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Diplomas and Certificates

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Diploma from Kharkoff University

 Kharkoff University diploma  1825
University of Kharkov Diploma, granted 1890
Document courtesy of Ray Cannata


This certificate is given from the Council of the Imperial Kharkov University, under the proper signature and affixed official seal, to Alter CIBULEVSKY to certify that upon examination he has been bestowed by the Medical Faculty with the degree of Apothecary's Assistant. And whereas he, Cibulevsky, belongs to the tax paying estate, it is permitted to him, prior to his discharge by the Court of Exchequer from said estate and prior to the issue of the proper Certificate for the degree of Apothecary¹s Assistant, to engage in the pharmaceutical practice, in accordance with the order of the Minister of Public Education, dated October 21st of the year 1825, No. 2748. Kharkov, December 4th day of the year 1890. For the Rector of the Imperial Kharkoff University (signer) Stephanoff, Secretary of the Council.
State, City and County of New York.
This is to certify that the above is a true and correct translation of the original Russian text attached October 31, 1892, Nicholas Alimikoff, Notary Public, NY.

Military Papers

Military papers of Michal Lazar Ilyeshev [son of Eliahu] GORDON 1889. See a portrait of Michal, here (at the bottom of the page).
Document courtesy of Linda Silverman Shefler.

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