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Important Note

The information on this page has been compiled by Ukraine SIG long time ago.
As JewishGen and the Ukraine SIG evolved, the contents of the page became redundant with other areas of
JewishGen (specially the KehilaLinks) and the new SIG website.

This page will be temporarily hosted by the Ukraine SIG site until this contents is transferred to the corresponding
KehilaLink and/or indexed into the Ukraine Database. Then it will be removed.

Ekaterinoslav (City)

Ekaterinoslav Gubernia

Ekaterinoslav was named for Czar Catherine - "Catherine's City". After the revolution of 1917, not only were the Czars overthrown, so was everything they stood for. So the city was renamed Dnepropetrovsk, because it was on the Dneiper River. Because my ancestors knew it as Ekaterinoslav, we'll generally use that name on this website.

Ekaterinoslav is in the center of the Ukraine, on the Dnieper River. The Dnieper river runs south all the way from Dorogobuzh, Russia, northeast of Belarus, through Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine to the Black Sea.
(Hilary Henkin)


My Visit To Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk)

with an excerpt from
the "Memoirs of Aunt Clara Chernoy Katzel"

by Lori Bachrach Miller

My paternal great aunt, Clara Katzel (1896-1990), was everyone's Aunty. So, when she went to the Jewish Home to live in 1986, I visited her frequently. During our many conversations I realized that I didn't know anything about my family who had lived until 1912 in Ekaterinoslav, (then) Russia. Since she was the oldest remaining relative, I began taping a series of interviews which lasted from 1986-1990 when she died at the age of 94.

These "memoirs" which consisted of 8 hours of tape have since been put into a "book" and distributed to our family. Read the rest of the story here.


Ekaterinoslav in Postcards

The following photos are courtesy of Gayle Schlissel Riley.

Street scene, Ekaterinoslav

Street scene, Ekaterinoslav

Tree-lined street

Marv Brooks sent these images of one of the Ekaterinoslav synagogues:


Ekaterinoslav railway station
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