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Independent Study - Requires Application

Ever dream of a genealogical search companion? JewishGen is offering an Independent Study class.
Your topic, your schedule, your questions.

Nancy Holden will be available for projects centered on research in the United States or Latvia to Galicia to Southern Russia. Andras Koltai may be available to answer questions about Hungary and what was formerly Hungary. You may choose to work on any kind of project (wherever you are in your research) from organizing your data to preparing to publish. This session will follow the format of other JewishGen Education classes using a Forum and one-on-one consultations via our internet Forum open for posts 24/7..

In order to qualify for this class we ask that you submit a paragraph (see application below) about your project. Your SURNAME, your towns, your goals. This will be a Do-it-Yourself, computer-based, online seminar. Individual readings will be posted according to your research needs.

Is this course right for you? This is beyond the Basic. Read the course descriptions to see if what you want to do is covered by a course already being taught. If not, this may be the perfect class. Students should be comfortable on the internet and able to upload and download pdfs, images and word documents. To get the most out of this course, you will need 8-10 hours a week and commit to posting to the forum as you go along.

Enrollment is limited (10 students). Please send your qualifying paragraph to Nancy Holden any time after October 15, 2014 for consideration. Students will be notified of enrollment procedures by email.

Tuition: $150 to be paid after acceptance to the class
Nancy Holden
Email Nancy Holden

Application: Qualifying Paragraph

Proposal for Independent Study

1. Proposal in one sentence: "I would like to work on...

2. At the end of four weeks I would like to have... Set an achievable goal: Define the problem you would like to solve or the project (or part of the project) you would like to complete in the four weeks.

3. I have already searched and collected data from the following type of records: Briefly summarize the data that you will be bringing to the project in a generalized paragraph (i.e. I already have all census data, or all vital stats without going into detail). We do not need the specific data at this time if you feel you have too much information to put into a sentence or two, wait until class starts.

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