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JewishGen Press Submission Guidelines

JewishGen Press invites authors to submit works that meet our criteria. The Editorial Board of JewishGen Press has the sole authority to decide which works will be accepted for publication. Before submitting your work, please review the Publication Criteria.

There is a two-step process for submitting work to the JewishGen Press:

  1. Step One - Submission Questionnaire: Complete the JewishGen Press Submission Questionnaire. This questionnaire calls for information regarding the work you want to submit, including a short summary description or précis of the work. Your responses to the questionnaire will be reviewed to determine if the work meets the criteria for further consideration by JewishGen Press. You will be notified by the Managing Editor within 60 days whether or not to proceed to Step Two to submit your full manuscript for consideration.
  2. Step Two - Manuscript Submission: If your work appears to meet the criteria for the books published by JewishGen Press, you will be invited to submit the entire manuscript for consideration in accordance with our Manuscript Requirements. Please do not send manuscripts to JewishGen Press unless you completed Step One and have been invited to submit the full manuscript.

Your work may be accepted as is, accepted on the condition that you edit or retain an editor to bring the text to the standard we require, or rejected as not meeting our criteria for publication. Authors whose works are accepted for publication will be required to sign a Publication Agreement.

JewishGen Press covers the cost of publishing selected works and does not charge authors any publishing fees. Authors will receive no remuneration or royalties for any books sold by the Press. Books are produced and sold via a print-on-demand process.

Authors who complete Step One, and are invited to submit their full manuscripts for further consideration, will be expected to follow the required format. See the Manuscript Requirements.

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