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The Jewish Congregations in London
are divided on JCR-UK into the following two sections:

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Database Searches

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The records in the database associated with Greater London include:


West London Synagogue, Birth Register 1, 1844 - 1905 (859 records).


Bevis Marks Synagogue, 1836 - 1918 (1,253 records);
Princelet (Princes) Street Synagogue, 1897 - 1907 (81 records);
Sandy Row Synagogue, 1894-1930 (832 records);
West London Synagogue, 1842 - April 1981 (4,432 records).
Note: to comply with UK Data Protection records 1930-1959 contain limited data and thereafter minimum data.


Balls Pond Road Cemetery, 1843 - 1941 (West London Synagogue) (900 records*);
Bancroft Road Cemetery, 1811 - 1854 (Maiden Lane Synagogue), (A number of records included in the
Pre-1850 London Jews Database);
Brompton Cemetery, Fulham Road
(Western Synagogue), (25 records with surname Isaac or Isaacs);
Buckingham Road Cemetery, West Ham
(United Synagogue), (80 records with surname Isaac or Isaacs);
Cheshunt Cemetery
, 1964 - 1998 (Adath Yisrael / Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations)(4,010 records);
Edgwarebury Lane Cemetery 1976 - 2006 (
West London Synagogue), (1,625 records);
Edmonton Cemetery (sections A-T), 1927 - 1955 (Federation of Synagogues), (21,334 records*);
Edmonton Cemetery (Western Synagogue), (22 records with surname Isaac or Isaacs);
Enfield Cemetery, Carterhatch Lane
, 1926 - 1999  (Adath Yisrael / Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations), (7,980 records);
Hoop Lane Cemetery
Spanish & Portuguese Jews Congregation), (425 records*);
Hoop Lane Cemetery, Golders Green Crematorium & Miscellaneous
, 1900 - 2007 (
West London Synagogue), (12,166 records of burial*, cremation & interment of cremated remains);
Marlow Road Cemetery, East Ham
(United Synagogue), (116 records with surname Isaac or Isaacs)
Novo Cemetery, Mile End
, 1733 - 1918 (
Spanish & Portuguese Jews Congregation), (10,732 records*);
Plashet Cemetery, Manor Park
(United Synagogue), (79 records with surname Isaac or Isaacs);
Rainham Cemetery
, 1930 - 1946 (Federation of Synagogues), (1,847 records);
Willesden Cemetery
(United Synagogue), (229 records*, of which 158 records with surname Isaac or Isaacs);
WWII Civilian Casualties - London (996 records);
other cemeteries (33 records with surname Isaac or Isaacs).
*A search in the database may also reveal duplicates of some of these records on the
JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Register (JOWBR).

School Records

NEW!! The Jews' Free School Admission Register Database, initially covering the years from approximately 1856 to 1907, contains records of some 20,000 pupils, both boys and girls, at the Jews' Free School, Spitalfields, in the East End of London, including the names of the pupil and his or her parent or guardian, address, date of entry, previous school (where noted), date of birth, date of leaving and reason for leaving.

Central Girls School (352 records of pupils born 1882 - 1902).


Colney Hatch Hospital (296 records of patients admitted approx. 1895 - 1910);
Jews' Hospital (993 records of patients admitted 1880 - 1902).

Seatholders Lists

1885, 1899 and/or 1910 (13,442 records), in respect of the following United Synagogue congregations:
Bayswater Synagogue; Borough Synagogue; Brondesbury Synagogue; Central Synagogue; Dalston Synagogue; East London Synagogue; the Great Synagogue; the Hambro' Synagogue; Hammersmith & West Kensington Synagogue; Hampstead Synagogue; the New Synagogue; the New West End Synagogue; North London Synagogue; South Hackney Synagogue; St. John's Wood Synagogue; and Stoke Newington Synagogue.


Spitalfields (695 records).


Additions to the Roll of Honour. Records of Jewish serviceman who died in service 1914-1921 and who were not listed on (At least 109 records of serviceman born or buried in London);
Brothers who died in Service during WWII. (Records of least 13 pairs of of siblings with addresses in London);
Jewish Serviceman in the Boer War, 1899-1902. (Records extracted from pages of the Jewish Chronicle, London).

1851 Anglo Jewry Database

Individuals in the 1851 Anglo Jewry Database who were living in the Greater London area during the 1760s (66 records), 1770s (210 records), 1780s (469 records), 1790s (880 records), 1800s (1,499 records), 1810s (2,459 records), 1820s (4,284 records), 1830s (7,663 records), 1840s (12,948 records), 1850s (21,457 records), 1860s (5,246 records), 1870s (4,147 records), 1880s (3,609 records), 1890s (1,003 records), 1900s (549 records) and 1910s (217 records).

Trade Directories, etc.

Pre-1850 London Jews Database (over 9,000 records, compiled from London trade directories, a number of subscription lists and several other sources);
Jewish Traders/Businesses in London
, 1769-1839 (over 5,000 records of Jewish traders).


Jewish Board of Guardians' Book of Remembrance, 1859-1929 (1,221 records, primarily in London);
Subscribers to an English Haggadah 1809 (210 records, all in London);
Subscribers to Jews' Orphan Asylum, Tenter Ground, Goodman's Fields, London E.1. (established 1831), including Life Governors, 1860 (1,234 records).


on the Jewish Community of Greater London


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