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Geographic AreaTitleTypeAuthorView
GeneralA Kasha, a quick storyRecipesDeborah Glassman
GeneralBubba's Ukrainian-Yiddishe Noshery, Recipes from the Jewish UkraineRecipes 
Polonnoye (Town)Desserts and Sweets: Grandma Rose's Poppyseed CookiesRecipesFreya (Blitstein) Maslov
Polonnoye (Town)Desserts and Sweets: HamentaschenRecipesFreya (Blitstein) Maslov
Polonnoye (Town)Desserts and Sweets: KichelRecipesFreya (Blitstein) Maslov
Polonnoye (Town)Desserts and Sweets: Rolled Jelly Cookies (sort of a Rugelach)RecipesFreya (Blitstein) Maslov
GeneralEntrees: Bean & Barley SoupRecipesFlorence Nerenberg Elman
GeneralEntrees: Beetroot BorschRecipesEliana Aizim
GeneralEntrees: Cabbage BorschRecipesEliana Aizim
Poltava (Province)Entrees: Chicken Bullion with NoodlesRecipesLena Yelkova
GeneralEntrees: Chicken SoupRecipesFlorence Nerenberg Elman
GeneralEntrees: Eyer KichelRecipesFlorence Nerenberg Elman
Poltava (Province)Entrees: Forshmack (herring spread)RecipesLena Yelkova
Polonnoye (Town)Entrees: Gefilte FishRecipesFreya (Blitstein) Maslov
GeneralEntrees: Glazed CarrotsRecipesFlorence Nerenberg Elman
Polonnoye (Town)Entrees: Pickled Fish (a.k.a. Sweet & Sour Fish)RecipesFreya (Blitstein) Maslov
GeneralEntrees: Potato LatkesRecipesFlorence Nerenberg Elman
Poltava (Province)Entrees: Stuffed Pike and a Story RecipesLena Yelkova
GeneralEntrees: ZakoyaRecipesDaniel Nussbaum II
Kiev (Town)Lost Recipes: Pachah (garlic soup)Recipes 
GeneralLost Recipes: Pompitchkes Recipes 
GeneralMain Course: Meatballs & sauceRecipesFlorence Nerenberg Elman
Dubno (Town)Main Courses: Holopchen (stuffed cabbage rolls)RecipesToby Glickman
Polonnoye (Town)Main Courses: KreplachRecipesFreya (Blitstein) Maslov
GeneralSide Dishes: Cabbage Side DishRecipesFlorence Nerenberg Elman
Poltava (Province)Side Dishes: Home-made NoodlesRecipesLena Yelkova

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