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Brick Wall or Dead End?
Frustrated and at a Loss? Are you at a Dead end or just experiencing a Brick Wall? Are you stumped by a small detail or is there a major avenue you can't get past?

Review your data. If you feel you have you exhausted all approaches to new solutions this class offers one-on-one mentoring in an educational forum setting open 24/7.

  JewishGen’s "Brick Walls or Dead End is a three week course focusing on one of your research projects that has come to a standstill. An instructor will help you analyze your data. The course contains downloadable lessons and is a personal mentoring program where students work one-on-one with the instructor.

Requirements: Students must feel comfortable using computers and searching databases online. Students must have done enough research to have reached a brick wall. Students should have 8-10 hours per week to read the lessons, search online and interact with the instructor. To meet the needs of international students this course is open 24/7.
Tuition is $150. Registration will open 2 weeks before class. Enrollment is limited..and registration will close when course is full.

  In preparation for this class an application should be sent to the instructor. The application should include 3 paragraphs 1. An introduction to your project (names, dates and places). 2. A list of what resources you have explored 3. In one sentence identify or pinpoint your brick wall or dead end.

  To send your application or ask questions write to Nancy Holden Instruction Manager

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