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Kiev Province

1900s Country: Russian Empire


Main Towns

Reference: When these letters appear the town has
Town Leader, KehilaLinks, Projects, Documents


About clashes between Christians and Jews; about pogroms in Kiev, April-May 1881, witJanette SilvermanNot Yet Started
About clashes between Christians and Jews; about pogroms in Kiev, April-May 1881, with the list of the victims of the pogrom dated 26-27.04.2004; about the disturbances caused by Jews in the landowner"s estate of Pavoloch, etc. There is information about the public houses/bars owned by Jews in Kiev, Volyn and Podolsk provinces; information about Jews-craftsmen in Volyn and Kiev provinces, 1881; Russian; CAHJP HM ----.

Central Office of Kiev, Volyn, Podolsk general-governorshipArchive ЦГИАУ, Kiev. Fond 442, op. 534, d. 87
About setting up Jewish college commissions in Belorus, Derpsk, Kiev, Odessa educatioJanette SilvermanNot Yet Started
About setting up Jewish college commissions in Belorus, Derpsk, Kiev, Odessa educational districts. Information about college commissions, kheders, talmud-torahs, beit-midrashes, about teachers and students of Volyn, Yekaterinoslavsk, Kiev, Kurlyandsk, Podolsk, Poltava, Tavriya, Kherson, Chernigov provinces and Bessarabskaya region, 1840-1852; Russian; CAHJP HM2/9465.1.

Department of Public EducationRGYA, Saint Petersburg. Fond 733, op. 97, d. 16
Administrative correspondence on measures to prevent pogroms in the Southwest Region.Janette SilvermanNot Yet Started
Administrative correspondence on measures to prevent pogroms in the Southwest Region.
The case includes data on the population of the counties, cities and county-level cities in the province of Kiev, profession of faith, as well as call the village rabbi Freidin of Chernikov . June 11, 1882, 1882-1883; Russian; CAHJP HM2/9144.1.

Office of the Kiev, Podolia, and Volynia Governor GeneralKiev National Historical Archive from Ukraine
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Document and Dataset Collections

NameTime frameView
Kiyev Archival ListsMultiple
Lists of CAHJP-available documents from Kiev Archives.
Vital Records-FHL Catalog Entry, Jewish, Kiev (now Cherkasy) Province 1765-19341765-1934
1 microfilm reel
Archival register which consists of 4431 files of mostly Russian Orthodox church records from the Cherkasy oblast, Ukraine; formerly in Kiev province, Russia (Empire). Also contains reference to Roman Catholic and Jewish records. For records of births, marriages, and deaths referred to in this register, see catalog entries for individual localities listed.
Inventory to Record group 931, series 1
Microfilm No. 2063511, Item 1
Biographical Names Collection, Kharkov Encyclopedia, Province Kiev1784-1997
This dataset contains 1 entry for the province of Kiev.

This dataset is a translation of Jewish biographical entries extracted from the online version of 
Encyclopedia of Names, Kharkov Province, Volume 1, 
by Andrey Fedorovich Paramonov. Mr. Paramonov is Director of the Private Museum of Kharkov City Mansion.  He collected the records at the State Archive of Kharkiv Province beginning in 1999. The original text is in Russian.

Ukraine SIG extracted entries that appear to be for Jews and that have a Ukraine connection. With permission of the author, Ukraine SIG volunteers translated the extracted entries using an online copy of the book, as well as additional data provided by the author. A similar, but more extensive set of the data  is on the website of the 
Center for Genealogical Research (CGR).
 A few entries in the Ukraine SIG dataset were not in the original list published by A.F. Paramonov, but only on the CGR website.

Currently the dataset has 379 entries. Of these, 339 entries mention 70 different towns in Ukraine. The dataset will be expanded as new translations become available from the CGR and other Russian language websites.

The dataset has been submitted to the JewishGen Ukraine Database. When it becomes available there, researchers will be able to search for given names, surnames, and towns in various combinations. Alternatively, 
click here 
to download the Excel spreadsheet from the Ukraine SIG website. 
Click here 
to download the Introduction and Guide document. It describes the data columns that are in the spreadsheet.


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