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Collection: Biographical Names Collection, Center for Genealogical Research

Collection Name:Biographical Names Collection, Center for Genealogical Research
Geographic Area:General Ukraine
Type:Name Lists, Biographical
Time frame:19th and early 20th Centuries
Description:The Russian language Center for Genealogical Research has created an alphabetic list of names with brief biographical notes about each. It covers the European territory of the former Russian Empire, persons born before 1918. About 10% of the names seem to be Jewish. We are extracting these Jewish names for our dataset, erring on the side of inclusiveness.

The website contains about 420,000 primary surnames (almost 2,600 pages of primary surnames with about 160 names per page). Common surnames have multiple secondary pages, each with 10 to 15 people listed. For example the primary surname Kagan has six secondary pages with a total of 60 to 90 name entries. We estimate that the Center's website has more than 6 million individual name entries ... between 500,000 and 1 million Jewish name entries.

The entries seem to cover several countries and several provinces of Ukraine. They appear to be drawn from 5 reference works (all in Russian):

1) Address book of members of the All-Union Botanical Society; as of May 1, 1957. St. Petersburg. Publisher: USSR Academy of Sciences. Leningrad, 1958. (scanning funded by the Center for Genealogical Research)

2) City of Yekaterinburg. Collection of historical statistics and background information on the city, with an address pointer and including some information on the Yekaterinburg district. A publication of Yekaterinburg Mayor I.I. Simanova. Yekaterinburg. Printed in Yekaterinburg Week in 1889. (Scanning funded by Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company).

3) Picturesque Russia. Volume 4. Part two. by P.P. Semionov; St. Petersburg - Moscow: 1881-1901, M.O. Wolf (bookseller-typographer). (scanning funded by Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company)

4) Complete list of officer ranks of the Russian Imperial Army on 1 January 1909. St. Petersburg: Military press (in the building of the General Staff). (Scanning funded by the Center for Genealogical Research)

5) Russia. The full geographical description of our country. Desktop and road book. Volume 5. Urals and the Ural region. St. Petersburg. Publisher: A.F. DeVries, 1914. (scanning funded Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company)

Location:Russian Language Websites
Main Collection:This is a subcollection of the Biographical Names Collection collection
Availability:SELECT from List

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Geographic AreaNameCoordinatorStatus
General UkraineName extractions, Center for Genealogical Research Ron DoctorIn progress
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