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Troubled Waters: The Origins of the 1881 Anti-Jewish Pogroms in Russia by Michael Aronson

By Paula Kobos

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Author: Aronson, I. Michael. Publishing information: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1990.

This scholarly work questions the assumption that the Russian government planned and supported the 1881 pogroms. A feature of this work that may interest those with Volhynian roots is a table of dates, towns, and villages where the 1881 pogroms occurred. Volhynian localities mentioned are: Volochisk (station), Fridrikhovka, Golokhvasta, Kopachevka, Nemirovets, Poliana, and Volchkovets -- all in Starokonstantinov Uezd.

I obtained this book from the shelves of the Western Washington University Library (Bellingham WA). For those who might be trying the interlibrary loan route -- the table of towns and dates (Table 4) is on pp.50-56. Be aware that dates are according to the calendar used before the Russian Revolution -- twelve days behind the "New Style" calendar, according to the author.

-- Paula Kobos

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