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Town Leader: Marilyn Ginsburg

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1900s Name: Yanushpol
1900s District: Zhitomir
1900s Province: Volhynia
1900s Country: Russian Empire

Modern: Ivanopil, Ukraine
Modern Ukrainian: Іванпіль  listen town name in ukrainian
Modern Russian: Иванполь  listen town name in russian

1930s: Yanushpol, Zhitomir, Ukraine SSR, Soviet Union
1950s: Ivanopol, Soviet Union

Other names: Ivanopil [Ukr], Yanushpol [Rus, Yid], Januszpol [Pol], Yanushpil, Januschpol, Yanispoli, Ivanpol, Ivanopol

49°51'N 28°13'E Mapquest Google Maps


Birth record translation and indexing Ianushpol, 1865-1874Ron DoctorIn progress
This project involves acquiring  digital copies of the 1865-1874 birth records for Ianushpol from CAHJP, translating the acquired records and preparing them for posting in the JewishGen Ukraine Database, and the Ukraine SIG Master Name Index. 
List has been obtained as of August 2016.
GAZhO, Zhitomir, 67/3/472	Inv.9957
Information about pogroms in cities and towns: Berdichev, Borsharovka, Vahnovka, Voro Not assignedNot Yet Started
Minutes of meeting of the Raynats Commission in the executive committee of Zhmernika; Correspondence on the election for the Village Council, including the material of hebrew Kalinovki board election;of attempts to distort the board Gávea Braila; the complaint of Reds artisans to Fininspektora; about the hostility of the community board "Ozet" of Litin; the arrival of the Moscow newspaper to Vinnitsa; the arrangement used in synagogues Clubs of Meshiroba and Shmerniki; on the communist opposition in Council Hebrew elections in localities: Belilobka, Bcheraishe, Lyubar, Pogrebische, Ruschin, Chartoria, Yanushpol; Hebrew Boronobitsy requests, Raigoroda and Yanoba transfer to Birobidshay, etc., 1929; Russian, Ukrainian & Yiddish; CAHJP HM2/9672..?.

Vinnitsa Regional Executive CommitteeNational Archives of Volgograd
Melamed applications & certifications Not assignedNot Yet Started
Applications and certificates on issuing permissions to melameds to teach in Jewish schools in towns and shtetls Zhitomir, Chernyakhov, Yanushpol, Chudnov, Zabrodye, Kodnya, Chervonoye, Raygorodok, Ovruch, Narodichi, Dubno, Mizoch. Lists of schoolchildren in kheders; 1845; Russian; CAHJP HM2/9342.15.
Volhyn Province Directorate of public schools, Volhyn Province Jewish Schools"Committee.
GAZhO, Zhitomir Region State Archives, Fond 71, Opis 1, Delo 733
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Document and Dataset Collections

NameTime frameView
Ianushpol Vital Records1854-1862
Ianushpol Vital Records from CAHJP.
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