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Entrees: Zakoya

By Daniel Nussbaum II

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This recipe was shared by Bella's son Dan Nussbaum with these initial comments on the dish: "This is not my grandmother's recipé. It is my mother's. Perhaps I am too old for this list. My mother, aleha hashalom, was born Bella TEPLITZKY in Uman. When she married my father, allow hashalom, she became know as Yapha NUSSBAUM. I think Uman was its own Gubernya, if not it was Kiev. Today it has 100,000 people so it is no städtl. The dish is meat."

Brust (D)Eckel or Top of the Rib
One onion
Garlic Salt
2 Cups of Water
- - - 1. Cut up onion in pot
2. Put in meat and 2 cups of Water
3. Sprinkle Accent, Paprika and Garlic Salt
4. Cook over low flame
5. Turn meat and sprinkle paprika on underside.
- - - - As a new world twist my wife would often sprinkle Oregano with the other spices.

Dan wrote a short piece about his mother which begins -

"My mother, aleha hashalom, Bella Yapha Teplitzky Nussbaum, was born in Ukrainia in the early part of the last century. After living through the Russian revolution in Ukrainia, which was considered the worst thing to ever happen to the Jewish people until the Holocaust, she escaped with her parents and sisters by walking across the Dniester River on the ice."

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