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Bubba's Ukrainian-Yiddishe Noshery, Recipes from the Jewish Ukraine

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Maybe you have fond memories of your grandmother (bubbe) or mother cooking wonderful dishes, and you were wise enough to get her to write down, or teach you the recipe.

Or maybe you didn't pay attention, or didn't know her at all, and the recipes were lost.

Or maybe she was a horrible cook, and all your memories have a burnt undertone . . .

Here's where all three of those situations mesh together, and we're all better off.
If you have recipes, please share them with the rest of us.
If you don't have recipes, here's where you can pretend you learned at her apron strings - and maybe give your own grandchildren something to remember!

To submit a recipe:

  • Send us the recipe as text. Keep it simple. We'll format it to match the rest of the recipes.
  • Include a tag and a story or memory about the food or the preparation. Remember, half the fun of this is to commemorate the ladies who cooked.
  • If it was used for a holiday, which one?
  • If you can, let us know if it's milchik, fleishik, OR parve (dairy, meat, or neither).
  • Where your family or bubbe was from: town or shtetl, and gubernia.
  • Your bubbe's name.
  • If you have a photo of her or a family gathering where it was/could've been served, include it. Don't worry about the technical stuff (dpi, resolution, etc.); we'll handle all of that.
  • If you personally have memories of this dish, please tell us in a line or two.
  • Your full name and location. (if you don't want it published, tell us, but do identify yourself.)
  • Since this is Ukraine-SIG and JewishGen, Please submit only recipes that are Jewish and Ukrainian.
  • If it was your zayde (grandfather) who did the cooking, that's OK, too!

Send the information to Freya Blitstein Maslov (SIG Coordinator)

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