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BIRMINGHAM Community (Home Page)
        Brandwood End Cemetery, 1918-2005 (620 records)
        Old Witton Cemetery, 1857-1977 (1,767 records)
        Witton Cemetery, 1938-2006 (3,295 records)

BISHOP AUCKLAND Community (Home Page)
        Town Cemetery (Jewish Section), 1952-2005 (13 records) - a JCR-UK submission to JOWBR (Cemetery Information)

BRISTOL Community (Home Page)
    Introduction and Explanation (including search limited solely to Bristol records)
Barton Road, St Phillips Cemetery,1762-1944 (161 records)
        Great Gardens (Temple) Cemetery, (27 burials reinterred at Ridgeway Cemetery)
        Ridgeway (Fishponds) Cemetery,1898-2003 (639 records)

BRIGHTON Community (Home Page)
       Meadow Vale Cemetery (112 photographs of tombstones)

BOURNEMOUTH Community (Home Page)
Boscombe Cemetery, 1911-1998 (715 records)
Kinson Cemetery, 1955-2005 (867 records)
Throop Cemetery, 1996-2001 (77 records)

CHATHAM Community (Home Page)
    Introduction to Cemetery & Database
Chatham Magnus Memorial Synagogue Cemetery, 1786-1982 (190 records)

DARLINGTON Community (Home Page)
        Darlington West Cemetery, Old Jewish Section, 1926-1994 (54 records) - a JCR-UK submission to JOWBR (Cemetery Information)         Darlington West Cemetery, New Jewish Section, 1964-2006 (72 records) - a JCR-UK submission to JOWBR (Cemetery Information)

HARTLEPOOL Community (Home Page)
        Hartlepool Cemetery, 1876-2001 (118 records)

HERTFORD (Home Page)
        Hertford Cemetery (Jewish Family Plot), 1916-1942 (6 records) - a JCR-UK submission to JOWBR (Cemetery Information)

HULL Community (Home Page)
        Delhi Street Cemetery, 1863-1974 (1,393 records)

ISLE OF MAN Community (Home Page)
        Isle of Man Cemeteries, 1904-2003 (68 records)

JERSEY, Channel Islands, Community (Home Page)
        Almorah Cemetery, 1877-1917 (11 records)
        Tower Road Cemetery, 1982-2008 (59 records)
        Westmount/Strangers Cemetery, 1852-2008 (64 records)

LONDON Community Home Page)
Balls Pond Road Cemetery, 1842-1937 (900 records), West London Synagogue
        Cheshunt Cemetery, 1964-1998 (4,010 records)
        Edgwarebury Lane Cemetery, 1976-2006 (1,616 records), West London Synagogue
        Enfield Cemetery, 1926-1999 (7,970 records)
        Edmonton Cemetery, 1927-1955 (21,334 records), Sections A-T. Federation of Synagogues
        Hoop Lane Cemetery to include West London Synagogue Officiated Cremations, 1897-2006 (10,820 records)
        Novo Cemetery, 1733-1918 (10,732 records) Spanish and Portuguese Jews Congregation - Explanation
Rainham Cemetery, 1940-1946 (1,847 records)
Jewish Civilian Casualties of WWII, primarily 1940-1945 (which includes 996 records in London) - see below

MIDDLESBOROUGH Community (Home Page)
        New Cemetery, 1932-1963 (409 records)
        Old Cemetery, 1885-1951 (250 records)

NEWCASTLE Community (Home Page)
        Elswick Cemetery, 1859-1963 (739 records)
        Hazelrigg Cemetery, 1924-1990 (1,195 records)
        Heaton Cemetery, 1905-1990 (365 records)
        Ravensworth Cemetery, 1905-1990 (408 records)

SHEFFIELD Community (Home Page)
        Bowden Street Jewish Cemetery (closed), 1833-1874 (8 records)
        Central Hebrew Congregation Cemetery, Collery Road, Ecclesfield, 1932-1953(168 records)
        Jewish Community Cemetery (formerly Sheffield UHC), Colley Road, Ecclesfield, 1874-1974 (1,390 records)
        Walkley Jewish Cemetery, 1880-1945 (125 records)

SOUTH SHIELDS Community (Home Page)
        Harton Cemetery (Jewish Section), 1899-2012 (244 records) - a JCR-UK submission to JOWBR (Cemetery Information)

SOUTHPORT Community (Home Page)
        Southport Jewish Cemetery, 1912-2012 (1,629 records)

STOCKTON-ON-TEES Community (Home Page)
        Stockton-on-Tees Cemetery, 1885-2001 (134 records)

SUNDERLAND Community (Home Page
        Bishopswearmouth Cemetery, 1873-1996 (1,178 records)
        Bishopswearmouth Cemetery - Funeral Director's Book, 1913-1941 (314 records)

TORBAY Community (Home Page)
        Paignton Cemetery - Jewish Section, (79 records)

WHITLEY BAY Community (Home Page)
        Whitley Bay Cemetery (Jewish Section), 1953-2011 (91 records) - a JCR-UK submission to JOWBR (Cemetery Information)

WOLVERHAMPTON Community (Home Page)
        Blakenhall Cemetery, 1851-1993 (122 records)
        Merridale Cemetery, 1864-2003 (61 records)

Jewish Civilian Casualties of WWII, primarily 1940-1945 (All-UK Database includes 996 records in London and 139 records elsewhere)
        Jewish Civil Death Certificates
        Isaac / Isaacs Graves, various cemeteries (521 records, including 424 tombstone photographs)

See also JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Register (JOWBR) for additional burials in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

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BRADFORD Community
          Scholemoor Cemetery
              Orthodox Section, 1912-2017 (over 400 records)
             Reform Section, 1877-2017 (over 200 records)

          Doncaster Rose Hill Jewish Cemetery, 1936-2006 (some 70 records)

          Harrogate Stonefall Jewish Cemetery, 1962-2014 (some 180 records plus 6 Jewish servicemen)

LEEDS Community
           BHH Cemetery, 1955-2019 (some 2,400 records)
           Hill Top Cemeteries, 1875-1970 (nearly 3,200 records)
           New Farnley Cemetery, 1896-2019 (over 8,800 records)
           Sinai (Reform) Synagogue Cemetery, 1950-2014 (some 360 records)
           UHC Cemetery, 1840-2018 (nearly 7,000 records)

LONDON Community 
           Edmonton Federation Cemetery, 1890-2018 (over 36,800 records, some records also partly within All-UK Database)
           Rainham Federation Cemeteriy, 1938-2018 (over 25,800 records, some records also partly within All-UK Database)

SWANSEA Community
          Swansea Jewish Cemeteries
Old Cemetery, Townhill, generally 18th century-1975 (some 950 records)
Oystermouth, 1975-2017 (some 200 records)

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