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Research Your Roots Using JewishGen

This course is designed for those researchers relatively new to jewishgen,who wish to use all the databases and communication facilities of JewishGen to further their research and explore a family branch/ preferably a branch for which they know the town of origin.

We will focus on developing a methodology for foreign research, including: (1) the databoard, one document containing the necessary information to research your family branch, (2) the JewishGen Research Table, with a list of others researching your surname or shtetl, and (3) a family descriptive paragraph to connect with others.

Please note: this course is limited to JewishGen databases and facilities; after using these, the instructor will give suggestions in the last week for alternative resources.

Course Material: The course includes 6 lessons (10-20 pages each), delivered online (which you can download). Major Topics include:

Format: We are proud of our unique personal mentoring courses which feature an online FORUM where you'll be encouraged to post one ancestral branch (one surname), set goals for your research, and work one-on-one with the instructor to research your branch using JewishGen. Our classes have no scheduled times as our students are international, enabling everyone to read/view/post at leisure.

Please select a branch for which you have

  1. The name (preferably the Jewish name) and approximate year of birth of the immigrant(s), and
  2. The former town of residence (at least a District or Gubernya)
To best utilize this course, we suggest you have 8-10 hours per week to read the lessons, research online and interact with the FORUM.

Tuition for this Course is $150. Registration is open, but limited to 15 students. To enroll click here. You'll receive an email by Dec 29th with the first lesson. For questions, please email the instructor: Phyllis Kramer", Vice President, Education, JewishGen

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