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Collection: CAHJP Documents, HM2/9021.1, Re Exclusion of David Pape

Collection Name:CAHJP Documents, HM2/9021.1, Re Exclusion of David Pape
Geographic Area:Novo-Poltavka (Town)
Type:Community Records: Kahal
Time frame:1850-1853
Description:Document relating to the exclusion of David Pape, a citizen from the settlement of Novo-Poltavka, in connection with his conversion to the Christian faith.  CAHJP Catalog number: HM2/9021.11. The documents are handwritten in Russian. The title of the documents are: 'Committee for foreign settlers in southern Russia (Jewish settlement).' The original archive is GAOdO, Odessa. Fond 6, Opis 1a, Delo 95 Contact Sylvia Walowitz for information about this collection.
Main Collection:This is a subcollection of the CAHJP Documents collection
Availability:Collection not available online

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