSKY Abraham M married Hana 1910
GILINSKY Hana F married Abraham 1910
GILINSKY Eliyahu M married Rachel child 1910
GILINSKY Rachel F married Eliyahu child 1910
GILINSKY Asher M married Hana 1910
GILINSKY Hana F married Asher maiden name RING 1910
GILINSKY Bera M married Haya 1910
GILINSKY Haya F married Beriya 1910
GILINSKY Gittel F Beriya Haya 1910
GILINSKY Hayyim M Beriya Haya 1910
GILINSKY Faiva M Beriya Haya 1910
GILINSKY Deborah F 1910
GILINSKY Hirsh Laiv M married Alta 1910
GILINSKY Elta F married Hirsh Laiv 1910
GILINSKY Shmuel Isaac M Hirsh Laiv Alta 1910
GILINSKY Heshel M married Rivka Sarah 1910
GILINSKY Rivka F married Heshel maiden name DUBINSKY 1910
GILINSKY Zalman M married 1910
GILINSKY F married Zalman 1910
GILINSKY Taiba F 1910
GILINSKY Raiza F Taiba 1910
GILINSKY Joel M married Leah 1910
GILINSKY Leah F married Joel 1910
GILINSKY Ita F Joel Leah 1910
GILINSKY Isaac Gershon M 1910
GILINSKY Isaac M In list written as Gilinsky possibly in error 1910
GILINSKY Israel Wolf M 1910
GILINSKY Israel M married child 1910
GILINSKY F married Israel child 1910
GILINSKY Leah F 2 children 1910
GILINSKY Liba F 1910
GILINSKY Mera F Liba 1910
GILINSKY Meir M married Lota 3 children 1910
GILINSKY Lota F married Meir 3 children 1910
GILINSKY Moshe M married children 1910
GILINSKY F married Moshe children 1910
DAGIM Israel M 1910
DAGIM Jacob M Israel 1910
DAGIM Hinda F Israel 1910
DAGIM Gittel F Israel 1910
DUBINSKY Isaac M married Ethel 1910
DUBINSKY Ethel F married Isaac 1910
DUBINSKY Faiga F Isaac Ethel 1910
DUBINSKY Yishayahu M Isaac Ethel 1910
DUBINSKY Shlomo M married Hiena 1910
DUBINSKY Hiena F married Shlomo 1910
DUBINSKY Shmuel M Shlomo Hiena 1910
DUBINSKY Osnat F Shlomo Hiena 1910
DVAZSHETZ Abraham M child 1910
DROTZ Berel M married Sarah 2 children 1910
DROTZ Sarah F married Berel 2 children 1910
HAMER Jacob M married Rachel 1910
HAMER Rachel F married Jacob 1910
HAMER Berel M Jacob Rachel 1910
HAMER Eidel F Jacob Rachel 1910
HAMER Shlomo M Jacob Rachel 1910
HAMER Haya F Jacob Rachel 1910
VANANSKY Berel M married Rachel child 1910
VANANSKY Rachel F married Berel child 1910
VIDOTSHINSKY Yudel M married Palia 1910
VIDOTSHINSKY Palia F married Yudel 1910
WEINSTEIN Shmuel M married Sima 1910
WEINSTEIN Sima F married Shmuel 1910
WEINSTEIN Hasiya F Shmuel Sima 1910
WEINSTEIN Abraham M married Deborah child 1910
WEINSTEIN Deborah F married Abraham maiden name SOLOVEICHIK. One child 1910
ZARGA Mordechai M married Boniya 2 children 1910
ZARGA Boniya F married Mordechai 2 children 1910
ZEIDMAN Nahum M married Baila 1910
ZEIDMAN Baila F married Nahum 1910
ZEIDMAN Tzirel F Nahum Baila 1910
ZEIDMAN Haya F Nahum Baila 1910
HAYAT Berel M married Sarah Leah 1910
HAYAT Sarah Leah F married Berel 1910
HAYAT Taiba F Berel Sarah Leah 1910
HAYAT Rabbi Moshe Aharon M married Malka 1910
HAYAT Malka F married Moshe Aharon 1910
HASID M 1910
TSHESLER Mordechai M 1911
TSHESLER Batya F Mordechai 1911
Hana F Mordechai maiden name TCHESLER. One child 1911
ICHILCHIK Lipa Laiv M married Sarah child 1911
ICHILCHIK Sarah F married Lipa Laiv child 1911
ICHILCHIK Moshe M child 1911
ISRAELAVITCH Abraham Jacob M 1911
KATZKELAVITCH Berel M married Heniya child 1911
KATZKELAVITCH Heniya F married Berel child 1911
KATZKELAVITCH Sarah F Berel Heniya 1911
KATZKELAVITCH Hasiya F Berel Heniya 1911
KATZKELAVITCH David M Berel Heniya 1911
KATZ Aba M married Tila 1911
KATZ Tila F married Aba 1911
KATZ Nehama F Aba Tila 1911
KATZ Saniya F Aba Tila 1911
KATZ Israel M Aba Tila 1911
KATZ Uri M 1911
KATZ Zalman M married Baila child 1911
KATZ Baila F married Zalman child 1911
KATZ Berel M Zalman Baila 1911
KATZ Nehama F Zalman Baila 1911
KATZ Hana F 1911
KATZ Israel M 1911
KATZ Joel M 1911
KATZ Mirel F 1911
KATZ Taiba F Mirel 1911
KATZ Rachel F Mirel 1911
KATZ Deborah F Mirel 1911
LANDE Rachel F maiden name SOLOVEICHIK. 2 children 1911
LANDE Saniya F Rachel 1911
LAFER Michael M married Leah 3 children 1911
LAFER Leah F married Michael 3 children 1911
LIBERMAN Hana M 3 children 1911
LEIBSTEIN Israel M 1911
LEIBSTEIN Haya F Israel 1911
LEIBSTEIN Yerachmiel M Israel 1911
LEIBSTEIN Joseph M Israel 1911
LOCKNER Mina Zalata F 1911
LOCKNER Sarah F Zelata 1911
LOCKNER Abraham M Zelata 1911
LIGOMSKY Leah F 1911
LURIA whole family (2 children) 1911
LEVIN Aharon M married Batya 1911
LEVIN Batya F married Aharon 1911
LEVIN Hirsh M child 1911
LEVIN Joseph M married Osnat 2 children 1911
LEVIN Osnat F married Joseph 2 children 1911
LEVIN Jacob M married Dina 2 children 1911
LEVIN Dina F married Jacob 2 children 1911
LEVIN Isaac M 4 children 1911
LEVIN Moshe M Isaac 1911
LEVITAN Betzalel M married Leah 2 children 1911
LEVITAN Leah F married Betzalel 2 children 1911
LEVITAN Groniya M 1911
LEVITAN Velvel M married Shaina 1911
LEVITAN Shaina F married Velvel 1911
MEGID David M 1911
MEGID Esther F David 1911
MULLER Esther F maiden name GILINSKY 1911
MULLER Meir M married Dina 1911
MULLER Dina F married Meir 1911
MULLER Max M married Liba 1911
MULLER Liba F married Max 1911
MUNITCH Bluma F 1911
MUSHKIN Nachmia M 1911
MILCHIKER Mendel M married Yenta 1911
MILCHIKER Yenta F married Mendel 1911
MILCHIKER Laizer M Mendel Yenta 1911
MILCHIKER Saniya F Mendel Yenta 1911
MILCHIKER Rivka F Mendel Yenta 1911
MILCHIKER Raizel F Mendel Yenta 1911
MILCHIKER Isaac M Mendel Yenta 1911
SARACKA Baruch M married Hana 1911
SARACKA Hana F married Baruch 1911
SALAVEITCHIK Aharon M married Hinda 1911
SALAVEITCHIK Hinda F married Aharon 1911
SALAVEITCHIK Hirsh M Aharon Hinda 1911
SALAVEITCHIK Slava F Aharon Hinda 1911
SALAVEITCHIK Hena F Aharon Hinda 1911
SALAVEITCHIK Bentzion M 1911
SALAVEITCHIK F Bentzion 1911
SALAVEITCHIK Berel M married Raiza 1911
SALAVEITCHIK Raiza F married Berel 1911
SALAVEITCHIK Nehama F Berel Raiza 1911
SALAVEITCHIK David M married Ela 1911
SALAVEITCHIK Ela F married David 1911
SALAVEITCHIK Shmuel M David Ela 1911
SALAVEITCHIK Zalman M married Sarah Esther 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Sarah Esther F married Zalman 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Baila F Zalman Sarah Esther 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Isaac M married Haya 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Haya F married Isaac 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Baniya M Isaac Haya 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Israel M married Rivka 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Rivka F married Israel 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Mina F Israel Rivka 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Moshe M married Dina 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Dina F married Moshe maiden name DUBINSKY 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Shmuel M Moshe Dina 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Moshe Joseph M married Ita Raiza 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Raiza F married Moshe Joseph 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Faiga M married Hinda 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Hinda F married Faiva 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Gedalyahu M Faiva Hinda 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Reuben M married Sarah 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Sarah F married Reuben 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Slava F Reuben Sarah 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Abraham M Reuben Sarah 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Reuben M married Ela 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Ela F married Reuben 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Haya F Reuben Ela 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Shmuel M Reuben Ela 1912
SALAVEITCHIK Kayla F Reuben Ela 1912
SEGAL Gershon M 1912
ELFER Jacob Tuviya M 1912
ELFER F Jacob Tuvia 1912
ELFER F Jacob Tuvia 1912
ELPERIN Laiv Hayyim M married Pearl 1912
ELPERIN Pearl F married Laiv Hayyim 1912
ELPERIN Hanan M Laiv Hayyim Pearl 1912
ELPERIN Ethel F Laiv Hayyim Pearl 1912
ELPERIN Masha F Laiv Hayyim Pearl 1912
ELPERIN Sarah Raizel F 1912
ELPERIN Shmuel M Raizel 1912
ELPERIN Hana F Raizel 1912
PASTAVSKY David M 1912
PASTAVSKY Velvel M 1912
PASTAVSKY Hana Ravka F 1912
PASTAVSKY F Hana Rivka 1912
PASTAVSKY Laiv M 3 children 1912
FEIGEL Abraham M 2 children 1912
FEIGEL Hayyim M 5 children 1912
PERLMUTTER Hayyim M married Rachel 2 children 1912
PERLMUTTER Rachel F married Hayyim 2 children 1912
FREIDENSON Hayyim Joseph M 1912
CINMAN Aharon M 3 children 1912
CINMAN Tuviya M 1912
TZEIKINSKY Isaac Eliya M married 3 children 1912
TZEIKINSKY F married Eliya 3 children 1912
TZEIKINSKY Abraham M 1912
TZEIKINSKY Daniel M 1912
TZEIKINSKY Raizel F 1912
KAGAN Haya F 1912
KAGAN Ita F Haya 1912
KAGAN Shhifra F Haya 1912
KAGAN Hasiya F 1912
KAGAN Israel M married Heniya 2 children 1912
KAGAN Hebiya F married Israel 2 children 1912
KAGAN Laiv M 2 children 1912
KAGAN Reuben M 1912
KARB Yerachmiel M married Miriam 1912
KARB Miriam F married Yerachmiel 1912
KARB Shprinza F Yerachmiel Miriam 1912
KARB Israel M Yerachmiel Miriam 1912
KORITZKY Abraham Eliyahu M child 1912
KORITZKY Henoch M 1912
KORITZKY Jacob M 1912
KORITZKY F Jacob 1912
KORITZKY Laizer M 1912
KORITZKY Laibel M 1912
KORITZKY Meriya F 1912
KORITZKY Pesiya F 1913
KORITZKY Reubem M 1913
KORITZKY Gershon M Reuben 1913
KORITZKY Rivka F 1913
KORITZKY Saul M 1913
KORITZKY Shlomo M 1913
KORITZKY Shmuel M 1913
KIDESHMAN Gershon M married Esther 1913
KIDESHMAN Esther F married Gershon maiden name KRIL 1913
KIDESHMAN Laiv M Gershon Esther 1913
KIMBERT Joseph Avihdor M 1913
KIMBERT F Joseph Avigdor 1913
KIMBERT Laizer M married Batya 2 children 1913
KIMBERT Batya F married Laizer 2 children 1913
KIMBERT M married Haya child 1913
KIMBERT Haya Mina F married child 1913
KRAVITCH Bluma F 1913
KRAVITCH Menucha F Bluma 1913
KRIL Hillel M married Rasha 1913
KRIL Rasha F married Hillel 1913
KRIL Zalman M 1913
KRIL Hirsh M Zalman 1913
KRIL Simcha M Zalman 1913
KRIL F Zalman 1913
KREITZER Shlomo M married Batsheva 1913
KREITZER Batsheva F married Shlomo 1913
KREITZER Hirsh M Shlomo Batsheva 1913
KREITZER Rachel F Shlomo Batsheva 1913
KRIMILISKY Alter M married Rachel 1913
KRIIMILISKY Rachel F married Alter 1913
KRIMILISKY Yenta F Alter Rachel 1913
RABINOWITCH Hayyim M married Baila 2 children 1913
RABINOWITCH Baila F married Hayyim 2 children 1913
ROTSTEIN Abraham Isaac M 1913
ROTSTEIN Hayyim M Abraham Isaac 1913
ROTSTEIN Reuben M Abraham Isaac 1913
ROFITZ Shlomo M married Haya Mina child 1913
ROFITZ Haya Mina F married Shlomo child 1913
RITVA Mordechai M 4 children 1913
RITVA Shaina F 3 children 1913
RAICHEL Zakman M 1913
RAICHEL F Zalman 1913
RAICHEL Aharon M 1914
RAICHEL Dabe F Aharon 1914
RIMER Hayyim Joseph M married Pearl 2 children 1914
RIMER Pearl F married Hayyim 2 children 1914
RING M married Mirel 2 children 1914
RING Mirel F married 2 children 1914
RING Haya F child 1914
REIN Sarah F 1914
REIN Kayla F 1914
RAPAPORT Joseph M married Sarah 1914
RAPAPORT Sarah F married Joseph 1914
RAPAPORT Nehama F Joseph Sarah 1914
RAPAPORT Taiba F Joseph Sarah 1914
RAPAPORT Isaac Joseph M 1914
RAPAPORT F Isaac Joseph 1914
SHAPIRA Shaina F 1914
SHAPIRA Shmuel M 1914
SHALKAVITCH Abraham M 1914
SHALKAVITCH Shimon M 2 children 1914
SHALKAVITCH F Shimon 2 children 1914
SHOR Pinchas M married 1914
SHOR F married Pinchas 1914
SHUTAN Abraham M married Pesiya 1914
SHUTAN Pesiya F married Abraham 1914
SHUTAN Ephraim M Abraham Pesiya 1914
SHUTAN Hava F Abraham Pesiya 1914
SHUTAN Sarah Rivka F Abraham Pesiya 1914
SHUTAN Hanan Haya M married Sarah Rivka 2 children/ In list written as first name "Hana" possible error 1914
SHUTAN Sarah Rivka F married Hanan 2 children 1914
SHINTOP Ezriel M married Rivka 2 children 1914
SHINTOP Rivka F married Ezriel 2 children 1914
SCHNEIDERAVITCH Hayyim M married Baila 1914
SCHNEIDERAVITCH Baila F married Hayyim 1914
SCHNEIDERAVITCH Deborah F Hayyim Baila 1914
SCHNEIDERAVITCH Shaina F Hayyim Baila 1914
SCHNEIDERAVITCH Hayyim M married Kraina Sarah 3 children 1914
SCHNEIDERAVITCH Crsaina Sarah F married Hayyim 3 children 1914
SCHNEIDERAVITCH Mera F 3 children 1914


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