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[Columns 1919-1922]

Koltiniany Necrology

(Kaltanėnai, Lithuania)

55°16' 26°00'

Transliterated by Beryl Baleson

Gender Marital
Name of
Remarks and
additional family
ABRAMAVITCH Shaina F maiden name TABACHAVITCH 1919
AGRANIN Shmuel M married Gita 1919
AGRANIN Gita F married Shmuel maiden name KRAMER 1919
ITZKAVITCH Hana M married Rivka 1919
ITZKAVITCH Rivka F married Hana 1919
ITZKAVITCH Hirsh M Hana Rivka 1919
AXELROD Berl M married Necha 1919
AXELROD Necha F married Berl maiden name TABACHAVITCH 1919
AXELROD Deborah F Berl Necha 1919
AXELROD Moshe M Berl Necha 1919
GAVENDA Haluina M married Batya 1919
GAVENDA Batya F married Haluina 1919
GAVENDA Faiga F Haluina Batya 1919
GAVENDA Tzifa F Haluina Batya 1919
GAVENDA Nathan M married Rivka child 1920
GAVENDA Rivka F married Nathan maiden name KORAPATKIN. A child 1920
GAVENDA Shalom Tuvia M 1920
GAVENDA Ita F Shalom Tuvia 1920
GERBER Siama M married Rivka 1920
GERBER Rivka F married Siama maiden name KRAMER 1920
GERBER F Siama Rivka 1920
GERBER F Siama Rivka 1920
GARSHIN Mordechai M married Rivka 1920
GARSHIN Rivka F married Mordechai 1920
GUTTERMAN Abraham M married Hana 1920
GUTTERMAN Hana F married Abraham 1920
GUTTERMAN Hinda F Abraham Hana 1920
GUTTERMAN Baila F Abraham Hana 1920
GUTTERMAN Berel M married haya 1920
GUTTERMAN Haya F married Berl 1920
GUTTERMAN Tzirel F Berl Haya 1920
GUTTERMAN Tana M Berl Haya 1920
GUTTERMAN Zala M married Batya 1921
GUTTERMAN Batya F married Zala 1921
GUTTERMAN Shniur M Zala Batya 1921
GUTTERMAN David M Zala Batya 1921
GUTTERMAN Zalman M Zala Batya 1921
GUTTERMAN Malka F Zala Batya 1921
GLAZER Zlata F maiden name RODNITSKY 1921
GLAZER Israel M Zelata 1921
GLAZER Rishel F Zelata 1921
VALAVITCH Bentzion M married Ita 1921
VALAVITCH Ita F married Bentzion 1921
VALAVITCH Frieda F Bentzion Ita 1921
VALAVITCH Berel M married Rachel 1921
VALAVITCH Rachel F married Berl 1921
VALAVITCH Shasa F 1921
VALAVITCH Shlomo M Shasa 1921
VALAVITCH Braina F Shasa 1921
VALAVITCH Hasia F Shasa 1921
VALAVITCH Berl M Shasa 1921
VINAKOR Shmuel M 1921
VINAKOR Shlomo M Shmuel Baila List in brackets written "Baylis" 1921
TABACHAVITCH Alter M married Baila 1921
TABACHAVITCH Baila F married Alter 1921
TABACHAVITCH Jacob M married Rachel 1921
TABACHAVITCH Rachel F married Jacob 1921
TABACHAVITCH Hirsh M Jacob Rachel 1921
TABACHAVITCH Baila F Nathan 1921
TABACHAVITCH Haya F Nathan 1921
TRAK M married Aida 1921
TRAK Aida F married maiden name KAVALSKY 1921
TRAK Vitka F Aida 1921
TRAK Malka F Aida 1921
KATZ Eliyahu M married Raiza 1921
KATZ Raiza F married Eliyahu 1921
KATZ Abraham Isaac M Eliyahu Raiza 1921
KATZ Leah F Eliyahu Raiza 1921
KATZ Rafal M married Dina 1921
KATZ Dina F married Rafal 1921
MAVSH Mordechai M married Rachel 1921
MAVSH Rachel F married Mordechai 1921
MAVSH Joseph M Mordechai Rachel 1921
MAVSH Deborah F Mordechai Rachel 1921
MAVSH Laiv M Mordechai Rachel 1921
MAVSH Eliyahu M married Hana 2 children 1921
MAVSH Hana F married Eliyahu 2 children 1921
MILONTCHIK Laiv M married Hiana 1921
MILONTCHIK Hiana F married Laiv 1921
MILONTCHIK Braina F Laiv Hiana 1921
PORTNOY David M married Raizel 1921
PORTNOY Raizel F married David 1921
PORTNOY Nehama F David Raizel 1921
PORTNOY Shaul M David Raizel 1921
PUPISKY Aharon M married Faiga 1921
PUPISKY Faiga F married Aharon 1921
PUPISKY Gitel F Aharom Faiga 1921
PUPISKY Abraham M Aharom Faiga 1921
PUPISKY Hayyim M married Saniya 1921
PUPISKY Saniya F married Hayyim 1921
PUPISKY Rivka F Hayyim Saniya 1921
PUPISKY Taiba F maiden name TABACHAVITCH 1921
FRIEDMAN Moshe M married Rachel 1921
FRIEDMAN Rachel F married Moshe 1921
FRIEDMAN Jacob M Moshe Rachel 1921
FRIEDMAN Golda F Moshe Rachel 1921
KAVALSKY Grisha M married Sarah 1921
KAVALSKY Sarah F married Grisha 1921
KAVALSKY Mordechai M Grisha Sarah 1921
KAMINSKY Shmerel M married Rosa 1921
KAMINSKY Rosa F married Shmerel maiden name KRAMER 1921
KAMINSKY Yasha M Shmerel Rosa 1921
KORAPATKIN Haya Sarah F 1922
KORAPATKIN Melech M Haya Sarah 1922
KORAPATKIN Gita F Haya Sarah 1922
KORAPATKIN Shimon M married children 1922
KORAPATKIN F married Shimon children 1922
KRAMER Deborah F married Hirsh Rabbi's wife 1922
KRAMER Eliyahu M married Liuba 1922
KRAMER Liuba F married Eliyahu 1922
KRAMER Isaac M 1922
KRAMER Joseph M married Rosa 1922
KRAMER Rosa F married Joseph 1922
KRAMER M Joseph Rosa 1922
KRAMER M Joseph Rosa 1922
RACHIN Joel M married Masha 1922
RACHIN Masha F married Joel maiden name RODNITSKY 1922
RODAITZKY Yehiel M married Rachel 1922
RODAITZKY Rachel F married Yehiel maiden name PUPISKY 1922
RODAITZKY F Yehiel Rachel 1922
RODAITZKY F Yehiel Rachel 1922
RODNITSKY Eliyahu M married Rosa 2 children 1922
RODNITSKY Rosa F married Eliyahu 2 children 1922
RODNITSKY Gershon M married Shifra 1922
RODNITSKY Shifra F married Gershon 1922
RODNITSKY Rivka F Gershon Shifra 1922
RODNITSKY Ezriel M Gershon Shifra 1922
RODNITSKY Berl M Gershon Shifra 1922
RODNITSKY Hana Rivka F 1922
RODNITSKY Isaac M married Nadiya 3 children 1922
RODNITSKY Nadiya F married Isaac 3 children 1922
RODNITSKY Meir M married Rachel child 1922
RODNITSKY Rachel F married Meir child 1922
RODNITSKY Mordehai M married Faiga 2 children 1922
RODNITSKY Faiga F married Mordechai 2 children 1922
RODNITSKY Rivka F 1922
RODNITSKY Shlomo M Rivka 1922
RODNITSKY David M Rivka 1922
RODNITZKY Rachel Daba F 1922
ROPAITZ Leah F 1922
ROPAITZ Leah F Leah Possibility first name is different 1922
ROPAITZ Haya F Leah 1922
ROPAITZ Hana F Leah 1922
ROPAITZ Zalman M Leah 1922
ROPAITZ Benjamin M Leah 1922
ROPAITZ David M married Shifra 1922
ROPAITZ Shifra F married David 1922
ROPAITZ Elchanan M David Shifra 1922
SHAPIRA Zelata F maiden name KRAMER 1922
SHAPIRA Eliyahu M Zelata 1922
SHAINBERG David M married Zelata 1922
SHAINBERG Zelata F married David maiden name RODNITSKY 1922
SHAINBERG M David Zelata 1922
SHAINBERG M David Zelata 1922


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