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Faces from Podolia

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Some photos are reduced. If so, click on the images, and a larger one will open in a new window.

Issuchar Nerenberg 1895
My great-grandfather: Issuchar [Suchar] NERENBERG (1835-1895)
Photo circa 1895, Sokoletz, Podolia
Submitted by Florence Elman


Frank Rosenthal in tallit
My grandfather Frank Rosenthal, born 1879 in Kamenets Podolsk Russia; died Aug 10, 1963 in Calgary Alberta Canada.  Submitted by Mel Fishman


Gershon Goldsman
A photo of the patriarch of my Goldsman clan - Gershon GOLDSMAN, b.~1825 in Zhvanets, Podolia. Photo taken in Khotin 1900.
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