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Project: Name List, Transliterate 1908 list of 1st Guild Merchants, Kiev

Project Information

Coordinator:Richard Baum
Description:This list is from the Russian language website rusgenealogy.clan.su.
It contains 277 names, some of which are not Jewish. Both the Cyrillic and English lists are posted on the Kiev KehilaLinks website. However, personal names and town names in the English list were 'translated' not 'transliterated' from Russian. So, for example, instead of the surname Babushkina, the English list gives the translation 'Grandma'. The English list needs to be redone and entered into Excel.
Web address of the Project:Go to the project Home Page
Geographic Area(s):Kiev (Town)

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Transliteration from CyrillicRichard BaumPendingThere are several problems with the English translation of the list.
  1. The 'word' following surname, initials, page no., is not a 'word' but a town name. The English translation must have been done by Google Translate because it treats the town names as words. So, for example, Vasilk. (in Russian) becomes 'cornflower' instead of the town name Vasilkov. Personal names and town names will be transliterated, not translated
  2. When the English list is re-done, extract the English list into an Excel spreadsheet so that it can be posted in the JewishGen Ukraine Database. The spreadsheet will have one column for each data field, e.g. surname, given name (or initials), town name, page number.
  3. The English list is not alphabetized in English, but rather follows the Russian alphabet. So, for example, names starting with /V/ follow names that start with /B/. When the English list is extracted, it will be re-alphabetized and then re-posted in place of the current English list.
Dataset, Create Excel spreadsheetRichard BaumNot Yet StartedEnter transliterated personal names and town names into an Excel spreadsheet, one column for each data field.
Dataset, Submit database to JGRichard BaumNot Yet StartedSubmit Excel spreadsheet to JewishGen Ukraine Database.
Dataset, Create & submit index for MNIRichard BaumNot Yet StartedMerge extracted data into Ukraine SIG Master Name Index.
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