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JewishGen Press Manuscript Requirements

Manuscripts submitted for consideration by JewishGen Press must meet the following requirements. Please read the Submission Guidelines before proceeding to this step.

  1. Upon invitation, after completing Step One of the submission process, manuscripts are to be submitted electronically. Directions will be provided.
  2. Book manuscripts must be at least 50 pages and no more than 100,000 words in length.  (Shorter works may be considered for inclusion in an anthology format along with the works of other authors.)
  3. Use 12 pt Times Roman font, with 1.5 lines spacing, first line of paragraphs indented.
  4. The work must be edited prior to submission, by the author and/or by a professional editor retained at the author’s expense, for coherence, grammar, spelling, and typographical errors. 
  5. The work must be carefully proofread by the author before submitting it for consideration. The work must be coherent, grammatically correct, and contain no spelling errors. Proofreading and editing at all stages of publication are the responsibility of the author, not JewishGen Press.
  6. Standard U.S. or British spelling is acceptable.
  7. The title page shall include:
    • Book TITLE (in uppercase type)
    • Author’s name as it should appear on the book;
    • Author’s mailing address, email address, and phone number; 
    • Page count and word count.
  8. Quotations must be identified and the source credited in the text and/or in footnotes or endnotes.
  9. Artwork and photos must be owned by the author or be in the public domain; if not, approval from the copyright holder must be provided.
  10. Photos and other images must be provided separately and not be embedded in the text. Use JPEG, PNG, or PDF formats. Each image must be numerically labeled (Fig1, Fig2, etc.) and include a short descriptive caption - names, dates, locations. In the text, the author must indicate where each image should be placed: e.g. <Insert Fig1 here>
  11. In a separate document, provide a short bio (one or two paragraphs) summarizing your background and relevant expertise.


  1. The Editorial Board of JewishGen Press has the sole authority to decide which works will be accepted for publication. 
  2. JewishGen Press covers the cost of publishing the selected works and does not charge authors any publishing fees. Authors will receive no remuneration or royalties, for any books sold by the Press. Books are produced and sold via a print-on-demand process. 
  3. Authors may retain the copyright to their books published by JewishGen Press.
  4. The work may be accepted as is, accepted on the condition that the author edit or retain an editor to bring the text to the standard we require, or rejected as not meeting our criteria for publication.
  5. Authors whose works are accepted for publication will be required to sign a Publication Agreement.

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