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 07/26/2018  Ukraine database additions in June

Dear friends:

With the digital availability of FHL images some of our indexed records
are already linked to those images. When you do a search on JewisGen if
there is a microfilm number and it is underlined, then it is linked to
the Family History Library's digital image. You will need to be signed
into your free account at FamilySearch.org in order to access the images
but you can do so from home! Thanks to Michael Tobias for connecting
the Ukraine indexes to those images.

We have added the following new data to the JewishGen Ukraine databases:

Vasilkov 1816 and Belaya Tserkov 1850 revision lists - 1,047 lines
Litin 1882 revision list - 862 lines
Odessa 1897 census - 243 lines
Stavische 1847 community book - 37 lines
Tuchin 1851-1858 revision list 2,998 lines

Stavishche 1847 births - 101 lines
Tarascha BMD - 611 lines
Zashkov 1848-1851 births - 44 lines
Zhivotovv 1851 marriage - 9 lines
Koshevata 1847-51 BD 107 lines

Thank you to the numerous volunteers who are working so hard on
translations and transcriptions. Thank you also to Alex Krakovsky for
the work he is doing in the archives in Ukraine to digitize data and
make it freely available at https://tinyurl.com/Ukraine-databases

New data will be added in September. I'll be visiting the CAHJP in
October to discuss their new data acquisitions, what we would like from
various archives, and the possibility of linking the indexes made from
data we acquired from CAHJP to the records.

Please, do not ask me to send you copies of records from the indexes.
All of us working on record acquisition and managing translation
projects as well as most of our translators are volunteers. We do not
have staff available to look for and send you records, and in some
cases, we are bound by agreements with some archives not to do so.

I hope to see many of you in Warsaw at the IAJGS conference.


Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator

 07/26/2018  Ukraine SIG Luncheon speakers

Dear friends:

**Lara Diamond** will be speaking about meeting people on her travels to
Ukraine who remembered her family.

Lara Diamond leads JewishGen's Subcarpathia SIG, is UkraineSIG's project
director, acquires and transcribes records for UkraineSIG's
Shpikov/Krasnoye project, has indexed over 25000 records in the past
year from Hebrew, Hungarian and Czech for the Ukraine, Subcarpathia and
Hungarian SIGs, and is a Town Leader for multiple towns. She blogs about
her research at http://larasgenealogy.blogspot.com/ . And she also holds
a more than full-time job. Lara speaks widely at genealogy conferences
worldwide and has spoken at many IAJGS conferences.

**Phyllis Grossman** will be speaking about her travels to Derazhne, the
village where her paternal grandfather lived, and where his father is
buried in that cemetery.

Phyllis Grossman is a board member of the JGS of Washington State and
was a co-chair of the 2016 IAJGS Conference held in Seattle. She
volunteers for the Ukraine SIG as a town leader for three towns:
Zofyuvka (Trochenbrod), Derazhne, and Osova. She'll make her sixth trip
to Ukraine right after this conference.

**Anna Royzner** will speak about the challenges of researching in the
archives of eastern Ukraine (the part of Ukraine covered by Ukraine SIG).

Anna Royzner is a Ukrainian Jew who was born in the Khmelnitsky region,
Ukraine, and lives there now. She graduated from Zhitomir State
University. Since 1995, she has been a board member of the Dunaevtsy
district Jewish community. She has been a speaker at the IAJGS
Conferences in Washington, Boston, Seattle, and Orlando. She is a
volunteer translator for Ukraine SIG, currently part of the team
translating the 60,000+ pages of the 1897 Odessa census.

I hope to see many of you in Warsaw at the IAJGS conference.


Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator

 05/20/2018  Ukraine records - update

Hi everyone:

I get lots of questions about what towns we have data for. The best way
to find out what we have indexed is to look at town pages and to search
through the JewishGen databases. If you go to a town page and find there
is no town leader and thus little or nothing being done regarding data
acquisition and translation, and you are willing to take on the
responsibility of a town leader, please contact Chuck Weinstein.
Remember, the only way things get done is to become a volunteer.

New data has been submitted to the JewishGen databases. To date, the
towns and years for which data is available through the databases to
search are as follows (all of this is not new):

Balta 1892; Belaya Tserkov 1850-51; Berdichev 1858; Berezdov 1858;
Brailov 1795; Butsnevtsy 1875; Byshev 1854-1854; Camenka 1875;
Chechelnik 1875; Chernigov 1881-1918; Derazhnya 1875; Dyakovtsy 1882;
Dzhurin 1875; Dzigovka 1875; Goryshkovka 1875; Gostomel 1855; Horodnia
1912-1917; Ignatovka 1854-1871; Ivnitsa 1858-1880; Kabany 1897; Kiev
1850; Kitay-Gorod 1875; Konotop 1881-1907; Korop 1904-1907; Kozelets
1906; Krasnoye 1836-1852, 1875; Krasnostav 1828; Krolovets 1904;
Letichev 1875; Litin 1882; Makarov 1854; Makhnovka 1859; Markovka 1875;
Medzhibozh 1829; Mikhalpol 1875; Mogilev-Podolsky 1844; Moshny
1845-1915; Motyzhin 1854; Murafa 1875; Niezhin 1881-1918;Nikolayev
1873-1894; Odessa 1897; Olgolpol 1875; Pogrebishche 1860; Priluki
1855-1895; Rashkov 1875; Rzhishchev 1852-1854; Samgorodok 1859; Shpikov
1839-1852, 1875-1882; Sinyava Staraya 1882; Smiela 1840-1892; Snovsk
1914; Starokonstantinov 1916; Ternovka 1904; Tomashpol 1875; Tsekinovka
1875; Volkovintsy 1875; Vyazovok 1892; Yampol 1875; Yanushpol
1854-1862; Zagnitkov 1875; Zaslav 1846-1881; Zhitomir 1851-1897; Zinkov
1839-1850; Zlatapol 1858; Zolotonosha 1835

Please do not email me to ask questions about the data - everything that
has been indexed is searchable through the JewishGen databases.

Thanks to our many volunteers to taking on projects. I look forward to
seeing many of you in Warsaw. We still have 2 spots for speakers at the
UkraineSIG luncheon. Our program will feature those who are either going
on trips to visit their ancestral towns prior to the conference or are
taking such a trip after the conference. Please let me know if you
would like to be on our roster of speakers.

Janette Silverman

Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator

 01/08/2018  Ukraine SIG update - January 2018

Dear Friends:

I apologize that it is taking me longer than I anticipated to get the
databases updated. I was about ready to submit the material to JewishGen
when I noticed that the inventory of records which needs to accompany it
it had several errors (made by me in earlier submissions) so I am going
through the inventory to correct those errors. I hope to have it done
within the next few days.

I did want to point our some aspects of the SIG that can help you get
answers to questions you may have (based on the large number of emails I
get each week) and make things flow smoother.

Yes, we do need volunteers - we need volunteers to become town leaders,
translators, project leaders. Although we have hundreds of people
currently working as volunteers in many capacities, we certainly need more.

What does that mean? If you go to the town page of the town in which you
are interested, you will be able to see the status of projects, whether
there is a town leader and whether there is a KehilaLinks owner. If
there is no town leader, there is probably no project actively being
worked on, although there might be data which we have acquired as part
of a larger data acquisition. Please contact Chuck Weinstein if you are
interested in becoming a town leader. Susana Leistner Bloch and Barbara
Ellman are in charge of KehilaLinks for JewishGen.

If the town has a town leader, be in touch with that person if you are
interested in helping out. The projects that might be associated with
any town can be seen at the bottom of the page have magnifying glass and
if you click on that, you can see the status of the project and what is
involved. If my name is associated with a project it does not mean that
I am working on that project. I am not, in fact, working on any
individual town projects. I am, in many cases, the person who acquired
the documents as part of large document acquisitions.

If you can read old, handwritten Russian records, and understand the
language used, then we certainly have room for you as a translator - all
translators, volunteer or paid need to translate a sample selection of
documents and transcribe the information on the spreadsheets we use, in
order to be vetted. Without exception we vet all translators. The
handwriting and the language are very difficult to make out, and we have
found, that unless a person has experience with these types of old
records, even most native Russian readers/speakers cannot work with
these records. I only say that in order to let you know why it is that
we have so few active translators working on the more than 400,000 pages
of records which have not yet been translated, not to discourage anyone
from applying.

Some projects have raised funds to pay translators. As with volunteers,
paid translators also have to be vetted. On the 'Donate' tab of the
Ukraine SIG website, you will see the more than 2 dozen town and
district projects which are currently raising funds to acquire or
translate documents.

If you want to know whether your town is in Ukraine SIG< please look at
the clickable map or put in our town's name in the 'town search' bar on
the upper right of every page on the Ukraine SIG website. If your town
isn't there, then go to the JewishGen Communities or Gazetteer searches
through the JewishGen website to find out what SIG might be covering it.

I hope to see you all in Warsaw in August!

Stay tuned for more information

Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator

 10/02/2017  Acquisition of records from Dashev

Ukraine SIG has just acquired
1) Dashev Revizskaia skazka (census) 1795-1795 GAVO, Vinnitsa,
177/1/1315 - 266 images
2) Dashev Metrical books - b. 1859-1861 GAVO, Vinnitsa, 904/29/95-98
-142 images
3) Dashev Metrical books - m. 1856-1856 GAVO, Vinnitsa, 904/29/94 - 29 images
4) Dashev Metrical books - b. 1855-1855 GAVO, Vinnitsa, 904/29/93 - 39 images
5) Dashev Metrical books - d. 1855-1855 GAVO, Vinnitsa, 904/29/92 - 41 images
6) Dashev Metrical books - b., m., div., d. 1847-1849 GAVO, Vinnitsa,
904/29/89-91 - 136 images

To see more about Dashev, visit the town page

To assist in translation efforts please contact the town leader - there
is a link to email her on the town page.

Gmar Hatima Tova


Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator

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