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Research in Belarus

This is a three-week course in researching your Belarus ancestors. It will cover the modern boundaries of Belarus including parts of the former Lithuania, parts of Latvia and parts of Poland.

This one-on-one personal mentoring class will concentrate on multiple surnames from the same District. Choose your Gubernia and District by checking the Jewish Communities database or Shtetls of Belarus from the Belarus SIG website.

As a courtesy, we provide downloadable lessons on "How to Use the Belarus SIG website" to help you find your way through this complicated website.

This class will include a first look at records to be uploaded to the Belarus website. We will also offer personal contact with Paul Zoglin the Records Access Coordinator of the Belarus SIG.

Requirements: Students should feel comfortable with computers and have 8-10 hours per week to read the lessons, search online and interact with the instructor. To meet the needs of international students, this course is open 24/7.

This course requires an application which can be sent in before class begins.

Please answer these questions:

The Tuition is $150. Applications will be accepted two weeks before class starts. Enrollment is limited. Registration will close when the course is full. Students will receive an email from the instructor a week before class begins.

Send your questions and/or application to Nancy Holden, Instruction Manager, JewishGen Education.

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