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Important Note

The information on this page has been compiled by Ukraine RD long time ago.
As JewishGen and the Ukraine RD evolved, the contents of the page became redundant with other areas of
JewishGen (specially the KehilaLinks) and the new RD website.

This page will be temporarily hosted by the Ukraine RD site until this contents is transferred to the corresponding
KehilaLink and/or indexed into the Ukraine Database. Then it will be removed.


Kipil [Kopyl] [Kopulya] is in the Ukraine, in Volhynia gubernia (province).  It is about 145 miles WNW of Kiyev. For information about Kipil from the JewishGen Communities Database, click here (page will open in new window).

Kipiler [Kopyl] Young Men's Benevolent Association,1958-71

contributed by Jerry Seligsohn

Arranged by the YIVO archivists in a box are two ledgers containing the business minutes of the organization recorded in Yiddish and a record of the dues payments of the membership. The names given below are from the recording of the dues payments. These were written in a haphazard manner. First names were often left unnoted. Name spellings changed from page to page and often appeared to be phonetic scribbles rather than accurate spellings. Some names were so illegible that they were excluded from the list. Other names were recorded as reasonable guesses. 

It is advised that the viewer exercise caution in reading the names on the list; do not assume that the spelling is correct, but don't exclude a name you are looking for because of the spelling.

Click here for information about accessing landsmanshaften records at YIVO.  (Page will open in new window.)

Click here for "An Intelligent Layman's Guide to Viewing Landsmenshaften, Benevolent Societies, and Burial Societies". (Page will open in new window.)


Given name

Arkoff S
Balkan Max
Barash Mitchell
Barash P
Beller J
Braunstein Mrs
Brodsky M.
Brociner Dr
Cohen D
Deiman Jack
Esrig William
Exter L
Feinberg Moe
Feldner Sam
Finkelman I
Fisher Jack
Fisher M
Fleishman Charles
Fleishman J
Fleishman Max
Fogel Mrs
Frectman Eva
Furnau Mrs
Gershowitz Mrs
Gertzman Z
Gordon Mrs
Greenberg Grace
Greenberg S
Greenfield Mrs
Greenspan May
Grossberg I
Guberman S
Hartman Bessie
Heit A
Heit J
Holleck Sam
Horowitz Harry
Kaplan Gussie
Katz Rose
Kerner L
Kerner N
Koffman J
Korman Max
Korman Sam
Krantz B
Krantz I
Krantz Shava
Krantz Sidney
Kraus Mrs A
Krawitz J
Lander Abraham
Lander Louis
Lander Meyer
Landau Sam
Levine Benjamin
Lichstein H
Liebowits S
Lassen Carl
Miller Charles
Miller Ida
Nitickman S
Oberman Mrs M
Pierce M
Pollack Max
Pollack Milton
Pollard Sam
Rosen Fanny
Rosenbaum Mrs B
Rosenfeld L
Rubin A
Sack J
Schwartz S
Serotta Jacob
Serotta Sadie
Shapiro J
Sheridan Mrs
Shofstine H
Stern D
Stoclelberg Mr and Mrs
Weiner Morris
Weinstein J
Weissman Rose
Wenick Morris
Weitzman SB
Wahrman Mrs
Wolf A B
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