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Balta (Town)History, Balta1500s-presentArticle, HistoricalWikipedia
Balta, Ukraine Wikipedia entry - overview of history, people, and places. Accessible directly or through a link on the KehilaLinks website.
Balta (Town)Names List, Balta1914-1960Name Lists, OtherUkraine SIG researcher listed in Description
Arnold Chamove has 11 lists:

  List of Jewish businessmen in Balta for 1914. (First name, last name and their business)- about 170 names.
  List of Jews sufferers from the pogrom of 1919 ( first name, patronymic, last name)- 160 names.
  List of Jews prisoners of Balta Ghetto - 18 names
  List of Jews workers of the felt boots factory. - 16 names
  Salary roll - 9 names
  List of women who worked at public jobs in 1943 - 9 names
  List of Jews who sent parcels to Balta Ghetto - 8 names
  List of partisans killed in Balta Ghetto
  List of former prisoners of Balta Ghetto living in NY now - 48 names
  List of former prisoners of Balta Ghetto living in Balta - 22 names
  List of former prisoners of Balta Ghetto living in Odessa - 45 names
Balta (Town)Encyclopedia of Jewish Life (2001), Balta2001General ReferenceLibraries
Encyclopedia of Jewish Life (2001), p. 82: "Balta".
Balta (Town)Shtetl Finder, Cohen (1989), BaltaGeneral ReferenceLibraries
Shtetl Finder (1980), p. 3: "Balta".
Balta (Town)Revision List, 1875, Balta District, Balta1875Census: Revision ListsUkraine SIG researcher listed in Description
Revision List of 1875 for Balta District, acquired from CAHJP. Handwritten in ledger books in Russian. Awaiting translation and data entry.
Balta (Town)Slownik Geograficzny, BaltaGeneral ReferenceLibraries
Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), I, pp. 96-97: "Balta".
Balta (Town)Travel Reports, BaltaTravel ReportArnoldChamove@ynnovate.co.nz
Arnold Chamove sent a travel report to Ron Doctor as part of an e-mail message, 17 September 2011
Balta (Town)Cemeteries: Burial datasets and photos, BaltaCemeteries: Photographs of GravestonesUkraine SIG researcher listed in Description
6 matzevot photos Ronald D. Doctor
Rec"d from Arnold Chamove. Translations needed. Photos of more stones require contact with Vadiem Vienyarsky via Anna Royzner. He has a burial list for at least one of three cemeteries.
Balta (Town)History, Balta1500s-presentArticle, HistoricalInternet Encyclopedia of Ukraine
Brief overview of history of Balta in the Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine
Balta (Town)History, Balta1848Article, HistoricalKehilaLinks
Sketches of Jewish Life in Russia: A General Survey of the Condition of the Jews in Russia, by the Chief Rabbi Dr. Lilienthal, pub in American Occident Vol. V, No. 10 Tebeth 5608, January 1848. These articles are available at http://www.jewish-history.com/Occident/volume5/aug1847/russia.html
Balta (Town)Cemetery Descriptions, Balta1500s-2009Cemeteries: DescriptionsIAJGS Cemeteries Database
Descriptions of 4 Jewish cemeteries in Balta - location, history, property owner, and current condition. From the International Jewish Cemetery Project of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS). Cemetery descriptions are drawn from the Jewish Cemeteries Database of the US Commission for the Preservation of America"s Heritage Abroad.
Balta (Town)Photos-Family, Baltac 1900Photos, PeopleKehilaLinks
Photos of the following families:
  &nbspKleiman extended family
  &nbspRose Kleiman Nissenson
  &nbspNisan Nissenson
Balta (Town)Ketubah, Balta1899KetubotKehilaLinks
Image of original Ketubah for Rose Kleiman Nissenson and Nisan Nissenson
Balta (Town)Names List, people born in Balta1872-1992Name Lists, BiographicalKehilaLinks
List of individuals born in Balta and their occupations
Balta (Town)Names List, Business Owners and Officials, Town and District of Balta1914Name Lists, Residents Russian Language Websites
This list has 299 entries, including 159 Jewish entries. Some entries have multiple names. Each entry includes the individual"s occupation. The translation will appear on the Balta KehilaLinks website after editing and formatting.
Balta (Town)Collected Records, Vital Records, Balta1879-1904Vital Records: BirthsUkraine SIG researcher listed in Description
49 Birth, 10 marriage and 10 death records collected by Dalya Dektor.
Balta (Town)Jewish Virtual Library, Balta1500s - 1990sArticle, HistoricalJewish Virtual Library
Overview of history of the town of Balta

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