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Board of Guardians' Book of Remembrance, 1859-1929 (1,222 records)
Names and dates entered into the Jewish Board of Guardians Book of Remembrance

Jews Orphan Society, 1860 (1,235 records)©
Names and addresses of governors and Subscribers to the Jews Orphan Society

Rabbi Rabinowitz Memorial Fund (200 records)©
Names and addresses of committee members and subscribers to the Fund

Society for Chanting Psalms and Visiting the Sick (197 records)©
Names of subscribers to the society

List of Subscribers to an English Haggadah 1806 (210 records)©

The following List of Subscribers was published in an old family Haggadah, printed in Hebrew and English, Whitechapel, London, A.M. 5560, corresponding to C.E. 1806.  (For further information – including possible amendments from you - see the article in JGSGB's SHEMOT November 2008)

Typed within square brackets:

[Alternative documented spellings] It is likely that the handwriting on some orders for the Haggadah was difficult to read; or the person taking a verbal order misheard or misspelled; or the family may use different spellings.

I [& J] Sometimes there was confusion between the capital letters ‘I’ and ‘J’, because no distinction was made at that period.

[Trade]  Added after being matched by George Rigal with his records of Insurance Policies.

[Gent]  Implies a residential address, not a shop or office.

[=] This sign points to instances in which the late George Rigal recognised the name from other sources but was unable to verify the address.

[Added house numbers] These are suggested matches from George Rigal's Insurance Records. In the original List of Subscribers some house numbers - but not all - were prefixed by ‘No.’.

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