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Collection: Vital Records-FHL Catalog Entry, Jewish, Nikolayev Town 1873-1920

Collection Name:Vital Records-FHL Catalog Entry, Jewish, Nikolayev Town 1873-1920
Geographic Area:Nikolayev (Town)
Type:FHL Catalog Entry
Time frame:1873-1920
Description:22 microfilms in FHL Catalog
Records of births, marriages, divorces and deaths from the Jewish community in Nikolaev, Kherson, Kherson, Russia; Text in Russian and Hebrew.
Fond 484, Opis 1, Dela 1460-1496, 1496а, 1497-1524, 1688-1715.
Microfilm Nos.: 2423959-2423966-2423972, 2444916, 2446326, 2446440-2446444, 2453222

As of December 2016, the following have been transcribed and submitted to JewishGen:
4311 births from 1878, 1889-1895
33 marriages from 1877
11 divorces from 1867
373 deaths from 1876, 1877

Availability:Catalog Description Available Online

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