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 12/02/2014  Ukraine SIG report November 2014

Dear SIGgers:

Here's the projects report for November 2014:

Translation of Nikolayev film 2423959:
Births 171 male and 165 female - item 1, 1876
Births 172 male and 168 female - item 2, 1876
Births 162 male and 164 female - item 3, 1877
Births 119 male and 109 female - item 4, 1878
deaths 123 males and 72 females - item 1, 1876
deaths 118 males and 89 females - item 3, 1877
4 marriages - item 1, 1876
1 divorce - item 1, 1876
42 marriages - item 3, 1877
11 divorces - item 3, 1877

Translations of Priluki -microfilm 2192583
- 28 marriages item 22, 1863
births -53 males 44 females- item 20, 1863 -

Begun Translation
CAHJP 3-15 Vinnetsa Archive: Zaslav
Microfilm #2289443 - 9 items: Smiela

Film images:
Priluki 2423896:
Item 22 - Marriages 1889- 47 images
Item 23 - Divorces 1889- 21 images
Item 24 - Deaths 1890- 85 images
Item 25 - Marriages 1890- 53 images
Item 26 - Divorces 1890-17 images
Item 27 - Births 1891- 36 images
Item 10- Deaths 1894-
Item 11- Marriages 1894
Item 12- Births 1895
Item 13 - Marriages 1895
Records of marriages and deaths from the Jewish congregation of Mariupol?, Aleksandrovsk, Ekaterinoslav, Russia 2382914-07
1866-1870 - 82 images
Registers of Jewish births, marriages, deaths, and divorces for Nezhin district and city _2091574-3
486 images of births 1881-1883:
Chernigov - births 1880-1883
Nezhin -births 1881-1883
Repki births births 1880-1882
Berezna births 1880, 1882
Dmitrovka births 1881
Krolovets births 1883

Cherkassy _2289407-6 -
119 images from fond 387, opis 1, delo 8 births 1853

Ship manifest project begun:
1) Izyaslav (Zaslow, Zaslaw, Zasalow, Saslow...)
2) Peschanka, Podolia Gubernia, Vinnitska Oblast
1909 Kharkov Homeowners List 220 pages
Ternopil archives 1884 pages:
Records of incomes and expenditures in the religious society of Shumsk
Records of donations to the religious society school Shapovolska Kremenets, 1882
List of members of religious school in Belozerka, 1895
Census of Kremenets, 1926
Census of Shumsk, 1927
Records of draftees of 1906, of Kremenets, 1927
Records of the members of the merchants' Union in Kremenets, 1933
Lists of the voters to Kremenets trade chamber, [1934]
Lists of the owners of private businesses in Kremenets district, 1934-35
Lists of craftsmen illegally working in Kremenets, 1936, 29 ?.
Lists of the owners of private businesses in Kremenets district , 1936
Records of divorces between Jews in Belozerka, 1880-82, 1885-90,1896, 1899-1911, 1913-191

Odessa archives fond 39 opis 1 - 4 pages
Ternivka 1903 census - 50 pages


Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator

 10/30/2014  Ukraine SIG report September-October 2014

Dear SIGgers:

During September & October, 2014, Ukraine SIG, thanks to its many volunteers received the following:
1. translations of scanned vital records (material still needs to be proofread before submitting it to JewishGen for inclusion in the JewishGen Ukraine Database) from FHL film 2192583 items 17 (124 births for 1861) 18 (33 marriage records from 1862), 19 (68 death records for 1862), 21 (48 death records for 1863)
2. translation of a list of 177 people killed in pogroms from 1918-1921 and buried in a mass grave in Fastov
In September, we submitted 7,250 death records to the JewishGen Ukraine Database from:
Priluki 1856, 1857, 1864, 1865
Mogilev-Podolsky 1844
Zaslav 1848, 1849, 1850, 1851, 1853, 1854, 1855, 1856, 1857, 1858, 1859, 1860, 1861, 1862, 1863, 1864, 1865, 1867, 1868, 1869, 1870, 1871, 1872, 1873, 1874, 1875, 1876, 1877, 1878, 1879, 1880, 1881
Zinkov 1839, 1849, 1850
We acquired vital records images of book number 1162-1-3a from the Kiev archives. They include the following information:
- Koshevata [now Kivshovata] 1847 births, 1847 deaths, 1849 births, 1851 births
- Stavyshche 1847 births, 1847 'community book'
- Tarashcha 1846 births, 1846 marriages and divorces, 1847 births, 1847 deaths,1847 divorces, 1847 marriages, 1848 marriages, 1849 births, 1849 deaths
- Zhashkov [now Zhashkiv] 1851 births
- Zhyvotiv [now Novozhyvotiv] 1851 marriages
We received scans of the following FHC films:
-Kersh 2009923 item 4 (158 images of vital records 1880-1884)
-Priluki 2423896 items 7-20 (888 images of vital records 1885-1889)
-Cherkassy 2289402 item 6 (153 images of marriages 1875-1878)
-Cherkassy 2289403 items 1-6 (732 images of births 1837-1853 and deaths 1837-1849)
-Cherkassy 2289407 items 1-3 (338 images of births 1885-1895)
-Cherkassy Towns 2289407 item 7 (Gorodishche:14 images of marriages 1916; Orlovets: 187 images of births 1892-1911, marriages 1891, 1902,1907; Vyazivok: 29 images of births 1894, deaths 1902)
We are continuing to translate:
- a 1913 business directory of the southwest provinces of the Russian Empire -- so far we have translations of Mogilev-Podolsky, Kamenka-Podolia, Talnoye
- the list of people who relocated from Courland to Kherson in 1837 and 1840
We are proofreading
-2361 records of ship manifests from Pereyaslav, Vishnevets, Shumsk, Verbovets, Poninka, Zenkov, Zinkov
-414 records of marriages from Zinkov, Mogilev Podolsky, Priluki
-1930 records of births from Nikolayev and Priluki
We have begun two new fundraising projects to acquire and translate records for
- an 1875 conscription census which includes Zinkov, Letichev and Volkovintsy
- indexes of vital records from Balta
We have added an additional 21 people to our discussion group list
There are 6 new Town Leaders
Our cooperative mapping venture with Yahad in Unum is well underway - 39 town maps have been linked to their site and they are linking to our town pages. We only have 16 active KehilaLinks sites corresponding to those 39 towns, and they are being linked to Yahad in Unum as well. Go to the Yahad Map
**...and (drumroll please) we have just received 25,900 pages of documents (22.5 GB) from CAHJP for Kremenets, Shumsk, Belozirka, Shapoval, Uman, Ladyzhinka, and Kiev - census records, voter lists, resident lists and more!**
Does all this sound exciting? Want to help? Please consider one of the following opportunities:
-- make a donation to Ukraine SIG's data acquisition and translation projects or to a specific town's projects through JewishGen-erosity
-- visit the Town List page and check out the page for your town -- if your town does not have a town leader or a kehilalinks site, please consider taking on either of those roles

-- do you have skills reading Russian or Yiddish handwritten records and translating them into English? We need volunteers

--do you have skills with spreadsheets and using the internet? We have projects just waiting to get started needing people with excel and internet experience (and no language skills besides English)

--do you live near a Family History Center and have some spare time? We need volunteers who can scan FHC microfilms


Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator

 09/17/2014  First batch of Yahad - In Unum documents collection integrated on Ukraine SIG database

Hi everybody,

I have very exciting news about a project that started two years ago when Ron Doctor and I visited Patrice Bensimon in Yahad - In Unum offices in Paris.

Yahad - In Unum ('together' in Hebrew and Latin) is a Paris-based organization established in 2004 by Father Patrick Desbois and dedicated to systematically identifying and documenting the sites of Jewish mass executions by Nazi mobile-killing units in Eastern Europe during World War II.

That project has given today its first fruits when a first batch of 39 execution sites (out of 462 identified sites) have been integrated as datasets into the Ukraine SIG database. The rest will be integrated in the next few months.

You can access the information about those datasets on the Ukraine SIG website in two different ways:
- in each related town page under the 'Document and Dataset Collections' section
- by searching them in the Master Index of Documents search engine on the 'Ukraine SIG Databases' section under the 'Research' menu.

Each town related collection has a direct link to the Yahad - In Unum town page of the site execution map.

In Yahad - In Unum archives you can find the following resources concerning the Jewish victims of each town/village:

- Video testimonies of eyewitnesses of the mass shootings
- Contemporary photos of executions sites of Jewish victims
- Archival pictures of the town/village and their Jewish inhabitants
- German archives about the executions of Jewish victims
- Soviet archives about the executions of Jewish victims

Video testimonies can be available online upon request on Yahad Interactive Map page

Photos and short video clips of testimonies are available online on Yahad - In Unum interactive map (www.yahadmap.org)

Others archives are available for consultation in Yahad Research Center in Paris (www.yahadinunum.org).

The list of the first 39 towns included is:
Balyn (Kamenets Podolskiy / Podolia)
Berestechko (Dubno / Volhynia)
Berezivka (Uman / Kiev)
Bilohirsk (Simferopol / Taurida)
Bobrovyi Kut (Kherson / Kherson)
Derazhne (Rovno / Volhynia)
Dobrushyne (Yevpatoriya / Taurida)
Domanivka (Ananyev / Kherson)
Dovbysh (Novograd-Volynskiy / Volhynia)
Druzhkivka (Bakhmut / Yekaterinoslav)
Dunaivtsi (Ushitsa / Podolia)
Feodosiya (Feodosiya / Taurida)
Horlivka (Bakhmut / Yekaterinoslav)
Horodyshche (Cherkassy / Kiev)
Horokhiv (Vladimir-Volinskiy / Volhynia)
Ingulets (Kherson / Kherson)
Izyaslav (Zaslav / Volhynia)
Kalynivka (Vinnitsa / Podolia)
Kolky (Lutsk / Volhynia)
Kramatorsk (Izium / Kharkov)
Kysylyn (Vladimir-Volinskiy / Volhynia)
Lokachi (Vladimir-Volinskiy / Volhynia)
Lukiv (Kovel / Volhynia)
Manevichi (Lutsk / Volhynia)
Oleksandriya (Aleksandriya / Kherson)
Ostrozhets (Dubno / Volhynia)
Ozeryany (Dubno / Volhynia)
Povorsk (Kovel / Volhynia)
Radomyshl (Radomysl / Kiev)
Rivne (Rovno / Volhynia)
Shatsk (Vladimir-Volinskiy / Volhynia)
Slovyansk (Izium / Kharkov)
Sofiivka (Verkhnedneprovsk / Yekaterinoslav)
Tarashcha (Tarashcha / Kiev)
Tuchyn (Rovno / Volhynia)
Turiysk (Kovel / Volhynia)
Volochysk (Starokonstantinov / Volhynia)
Vysotsk (Rovno / Volhynia)
Zhytomyr (Zhitomir / Volhynia)

Shana Tova !!!

Ariel Parkansky
Ukraine SIG Information Systems Director

 08/31/2014  Ukraine SIG report August 2014

Dear SIGgers:

Many thanks to those of you who are working so hard to
- digitize microfilms in our scanning project
-raise funds to acquire and translate material
- start Town Pages and KehilaLinks
- manage projects
- recruit volunteers
- translate vital records from the digitized microfilms
- translate conscription lists
- translate business directories
- translate relocation lists
- translate correspondence
- transcribe ship manifests for re-indexing
- update the database management system
- moderate messages submitted to our Ukraine SIG Discussion Group
- submit messages to our FaceBook page
- answer questions
...and more

We are currently proofreading thousands of records from material that has been translated and transcribed. We submit records to JewishGen Ukraine Database when we have a minimum of 1,000 records in the set, unless the type of records is unique. When we have fewer than 1,000 records, we wait for additional translation/transcriptions of similar records to be completed.
The status of projects is as follows:

--ship manifest re-indexing project: 2300+ records (currently being proofread with URLs checked)

--birth records: 5,200+ from Zinkov, Priluki, Nikolayev, Mogolev-Podolsky, Zaslav have been submitted to the JewishGen Ukraine Database. These date from 1839-1893. There are more records from Priluki and Nikolayev that are in the process of being translated that have not been proofread

--relocations: 3300 records of Jews relocating from Courland to Kherson in 1837 have been submitted to the JewishGen Ukraine Database. This represents about 1/4 of the total relocation records from Courland to Kherson in 1837 & 1840

--1913 Business directory: over 800 records from Mogilev-Podolsky and Talnoye have been translated and are in the queue for proofreading - there are more towns from this directory that are being translated and transcribed

--marriage records: over 350 marriage records from Priluki, Zinkov and Mogilev-Podolsky have been translated - these are waiting for additional marriage record translations. The dates on the records that have been translated are 1849-1868.

--death records: there are over 7,000 records from Zinkov, Zaslav, Priluki, Mogilev-Podolsky being proofread. These date from 1844-1869
--1875 conscription list from Zinkov has begun being translated although we have not yet raised funds to pay for this - the fundraising project is awaiting final approval - if you want to donate to this project, please make your donation to the UkraineSIG general fund and email your receipt to ukrainesig.coordinator@janette-silverman.org so that it can be credited appropriately

--The 3,500+ pages that are awaiting translation from the Olgopol-Bershad 1875 revision list is awaiting finding a translator. If you can translate from Russian and transcribe data onto a spreadsheet please let us know so that you can be put in touch with the managers of this project.

--the 500+ records we just received from LitvakSIG of Jews Under Police Supervision in 1905 are almost ready to be submitted to the JewishGen Ukraine Database.

--there are over 10,000 pages of Odessa vital records indexes looking for translators to join the team already at work on this project


Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator

 06/07/2014  Ukraine SIG document acquisitions, translations and speaker

Dear SIGgers:

Many of you are already volunteering and working hard on our data acquisition or translation projects. We are working with CAHJP and hopefully will acquire more documents this summer (remember the treasure trove of documents we got from CAHJP at the conference last summer?).
We never know in advance what they might be able to get for us.

A couple of opportunities have presented themselves recently, such as a LitvakSIG project where they acquired files of Jews Under Police Surveillance in 1905 that included 546 lines (files) that are of interest to Ukraine SIG. We are working cooperatively with LitvakSIG so that the files can be translated. Several people have acquired and donated images of files on their own which also need to be translated (we'll be making an announcement of access to newly translated files as soon as we receive word from JewishGen offices that the files have been vetted).

At this point in the year, we can use your help - please donate to Ukraine SIG's data acquisition and translation project to help us with the costs of acquiring new data sets and when necessary, hiring translators.

The conference is coming up very soon and we have expenses associated with bringing in the phenomenal Dr. Eric Goldman as our official Ukraine SIG speaker. We would appreciate donations to the Ukraine SIG speaker's bureau.

There are many projects underway and donations to any of them are always appreciated. As an example of a project that donations helped fund is the recent acquisition of over 400 pages of documents from the Latvian National Archives which contain information of Jews leaving Courland for Kherson agricultural colonies in 1837 and 1840. Acquisition of those pages were funded by donations. A volunteer is currently working on translating them.

You can make a donation on line here if you chose not to donate on-line, there are instructions about how to mail in a donation and have it applied to the fund you designate.

Thank you for your generosity and willingness to contribute your time as well as money in our quest for information about our families.


Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator

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