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Leeds New Farnley Cemeteries


Leeds New Farnley Cemeteries comprise the Burial Grounds for a number of Leeds Synagogues and Societies, past and present:

The Louis Street Synagogue section of the New Farnley Cemeteries was the first to be established there, in 1896, and is administered by UHC. All other sections are administered by Etz Chaim Synagogue.

Burials for the Leeds Jewish Workers' Burial and Trading Society (later The Leeds Jewish Workers’ Co-operative Society) commenced at the New Farnley Cemeteries in about 1900. Burials for the Vilna Synagogue were initially at the Hill Top Cemeteries. However, following the formation of the New Central Vilna Synagogue, burials were generally at the New Farnley Cemeteries except that, until 1963, burials for former Vilna members continued at the Hill Top Cemeteries provided that a spouse had already been laid to rest there.

Burials for the section of the Psalms of David Congregation date from 1935. Prior to then, burials were also in the Hill Top Cemeteries.

The "virtual" cemetery provided here of all the New Farnley grounds, covers all burials and consecrations carried out up to 29 February 2024, and contains details of 9,017 burials, together with digital photographs of 7,943 headstones. A breakdown of these numbers, as between the various sections, is as follows:

  Burials Headstone
Etz Chaim Synagogue section 6,845 6,097
Psalms of David Synagogue section 1,045 1,009
Louis Street Synagogue section 1,127    837
Totals 9,017 7,943

The data has been assembled from Synagogue Burial Registers, Sexton Day Books together with a few older extant records. Where possible, the assignment of rows and burial plots has been kept consistent with the available records. However, it should be noted that for the Louis Street Synagogue section the early records included the burial sequence number only and not the locations of the burial plots. For this section, rows and plots have been assigned on a logical basis.

The layout of the New Farnley Cemeteries can be viewed here, while details of the rows in the various sections can be viewed:

  • here - for the Louis Street Section and Sections O, G and CH
  • here - for Sections H, HK, I, J, K, L and M
  • here - for Section A
  • here - for Sections B, C and D
  • here - for Section E
  • here - for Psalms of David Section

Details of all burials in the New Farnley Cemeteries are provided in this database, together with images of all legible and partially legible headstones. The Synagogue records include details of many burials for which no specific graves can be identified. This is largely because early burials in the cemeteries (particularly those of infants) were for many of the poorer families in the community who were unable to afford headstones. Details of these burials are provided here but do not include headstone images. In total there are approximately 500 such burials in the NCVS sections and approximately 300 in the Louis Street section of New Farnley. The unidentified burials will, in the main, be in the older areas of the cemeteries or will correspond to fallen or eroded headstones that cannot be identified. The names of these burials are included in the Surname drop-down lists as well as in separate unidentified grave lists for NCVS and Louis Street.

Information for any individual may be displayed by first selecting the appropriate surname letters from the list below and then selecting the required name from its corresponding drop-down list. Navigation to the next or previous burial in the Section/Row (or unidentified list) is achieved by clicking the appropriate link on the individual burial page.

Grave locations (accurate to about a metre) can be displayed on a Google satellite image via the button provided on each burial page. Note that, although the grave location will always be identified, the image may not contain details of some of the most recent row additions to the cemetery.


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This database has been created through the efforts and support of Lee White, Alan Tobias, Malcolm Sender and the late Murray Freedman. Webmaster - David Shulman. It is made available here with permission of the UHC and Etz Chaim Synagogues in Leeds.  The GPS enhancements were developed by Alan and Derek Tobias.

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