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[Columns 1935-1940]

Widze Necrology

(Vidzy, Belarus)


Transliterated by Beryl Baleson


Family name(s) First name(s) Gender Marital status Father's name Mother's name Name of spouse Remarks & additional family Page
ABELEVITCH Israel M married Sarah 1935
ABELEVITCH Sarah F married Israel 1935
ABELEVITCH Haya F Israel Sarah 1935
ABELEVITCH Yishayahu M Israel Sarah 1935
ABELEVITCH Tzirel F Israel Sarah 1935
ABELEVITCH Jacob M Israel Sarah 1935
ABELEVITCH Aba M married 1935
ABELEVITCH F married Aba 1935
ABELEVITCH Michael M Aba 1935
ABELEVITCH Herzl M married Slava 1935
ABELEVITCH Slava F married Herzl 1935
ABELEVITCH Jacob Laizer M married Haya child 1935
ABELEVITCH Haya F married Jacob Laizer child 1935
ABELEVITCH Laiv M married Vichna 1935
ABELEVITCH Vichna F married Laiv 1935
ABELEVITCH Hasiya F 1935
ABELEVITCH Israel M 1935
ABELEVITCH Michael M married 2 children 1935
ABELEVITCH F married Michael 2 children 1935
ABELEVITCH Bracha F 1935
ABELEVITCH Sarah F male relative 1935
ABRAMSON Eliyahu M married Sarah 1935
ABRAMSON Sarah F married Eliyahu 1935
ABRAMSON Faiga F Eliyahu Sarah 1935
ABRAMSON Esther F Eliyahu Sarah 1935
UGAL Shaul M married Rivka 1935
UGAL Rivka F married Shaul 1935
OSIAN Laiv M married Ita 1935
OSIAN Ita F married Laiv 1935
OSIAN Shmuel M Laiv Ita 1935
OSIAN Benjamin M Laiv Ita 1935
OSIAN Shemerihu M married 1935
OSIAN F married Shemerihu 1935
AHARONAVITCH Israel M married Sarah 3 children 1935
AHARONAVITCH Sarah F married Israel 3 children 1935
EINHORN David M 1935
EINHORN Bentzion M David 1935
ELKENITZKY Abraham M married Batya child 1935
ELKENITZKY Batya F married Abraham child 1935
ESTHERINSKY Hanan M married Deborah child 1935
ESTHERINSKY Deborah F married Hanan child 1935
ASHKENAZI Taiba F 1935
ASHKENAZI Rachel F 1935
BANK Eliyahu M married Hana 1935
BANK Hana F married Eliyahu 1935
BANK David M Eliyahu Hana 1935
BANK Ephraim M Eliyahu Hana 1935
BANK Nahum M Eliyahu Hana 1935
BANK Geniya F 1935
BANK Hirsh M married Gitel 1935
BANK Gitel F married Hirsh 1935
BANK Jacob M married Batya 3 children 1935
BANK Batya F married Jacob 3 children 1935
BANK Leah F 3 children 1935
BANK Mordechai M married 1935
BANK F married Mordechai 1935
BASIN Shmuel Neta M married 3 children 1935
BASIN F married Shmuel Nata 3 children 1935
BASEL Israel Jacob M married child 1935
BASEL F married Israel Jacob child 1935
BASEVITCH Isaac M married Leah 1935
BASEVITCH Leah F married Isaac 1935
BASKIN Yishayahu M married Faiga 1935
BASKIN Faiga F married Yishayahu 1935
BASKIN Batya F Yishayahu Faiga 1935
BASKIN Haya F Yishayahu Faiga 1935
BAK Aba M married Batya 1935
BAK Batya F married Aba 1935
BAK Necha F Aba Batya 1935
BARISHNIKOV Shmuel Isaac M married Leah 1936
BARISHNIKOV Leah F married Shmuel Isaac 1936
BARISHNIKOV Sima F Maiden name GLAICHER 1936
BARISHNIKOV Shalom M Sima 1936
BINDERMAN Michael M married 1936
BINDERMAN F married Michael 1936
BINDERMAN Raizel F Michael 1936
BINDERMAN Israel M Michael 1936
BLECHMAN Abraham M married 1936
BLECHMAN F married Abraham 1936
BLECHMAN Berl M married Yacha child 1936
BLECHMAN Yacha F married Berl child 1936
BLECHMAN Shmuel M married Geniya 1936
BLECHMAN Geniya F married Shmuel 1936
BLECHMAN Rivka F Shmuel Geniya 1936
BELMAN Zelig M married Deborah 1936
BELMAN Deborah F married Zelig 1936
BELMAN Hanoch M Zelig Deborah 1936
BELMAN Koniya M Zelig Deborah 1936
BELMAN Raizel F Zelig Deborah 1936
BELMAN Moshe M Zelig Deborah 1936
BELMAN Hana F Zelig Deborah 1936
BELMAN Golda F Zelig Deborah 1936
BELMAN Vichna F Zelig Deborah 1936
BELMAN Hena F Zelig Deborah 1936
BELMAN Israel M married 1936
BELMAN F married Israel 1936
BERNATAR Salava F 1936
BERNATAR Liba F 1936
BERNATAR Hirsh M 1936
BERNATAR Shifra F 1936
BERNATAR Shmuel M 1936
BEREZ Jacob M married Ethel 1936
BEREZ Ethel F married Jacob 1936
BEREZ Nachman M married 1936
BEREZ F married Nachman 1936
BEREZ Pinchas M married Braina 1936
BEREZ Braina F married Pinchas 1936
BEREZ Pesach M married Golda 2 children 1936
BEREZ Golda F married Pesach 2 children 1936
BEREZ Shlomo M married Zlata 1936
BEREZ Zlata F married Shlomo 1936
BEREZ Shmuel M Shlomo Zlata 1936
BEREZ David M Shlomo Zlata 1936
BEREZ Hanan M Shlomo Zlata 1936
GUTKIN Mordchai M married Tzirel 2 children 1936
GUTKIN Tzirel F married Mordechai 2 children 1936
GOLDIN Eliyakum M 1936
GOLDIN F mother of ELIYAKUM 1936
GALTZ Mina F 1936
GALTZ Hana F Mina 1936
GANTOVNIK Eliezer M married Rachel 1936
GANTOVNIK Rachel F married Eliezer 1936
GANTOVNIK Betzalel M Eliezer Rachel 1936
GAPSTEIN Baruch M married Maniya 1936
GAPSTEIN Maniya F married Baruch 1936
GAPSTEIN Laiv M Baruch Maniya 1936
GORDON Masha F 2 grandchildren 1936
GORDON Hirsh M Masha 1936
GURVITCH Joseph M 1936
GURVITCH Shimon M 1936
GURVITCH Sarah Liba F 1936
GURVITCH Shevach M married Mina 2 children 1936
GURVITCH Mina F married Shevach 2 children 1936
GINSBERG Raichel F 1936
GINSBERG isaac M Raichel 1936
GLEICHER Benjamin M married Rachel child 1936
GLEICHER Rachel F married Benjamin child 1936
GLEICHER David M 1936
GLICKSMAN Shmuel M 1936
GLICKSMAN Hayyim M Shmuel 1936
GNESIN Gitel F child 1936
GNESIN Shlomo Isaac M Gitel 1936
GENDEL Hirsh M married Nehama 1936
GENDEL Nehama F married Hirsh 1936
GENDEL Gita F Hirsh Nehama 1936
GENDEL Miriam F Hirsh Nehama 1936
GENDEL Shaul M 1937
GELLMAN Esther F sister of Mina. 2 children 1937
GELLMAN Mina F sister of Esther 1937
GELLMAN Gitel F 1937
GELLMAN Hayyim Laiv M 1937
GELLMAN Tzadok M 1937
GELLMAN David M 1937
GELLMAN Baruch M 1937
GELLMAN Raizel F 1937
DAITCH Israel M married Hinda 1937
DAITCH Hinda F married Israel 1937
DAITCH Esther F Maiden name STARAVITCH 1937
DAITCH Yehudit F Esther 1937
DAITCH Taibe F Esther 1937
DAITCH Laiv David M 1937
DAITCH Tzipa F 1937
DAITCH Masha F 1937
DAITCH Necha F 1937
DAITCH Meir M 1937
DUBINSKY Aba M married Rachel 1937
DUBINSKY Rachel F married Aba 1937
DUBINSKY Haya F Aba Rachel 1937
DUBINSKY Sima F Aba Rachel 1937
DLAT Pesach M 1937
DLAT Yehuda M 1937
DLAT Gedalyahu M 1937
DLAT Hasiya F 1937
HABERMAN Laiv M married Esther 1937
HABERMAN Esther F married Laiv 1937
HABERMAN Meir M Laiv Esther 1937
HABERMAN F Laiv Esther In List written in brackets "TZEFLAVITCH" 1937
VASKIN Moshe M married Hasiya 1937
VASKIN Hasiya F married Moshe 1937
VAINONSKY Aharon M married Deborah 1937
VAINONSKY Deborah F married Aharon 1937
VINAKUR Shmuel M 1937
VAZGEL Not clear if individual or in family 1937
VALATZKY Gershon M married 1937
VALATZKY F married Gershon 1937
VALATZKY Joseph M Gershon 1937
VALATZKY Moshe M Gershon 1937
WAINSTEIN Frieda F Maiden name SEGALAVITCH 1937
VIDOTSHINSKY Sarah Rivka F 1937
ZARCH Hanan M married Hana 1937
ZARCH Hana F married Hanan 1937
ZARCH Leah F Hanan Hana 1937
ZARCH Gitel F Hanan Hana 1937
ZUBAVITCH Zalman M married Rachel 1937
ZUBAVITCH Rachel F married Zalman 1937
ZAIDMAN David M married Shva 1937
ZAIDMAN Shva F married David 1937
ZAIDMAN Leah F David Shva 1937
ZAIDMAN Shalom M David Shva 1937
ZAIDMAN Moshe M David Shva 1937
ZAIDMAN Gela F David Shva 1937
ZAIDEL Isaac M 1937
ZIV Pinchas M 1937
ZIV Leah F Pinchas 1937
ZIV Rachel F Pinchas 1937
ZILBER Merl F 1937
ZILBER Gedalyahu Zalman M Merl possibily relating to two people - GEDALYAHU and ZALMAN 1937
ZLATKIN Shimon M married Lata 1937
ZLATKIN Lata F married Shimon 1937
ZLATKIN Tzila F Shimon Lata 1937
ZLATKIN Rachel F Shimon Lata 1937
ZLATKIN Rashel F Shimon Lata 1937
ZLATKIN Shazeniya F 1937
ZLATKIN Hayyim M Shazeniya 1937
ZLATKIN Golda F Shazeniya 1937
Hayyim Michael M married Beadle of the synagogue and his wife 1937
HIDKAL F child 1937
TVARETSHKY Zalman Be'er M 2 children 1937
TVARETSHKY Sima F Hana 1937
TVARETSHKY Yehuda M Hana 1937
TVARETSHKY Hayyim M married Miriam 2 children 1937
TVARETSHKY Miriam F married Hayyim 2 children 1937
TVARETSHKY Raphal M married Malka 1937
TVARETSHKY Malka F married Rafal 1937
TVARETSHKY Hayyim M Rafal Malka 1937
TVARETSHKY Yekatriel M Rafal Malka 1937
TEMPELMAN Isaac M married Bella 1937
TEMPELMAN Bella F married Isaac 1937
YICHILTSHIK Abraham Moshe M married Nehama 1937
YICHILTSHIK Nehama F married Abraham Moshe 1937
YICHILTSHIK Isaac M Abraham Moshe Nehama 1937
YICHILTSHIK Mariasha F Jacob 1937
YICHILTSHIK Miriam F Jacob 1937
KANANKIND Hinda F Maiden name SALTAISKY. child 1937
KANANKIND Hayyim Noah M married Fruma 1937
KANANKIND Fruma F married Hayyim Noah 1937
KANANKIND Hanan M married Batya child 1937
KANANKIND Batya F married Hanan child 1937
KAGAN Moshe M married Fraida 1937
KAGAN Fraida F married Moshe 1937
KATZ Abraham M married Ida child 1937
KATZ Aida F married Abraham child 1937
KATZ Hana F 1937
KATZ Meir M married Golda 1937
KATZ Golda F married Meir 1937
KATZ Isaac M Meir Golda 1937
LUBATSKY Berl M Ita 1937
LUBATSKY Zelda F Ita 1937
LUBATSKY Yerachmiel M 1937
LUBATSKY Naomi F 1937
LUBATSKY Yishayahu M 1937
LUBATSKY Moshe M 1937
LUBATSKY Saniya Frada F 1937
LIAKAVITSHKY Isaac M married Osnat 1937
LIAKAVITSHKY Osnat F married Isaac 1937
LIAKAVITSHKY Lioba F Isaac Osnat 1937
LIAKAVITSHKY Sarah F Isaac Osnat 1937
LIPKAVITCH Joseph M married Mera 1937
LIPKAVITCH Mera F married Joseph 1937
LIPKAVITCH Isaac M Joseph Mera 1937
LEVIN Isaac M his parents 1937
LEVIN M married father of ISAAC 1937
LEVIN F married mother of ISAAC 1937
LEVIN Haikel M married Boniya 1937
LEVIN Boniya F married Haikel 1937
LEVIN Mina F Haikel Boniya 1937
LEVIN Shachna M Haikel Boniya 1937
LEVIN Berl M Haikel Boniya 1937
LEVIN Jacob Hanoch M married Hana Daba 1938
LEVIN Hana Daba F married Jacob Hanoch 1938
LEVIN Nata M married Eliya 1938
LEVIN Eliya F married Nata 1938
LEVIN Hana F Maiden name MILIKAVSKY 1938
LEVIN Lipa M married Niota 1938
LEVIN Niota F married Lipa 1938
LEVIN Saniya F Lipa Niota 1938
MAGILNIK Berl M married Saniya 2 children 1938
MAGILNIK Saniya F married Berl 2 children 1938
MAGILNIK Zalman M 1938
MAGILNIK Yerachmiel M 1938
MALIATSHKY Jacob David M married Kara 1938
MALIATSHKY Kara F married Jacob David 1938
MALIATSHKY Saniya Bluma F 1938
MALIATSHKY Masha F Saniya Bluma 1938
MALLERAVITCH Joseph M Berl 1938
MATZKIN Joseph M married Zisla 1938
MATZKIN Zisla F married Joseph 1938
MATZKIN Yehuda M married Rivka child 1938
MATZKIN Rivka F married Yehuda Maiden name SHAPIRA. child 1938
MONITCH Abraham M married 1938
MONITCH F married Abraham 1938
MONITCH Asher M 1938
MONITCH Pinchas M 1938
MONITCH Alta F 1938
MONITCH Baruch M 1938
MONITCH M brother of Baruch 1938
MONITCH Berl M married Sarah 1938
MONITCH Sarah F married Berl 1938
MONITCH Hertz M 1938
MONITCH F mother of HERTZ 1938
MONITCH Hayyim M 1938
MONITCH Zisa F 1938
MONITCH Berl M 1938
MONITCH Hayyim Eliyahu M married 1938
MONITCH F married Hayyim Eliyahu 1938
MONITCH Joseph M Hayyim Eliyahu 1938
MONITCH Laizer Jacob M 1938
MONITCH Hoda Leah F 1938
MUSKIN Fraida F 1938
MUSKIN Hirsh M Fraida 1938
MUSKIN Nina F Fraida 1938
MUSKIN Nehemiya M married Gita Leah 1938
MUSKIN Gita Leah F married Nehemiya 1938
MUSKIN Rafal M Nehemiya Gita Leah 1938
MUSKIN Lifa M Nehemiya Gita Leah 1938
MUSKIN Sarah F Nehemiya Gita Leah 1938
MORMINSKY Hayyim M married Batsheva 1938
MORMINSKY Batsheva F married Hayyim 1938
MORMINSKY Velvel M Hayyim Batsheva 1938
MORMINSKY Laiv M Hayyim Batsheva 1938
MORMINSKY Yerachmiel M Hayyim Batsheva 1938
MORMINSKY Jacob M Hayyim Batsheva 1938
MORMINSKY Pinchas M married Matla 1938
MORMINSKY Matla F married Pinchas 1938
MORMINSKY Moshe M 1938
MORMINSKY Mosiya F 1938
MORMINSKY Reuben M 1938
MORMINSKY Rachel F 1938
MORMINSKY Sarah F 1938
MORMINSKY Rivka F Maiden name MIRANSKY 1938
MORMINSKY Lana F Possibly the family name is different child 1938
MIASNIK Shmuel M married Rachel child 1938
MIASNIK Rachel F married Shmuel child 1938
MAIZEL Abraham Moshe M married 1938
MAIZEL F married Abraham Moshe 1938
MAIZEL Berl M married Shperintza 1938
MAIZEL Shperintza F married Berl 1938
MAIZEL Eliezer M Berl Shperintza 1938
MAIZEL Bisiya F Berl Shperintza 1938
MISOSHTSHIN Isaac Jacob M married Gitel 1938
MISOSHTSHIN Gitel F married Isaac Jacob 1938
MISOSHTSHIN Ezriel M married Lioba 2 children 1938
MISOSHTSHIN Lioba F married Ezriel 2 children 1938
MELLMAN Berl M 1938
MELLMAN Joseph M 1938
MELLMAN F sister of Joseph 1938
SALAVEICHIK F Maiden name EVENSON. 2 children 1938
SALITAN Isaac M married Ella 1938
SALITAN Ella F married Isaac 1938
SALITAN Moshe M Isaac Ella 1938
SALITAN Yerachmiel M Isaac Ella 1938
SASNAVIK Sarah F 1938
SASNAVIK Shmuel M Sarah 1938
SARKIN Abraham M married Bluma child 1938
SARKIN Bluma F married Abraham child 1938
SWIRSKY Baruch M married Hinda 1938
SWIRSKY Hinda F married Baruch 1938
SWIRSKY Hasiya F Baruch Hinda 1938
SWIRSKY Aba M married Kraina 1938
SWIRSKY Kraina F married Aba 1938
SWIRSKY Hanoch M Aba Kraina 1938
SWIRSKY Berl M Aba Kraina 1938
SWIRSKY Rachel F Aba Kraina 1938
SWIRSKY Fruma F Aba Kraina 1938
STARABIN Velvel M 1938
STARABIN Miriam F 1938
STARABIN Sarah F 1938
STARABIN Liba F 1938
STARABIN Pesach M 1938
STARABIN Malka F 1938
STARABIN Hayyim M married Pesia 2 children 1938
STARABIN Pesia F married Hayyim 2 children 1938
STARABIN Kayla F married Possibly the family name is different. 2 children 1938
STARABIN M married Kayla Possibly the family name is different. 2 children 1938
STARABIN Rivka F 2 children 1938
STARAVITCH Abrasha M child 1938
STARAVITCH Gruniya M 1938
STARAVITCH Mordechai M child 1938
STARAVITCH Velvel M married Raizel child 1938
STARAVITCH Raizel F married Velvel child 1938
STARAVITCH Pinchas M married Lioba child 1938
STARAVITCH Lioba F married Pinchas child 1938
EVENSON Aba M married Haya 1939
EVENSON Haya F married Aba 1939
EVENSON Yehezkel M married child 1939
EVENSON F married Yehezkel child 1939
EVENSON Rivka F child 1939
PATASHNIK Laiv M married Miriam possibly they are parents of his wife and her parents 1939
PATASHNIK Miriam F married Laiv 1939
FEIGEL Eliezer M married Michal 1939
FEIGEL Michal F married Eliezer 1939
KATZ Rachel F Eliezer Michal Maiden name FAIGEL 1939
FISHERMAN Laiv Isaac M married 1939
FISHERMAN F married Laiv Isaac 1939
FISHERMAN Meir Be'er M 1939
FISHERMAN Shlomo M 1939
FISHERMAN Yenta F 1939
FISHERMAN Gitel F child 1939
FLEXER Shlomo Hayyim M 1939
FLEXER Saniya F 1939
FLEXER Moshe M 1939
PETSHENISKY Abraham M married Shaina 1939
PETSHENISKY Shaina F married Abraham 1939
PETSHENISKY David M Abraham Shaina 1939
PETSHENISKY Shmuel M Abraham Shaina 1939
FELDMAN Hayyim M married Fraida 1939
FELDMAN Fraida F married Hayyim 1939
FELDMAN Isaac M Hayyim Fraida 1939
FELDMAN Geniya F Hayyim Fraida 1939
PEKAL Fia F 2 children 1939
FERMANT Levy M 1939
FERMANT Hayyim M 1939
FERMANT Reuben M 1939
FERMANT Rachel F mother and child 1939
FERMANT F mother of the child 1939
FERMANT M mother's child 1939
TZVEIGARN Zisel M married Leah 1939
TZVEIGARN Leah F married Zisel 1939
TZVEIGARN Joseph M married Hana child 1939
TZVEIGARN Hana F married Joseph child 1939
KATSHERGINSKY M brother of Abraham 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Haya F Maiden name KLOMEL 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Jacob M married 1939
KATSHERGINSKY F married Jacob 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Gedalyahu M Jacob 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Tsheska F Jacob 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Isaac M married child 1939
KATSHERGINSKY F married Isaac child 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Shlomo M married Rashel 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Rashel F married Shlomo 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Meir M married Hada 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Hada F married Meir 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Shmuel M Meir Hada 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Hinda F Meir Hada 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Zelig M Meir Hada 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Rachel F Meir Hada 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Hayyim M Meir Hada 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Nehama F Meir Hada 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Moshe M married child 1939
KATSHERGINSKY F married Moshe child 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Shevach M married Miriam 2 children 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Miriam F married Shevach 2 children 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Shlomo M married Batya 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Batya F married Shlomo 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Hana F Shlomo Batya 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Masha F Shlomo Batya 1939
KATSHERGINSKY Gershon M Shlomo Batya 1939
KAMINSKY M married Raza Dentist 1939
KAMINSKY Raza F married Dentist's wife 1939
KAMINSKY Jacob M Raza Dentist's son 1939
KAMERAZ Hirsh M 1939
KAMERAZ Helena F 1939
KAMERAZ Raza F 1939
KAMERAZ Shalom M 1939
KAMERAZ Frada F not clear whose child she is 1939
KRAV Hirsh David M married Hada 1939
KRAV Hada F married Hirsh David 1939
KRAV Shlomo M Hirsh Hada 1939
KRAV Mordechai M married 2 children 1940
KRAV F married Mordechai 2 children 1940
KORITZKY Abraham M 1940
KORITZKY Aharon M Abraham 1940
KORITZKY Leah F Abraham 1940
KORITZKY Tzirel F Abraham 1940
KORITZKY Gita F Abraham 1940
KORITZKY Rafal M married Gita 1940
KORITZKY Gita F married Rafal 1940
KORITZKY Haya F Rafal Gita 1940
KORITZKY Moshe M Rafal Gita 1940
KLOMEL Zalman M 1940
KRUT Shaul M married Cieana 1940
KRUT Cieana F married Shaul 1940
KRUT Gitel F Shaul Cieana 1940
KRATKA Emma F 1940
KRATKA F Emma 1940
KRETSHMER Meir M brother of Reuben 1940
KRETSHMER Reuben M brother of Meir 1940
RAZIN Tsherna F 1940
RAG Abraham M married Yacha 1940
RAG Yacha F married Abraham 1940
ROZENBERG Hayyim Eliezer M 1940
ROZENBERG Gitel F 1940
ROZENBERG Pesiya F 1940
RAFKIND Benjamin M married 1940
RAFKIND F married Benjamin 1940
RAFKIND Gershon M Benjamin 1940
RAFKIND Gesiya F Benjamin 1940
RAFKIND Haya F Benjamin 1940
RAFKIND Rivka F Benjamin 1940
RAFKIND Pesiya F Benjamin 1940
RAPP Isaac M married Esther 2 children 1940
RAPP Esther F married Isaac 2 children 1940
RITVA Hayyim M 1940
RITVA Batya F 1940
RITVA Aidel F 1940
RITVA Rivka F 1940
RITVA Bracha F 1940
RAICHEL Hayyim Asher M married 1940
RAICHEL F married Hayyim Asher 1940
RING Yekatriel M married Gita 1940
RING Gita F married Yekatriel 1940
RING Moshe M Yekatriel Gita 1940
RING Luba F Yekatriel Gita 1940
RING Reuben M married Fraida 2 children 1940
RING Fraida F married Reuben 2 children 1940
SHAPIRA Abrasha M married Gitel 1940
SHAPIRA Gitel F married Abrasha Maiden name MUSKIN 1940
SHAPIRA Jacob M 1940
SHAPIRA Sarah F 1940
SHAPIRA Ela F 1940
SHAPIRA Bentzion M 1940
SHAPIRA Solomon M married Mera 2 children 1940
SHAPIRA Mera F married Solomon Maiden name GURVITCH. 2 children 1940
SHAPIRA Reuben M 1940
SHUB Meir M married Hana Yenta 1940
SHUB Yenta F married Meir 1940
SHUB Isaac M Meir Yenta 1940
SHUB Hana F Mother of MEIR 1940
SHULHOIFER Hillel M married Salava 1940
SHULHOIFER Salava F married Hillel 1940
SHULHOIFER Sarah F Hillel Salava 1940
SHULMAN Taiba F 1940
SHULMAN Meir M 1940
SHULMAN Abraham M 1940
SHULMAN Israel M 1940
SHULMAN Sarah F 1940
SHULMAN Aidel F 1940
SHULMAN Haya F 1940
SHUNTOP Eliezer Isaac M 1940
SHUNTOP Taiba F 1940
SHUNTOP Moshe M 1940
SHUNTOP Leah F 1940
SHUNTOP Laiv M 1940
SHTALTZ Israel Joseph M married Haya 1940
SHTALTZ Haya F married Israel Joseph 1940
SHTALTZ Hayyim M Israel Joseph Haya 1940
SHTALTZ Rachel F Israel Joseph Haya 1940
SHTALTZ Leah F Israel Joseph Haya 1940
STEIN Isaac Joseph M married Leah 1940
STEIN Leah F married Isaac Joseph 1940
SHAIBEL Mendel M married Rachel 2 children 1940
SHAIBEL Rachel F married Mendel 2 children 1940
SHAIBEL Laiv M married 1940
SHAIBEL F married Laiv 1940
SHAIBEL Reuben M 1940
SHAIBEL Abrasha M Reuben 1940
SHER Meir M married 1940
SHER F married Meir 1940
SHER Liba Mera F married Possibly the family name is different. 2 children 1940
SHER M married Liba Mera Possibly the family name is different. 2 children 1940
SHERMAN Nehama F 1940
SHERMAN Joseph M 1940
SHKLIAR Laiv M 1940
SHKLIAR Aidel F 1940
SHKLIAR Nissan M married brother of Shaul. child 1940
SHKLIAR F married Nissan child 1940
SHKLIAR Shaul M brother of Nissan 1940


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