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[Columns 1915-1918]

Dukstas Necrology

(Dukštas, Lithuania)


Transliterated by Beryl Baleson


Family name(s) First name(s) Gender Marital status Father's name Mother's name Name of spouse Remarks & additional family Page
Abigil F Rabbi's wife 1915
USHPAL Hirsh M his family 1915
ITZIKSON M family 1915
AIDELMAN Hirsh M married Matla 1915
AIDELMAN Matla F married Hirsh 1915
EINHARN Moshe M married 1915
EINHARN F married Moshe 1915
EINHARN Abraham M Moshe 1915
EINHARN Rachel F Moshe 1915
ARAN Elchanan M family 1915
ARAN Ber M married Raiza family 1915
ARAN Raiza F married Ber family 1915
ARAN Joseph M married Fraida family 1915
ARAN Fraida F married Joseph family 1915
ARAN Joseph M married Rivka 1915
ARAN Rivka F married maiden name FAIGELSON 1915
ARAN Isaac M his family 1915
ARAN Joseph M married Henia children 1915
ARAN Henia F married Joseph children 1915
ARAN Liber M 1915
ARAN Nahum M married Nehama family 1915
ARAN Nehama F married Nahum family 1915
ARAN Shimon M his family 1915
ARNSTEIN Mendel M family 1915
ASHKENAZI Mordechai M his family 1915
ASHKENAZI Bentzion M his family 1915
ASHKENAZI Isaac M married Hode 1915
ASHKENAZI Hode F married Isaac 1915
BODAVITCH Uncertain if individual or with family 1915
BIR David M married Malka 1915
BIR Malka F married David 1915
BIR Yehuda F David Malka 1915
BIR Ber M David Malka 1915
BLASTEIN Aba Joseph M married Haya 1915
BLASTEIN Haya F married Aba Joseph 1915
BLASTEIN Shlomo M Aba Joseph Haya 1915
BLASTEIN Nahum M Aba Joseph Haya 1915
BLASTEIN Peretz M Aba Joseph Haya 1915
BLASTEIN Wolf M Aba Joseph Haya 1915
BLAIMAN Reuben M married Gita 1915
BLAIMAN Gita F married Reuben 1915
BLAIMAN M Reuben Gita 1915
GEDUD Betzalel M family 1915
GEDUD David M family 1915
GEDUD Zelig M family 1915
GEDUD Jacob M married Shaina 1915
GEDUD Shaina F married Jacob 1915
GURVITCH Hirsh M family 1915
GURVITCH Israel M married Batya 1916
GURVITCH Batya F married Israel 1916
GURVITCH Mola M Israel Batya 1916
GURVITCH Mordechai M married Sarah 1916
GURVITCH Sarah F married Mordechai 1916
GURVITCH Neta M married Sarah 1916
GURVITCH Sarah F married Neta 1916
GURVITCH F Nata Sarah 1916
GINSBERG David Shlomo M family 1916
GINSBERG Hirsh M family 1916
GALIAT Isaac M family 1916
GALIAT Reuben M family 1916
GEFEN whole family 1916
GEFEN Yodel M Esther 1916
GEFEN Esther F Yudel maiden name LAUW 1916
GURAVITCH David M 1916
GURAVITCH Hayyim M family 1916
GURAVITCH Feiga F family 1916
GURAVITCH Shmuel M family 1916
GURAVITCH Laiv M married Rachel 1916
GURAVITCH Rachel F married Laiv maiden name BAK 1916
DAVIDAVITCH Abraham M married Rivka 1916
DAVIDAVITCH Rivka F married Abraham 1916
DAVIDAVITCH Matla F Abraham Rivka 1916
DAVIDAVITCH Mordechai Aharon M 1916
DAVIDAVITCH M married Rivka The children are girls 1916
DAVIDAVITCH Moshe F married Moshe The children are girls 1916
DAITCH Moshe M married Hana children 1916
DAITCH Hana F married Moshe children 1916
DAITCH Joseph Laiv M 1916
DAITCH Pinchas M married 1916
DAITCH F married Pinchas 1916
DAITCH Tzadok M family 1916
DAITCH Eliezer M family 1916
DRISVIATSKY whole family 1916
HALPERIN Hana M 1916
HAMBERG Eliezer M married Tzvia 1916
HAMBERG Tzifa F married Eliezer 1916
HAMBERG Bluma F Eliezer Tzifa 1916
HAMBERG Sarah F Eliezer Tzifa 1916
HAMBERG Berel M Eliezer Tzifa 1916
HAMBERG Esther F Eliezer Tzifa 1916
HAMBERG Laiv M married 1916
HAMBERG F married Laiv 1916
HAMBERG Mina Hadel F 1917
HAMBERG Mendel M married Fraida 1917
HAMBERG Fraida F married Mendel 1917
HAMBERG Lioba F Mendel Fraida 1917
HAMBERG Mordechai M married Esther children 1917
HAMBERG Esther F married Mordechai maiden name FAIGELSON. With children 1917
HAMBERG Sarah F 1917
HAMBERG Jacob M Sarah 1917
HAMBERG Necha F Sarah 1917
HAMBERG Hinda F Sarah 1917
HIMELFARB Anshel M married Niuta 1917
HIMELFARB Niota F married Anshel maiden name LEVIN 1917
HIMELFARB Pesach M married Shaina Liba 1917
HIMELFARB Shaina Liba F married Pesach 1917
WEINSTEIN Tzvi M married Bella 1917
WEINSTEIN Bella F married Tzvi maiden name ARAN 1917
ZACKAVITCH Shlomo M married Hana 1917
ZACKAVITCH Hana F married Shlomo 1917
TABACHAVITCH Jacob Meir M married Hana 1917
TABACHAVITCH Hana F married Jacob Meir 1917
TABACHAVITCH Isaac M family 1917
TELENT Yudel M family 1917
TELENT Shnmuel M family 1917
TELENT Abraham M family 1917
TELER Shlomo M married children 1917
TELER F married Shlomo children 1917
TELER Nahum M Shlomo 1917
TELER Michael M Shlomo 1917
KAGAN Aharon M married Esther children 1917
KAGAN Esther F married Aharon children 1917
KAGAN Hirsh M family 1917
KAGAN Shmuel M married Pesa 1917
KAGAN Pesa F married Shmuel 1917
KAGAN Pesa F 1917
LURIA Aida M 1917
LURIA Joel M 1917
LURIA Mina F 1917
LURIA Moshe M married Rada 1917
LURIA Rada F married Moshe 1917
LURIA Hanan M Moshe Rada 1917
LURIA Neta M married Faiga 1917
LURIA Faiga F married Nata 1917
LURIA Ela F Nata Faiga 1917
LURIA Gita F Nata Faiga 1917
LEIBAVITCH Laizer M family 1917
LEIBAVITCH Fraida F her family 1917
LEVIN Aba M married Leah 1917
LEVIN Leah F married Aba 1917
LEVIN Moshe M Aba Leah 1917
LEVIN Esther Faiga F 1917
LEVIN Bila F 1917
LEVIN Hillel M Bila 1917
LEVIN David M married Leah 1917
LEVIN Leah F married David maiden name RIMER 1917
LEVIN Abraham M David Leah 1917
LEVIN Hirsh M married Braina 1917
LEVIN Braina F married Hirsh 1917
LEVIN Luba F Hirsh Braina 1917
LEVIN Ela F Hirsh Braina 1917
LEVIN Yekutiel M married Miriam 1917
LEVIN Miriam F married Yekutiel 1917
LEVIN Yerachmiel M Yekutiel Miriam 1917
LEVIN Leah F her family 1917
LEVIN Mordechai M family 1917
LEVIN Shnior M family 1917
Abraham M married Masha children 1917
MILLER Masha F married Abraham children 1917
SALTAISKY Joseph M family 1917
STARAVITCH Isaac M married Sima children 1917
STARAVITCH Sima F married Isaac children 1917
SMALKIN Gershon M married 1917
SMALKIN F married maiden name KOSHLIN 1917
SMALKIN M Gershon 1917
SEGAL Hirsh M married Shaina children 1917
SEGAL Shaina F married Hirsh maiden name KAGAN. With children 1917
SEGAL Zalman M married Rachel 1917
SEGAL Rachel F married Zalman 1917
SEGAL Sania F Zalman Rachel 1917
SEGAL Abraham M Zalman Rachel 1917
SEGAL Shmuel M Zalman Rachel 1917
SEGAL Shnior M 1917
SEGAL Asher M 1917
SEGAL Ita M 1917
SEGAL Sarah F 1917
SEGAL Abraham M family 1917
RABBI SPEVAK M married Rada Rabbi 1917
SPEVAK Rada Abigil F married Possibility Rabbi Spevak's wife's maiden name "ABIGIL" 1917
FAIGELMAN Zelig M family 1917
FAIGELMAN Hana M married Hena family 1917
FAIGELMAN Hena F married Hana family 1917
FINGERHOIT whole family 1917
FLISKIN Moshe M family 1917
FELDMAN Israel M married Sarah 1918
FELDMAN Sarah F married Israel 1918
FELDMAN Joel M married Haya children 1918
FELDMAN Haya F married Joel maiden name HAMBERG. With children 1918
FELDMAN Michael M family 1918
FELDMAN Moshe M family 1918
FELDMAN Mordechai M family 1918
FELDMAN Tzadok M 1918
TZUKERMAN whole family 1918
CINMAN Gesia F 1918
CINMAN Laiv M family 1918
CINMAN Shlomo M family 1918
CINMAN Shimon M married Hana children 1918
CINMAN Hana F married Shimon children 1918
KAVARSKY Haya Sarah F 1918
KATSHARGINSKY Meir M child 1918
KATSHARGINSKY Fiaga F family 1918
KAMARAZ Moshe M married Hena 1918
KAMARAZ Hena F married Moshe 1918
KAMARAZ Batya F Moshe Hena 1918
KAMARAZ Shlomo M Moshe Hena 1918
KAMARAZ Musa F Moshe Hena 1918
KARASIN Aharon M Haya 1918
KARASIN Haya F Aharon 1918
KARASIN Sarah F Aharon Haya 1918
KARLIN Mordechai M family 1918
KARLIN Raicha F 1918
KRITZER Hayyim M married Batya 1918
KRITZER Batya F married Hayyim 1918
KRITZER Miriam F Hayyim Batya 1918
KRITZER Rachel F Hayyim Batya 1918
KRITZER Abraham M Hayyim Batya 1918
KRITZER Sarah F Hayyim Batya 1918
KRITZER Shaina F Hayyim Batya 1918
KRITZER Reuben M married Hana family 1918
KRITZER Hana F married Reuben family 1918
KARLAND Shmuel M married Rivka 1918
KARLAND Rivka F married Shmuel 1918
KARLAND M Shmuel Rivka 1918
KARLAND Haya Sarah F 1918
KOSHLIN Zalman Isaac M family 1918
KOSHLIN Jacob M married Shaina 1918
KOSHLIN Shaina F married Jacob 1918
KOSHLIN Laiv M family 1918
KOSHLIN Musa F 1918
KOSHLIN Mordechai M 1918
KONAVSKY Abraham Michael M family 1918
KONAVSKY Isaac M family 1918
KONAVSKY Pesa F 1918
KONAVSKY Rivka F 1918
KONAVSKY Reuben M 1918
RAIZENBERG Shmuel M Tzifa 1918
RAIZENBERG Luba F Tzifa 1918
RAPAPORT Haya Batya F 1918
ROSHKEVITCH Mordechai M 1918
ROSHKEVITCH M Brother of Mordechai 1918
RIVAS Joseph M family 1918
RIMER whole family 1918
SHAPIRA Abraham M family 1918
SHAPIRA Ephraim M family 1918
SHAPIRA Ber M family 1918
SHAPIRA Henoch M married Fradel children 1918
SHAPIRA Fradel F married Henoch children 1918
SHAPIRA Joseph M married Aida 1918
SHAPIRA Ida F married Joseph 1918
SHAPIRA Zelig M Joseph Aida 1918
SHAPIRA Fraida F Joseph Aida 1918
SHAPIRA Zelda F Joseph Aida 1918
SHAPIRA Jacob M married Pesa children 1918
SHAPIRA Pesa F married Jacob children 1918
SHAPIRA Leah F family 1918
SHAPIRA Liba F 1918
SHAPIRA Moshe M married Alta 1918
SHAPIRA Alta F married Moshe 1918
SHEVIL Joseph M 1918
SHLASBERG Isaac M family 1918
SHLASBERG Hirsh M married Shaina family 1918
SHLASBERG Shaina F married Hirsh family 1918
SHERMAN Zalman M married Esther family 1918
SHERMAN Esther F married Zalman family 1918
SHOCHAT Shmuel M family 1918
SHOR Hirsh M family 1918


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