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Project: Collected Records Processing, Monastyrishche Vital Records

Project Information

Coordinator: To be defined
Status:In progress
Description:Ukraine SIG's researchers have submitted translated records that they have obtained while pursuing their family history research. The SIG provides these records in uniform formats so that other researchers can search them. The translated records will be posted with other Collected Records in the JewishGen Ukraine Database where they will be searchable. In addition, we extract key data points from each collected records set for the Ukraine SIG Master Name Index. Collected Records are noted as Collections on individual Town Pages.

Barry Helfand submitted Vital records for Monastyrishche, 1851: 56 Birth, 6 Marriage and 14 Death records. No record images. No Hebrew translation. Only Russian pages translated. Translations of the records are available on the Monastyrishche KehilaLinks website.

Web address of the Project:Go to the project Home Page
Geographic Area(s):Monastyrishche (Town)

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Acquire DocumentsBarry HelfandFinished76 translated records acquired. No original document images available.
TranslationBarry HelfandFinishedTranslation completed.
Dataset, Submit DB Proposal to JGBarry HelfandFinishedDB Proposal drafted and submitted to Warren Blatt on 19 Apr 2012.
Dataset, Submit database to JGBarry HelfandPendingDB Proposal has been submitted to JG (Warren Blatt). Waiting for Log No. so that Donor Agreement can be filled out and the Dataset can be sent to JG for posting in JG Ukraine Database.
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