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Translations, Transliterations, and Images of Russian and Hebrew Words

by the Kremenets Vital Records Project


Causes of Death, Occupations, Legal Terminology, and Given Names found in Kremenets Vital Records

Each of the following research tools were created as part of the accessing of the Kremenets, Volhynia Gubernia, vital records, under the direction of Ronald Doctor, but he and the research Co-op looked to the much larger picture of how the particulars of the Kremenets records could aid in research across the former Russian Empire.

By creating a pictorial dictionary of Russian and Hebrew words, abbreviations, and idioms, used in these records, they have created a set of tools that researchers can apply to every former Russian town. Images of Russian handwriting as used in official documents, pictures of particular instances of Hebrew abbreviations and expressions, are tied to the translations and transliterations. These are the tools that will let you decipher official documents of the Russian jurisdictions of town, district and gubernia as well as the vital registers of Jewish community organizations.

The organization which managed this project is the Kremenets Shtetl CO-OP. which is part of JRI-Poland. The Coordinator is Dr. Ronald Doctor and the Co-Coordinator is Sheree Roth.

You are invited in each of these documents to contact Ron Doctor to make additions, comments, and to ask questions.

Town Names with Hebrew and Russian Graphics


Causes of Death,with Hebrew and Russian Graphics


Given Names, Male,with Hebrew and Russian Graphics


Given Names, Female,with Hebrew and Russian Graphics


Hebrew/Yiddish Transliteration Guidelines for use in Vital Records, Yizkor book & matzeva (tombstone)translations


Kremenets Master Surname Index

From the Introduction
This is an index to Jewish surnames recorded in the vital records and other documents of Kremenets, Ukraine and surrounding shtetlach. It also includes surnames that occur in the two Kremenets Yizkor Books, the series of Booklets published by the Kremenets Association of Emigrants, and the Pochayev Yizkor Book. We also have added names extracted from the Jewish Encyclopedia article about Kremenets (www.JewishEncyclopedia.com). The lists are not complete because translation activities are still underway.
  This is a work in progress. We have completed translation of 7,547 records, about 51% of the 14,863 records that we received from the LDS. The Surname Index currently contains 12,533 entries (11,445 from the 7,547 vital records and 1,088 from the Yizkor Books, Booklets and other sources). The vital records entries include the edited and proofread data, but they also include a large number of entries that have not yet been edited.

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