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Remember (Names of Our Kedoshim and Their Pictures)

In blessed memory of my beloved Uncle, David Schreiber, a pillar of strength and faith
who was always there when needed, and his son Mark Hal Schreiber, cut down too young.
Haim Sidor



CodeFamily nameFirst nameMaiden NameSpouseFamily codeFatherOrder #Picture
396RAdler  returnNatan David Rivka  1 
396RAdlerRivka Natan David  2 
396RAdlerRafael Zlata  3 
396RAdlerZlata Rafael  4 
396RAdlerYaakov  sonRafael5 
409RArenderMoshe Gisia  720 
409RArenderGisiaGrinshpanMoshe  721 
396RAvramel(Zagotovchik)  w & 4cc 23 
397RBabchuk  returnChanan Golda  56 
397RBabchukGolda Chanan  57 
397RBabchukLeah  daughterChanan58 
397RBabsYeshayahu Esther& cc 54 
397RBabsEsther Yeshayahu  55 
397LBaigelShmuel Aidel& 2cc 92 
397LBaigelAidelFriedmanShmuel  93 
397LBaizmanHaim  Yahah& cc 94 
397LBaizmanYahah Haim   95 
398RBalgolaBenzion Chesia  112 
398RBalgolaChesia Benzion  113 
400RBaratz(Dr) Sarah    226 
399LBarmanAvraham Maniya  203 
399LBarmanManiyaSpivakAvraham  204 
399LBarmanMoshe  sonAvraham205448
399LBarmanAharon  sonAvraham206 
399LBarmanAharon Pesia  207 
399LBarmanPesia Aharon  208 
399LBarmanYeshayahu    209 
399LBarmanMoshe  sonYeshayahu210 
399LBarmanMordecai Rachel  211 
399LBarmanRachel Mordecai  212 
399LBarmanZalman  sonMordecai213 
399LBarmanYisrael  sonMordecai214 
399LBarmanMoshe Leib  sonMordecai215 
400RBarmanSima    216 
400RBarmanArie Chana Rivka  217 
400RBarmanChana Rivka Arie  218 
400RBarmanMoshe  sonArie219 
400RBarmanHaim   sonArie220 
400RBarmanFeivish  sonArie221 
400RBarmanSheindel  daughterArie222 
400RBarmanMeir Miriam  223 
400RBarmanMiriam Meir  224 
400RBarmanYosef   & 2ccMeir225 
399RBastusChasel    166 
399RBastusMendel Hinda Leah  167 
399RBastusHinda Leah Mendel  168 
399RBatchermanWolf Raizel  169 
399RBatchermanRaizel Wolf  170 
399RBatchermanMax  sonWolf171 
399RBatchermanHershel  sonWolf172 
396LBaumDavid    34421
396LBaumMordecai Zvi(Hirsh)Rivka  35421
396LBaumRivkaHormanMordecai Zvi  36421
396LBaumMoshe   sonMordecai Zvi37421
396LBaumAlexander  sonMordecai Zvi38 
396LBaumYisrael Sarah  39421
396LBaumSarahGilstronYisrael  40421
396LBaumHannah  daughterYisrael41421
396LBaumRachel  daughterYisrael42 
396LBaumYosef Haim Devora Rachel  43 
396LBaumDevora Rachel Yosef Haim  44 
396LBaumRasel  daughterYosef Haim45 
396LBaumBela  daughterYosef Haim46 
396LBaumYehoshua Chesia  47 
396LBaumChesia Yehoshua  48 
396LBaumYisrael  sonYehoshua49 
397RBaumBela  daughterYehoshua50 
397RBaumRuth  daughterYehoshua51 
397RBaumDavid Rikel  52 
397RBaumRikelGendelmanDavid  53 
399RBeckBenyamin Naomi  173 
399RBeckNaomiFuchsmanBenyamin  174 
399RBeckLeah  daughterBenyamin175423
399RBeckMoshe  sonBenyamin176 
399RBenderShlomo    162424
399RBerezovskyMichael(Misha)Shunamit  177424
399RBerezovskyShunamitLifshitzMichael  178424
399RBerezovskyRivka  daughterMichael179424
399RBerezovskyHaim  Malka  180423
399RBerezovskyMalkaGubermanHaim   181423
399RBerezovskyMichael(Misha) sonHaim 182423
399RBerezovskyYisrael    183 
399RBerezovskyYerachmiel  sonYisrael184 
399LBerezovskyAharon Hindel  185 
399LBerezovskyHindel Aharon  186 
399LBerezovskyRaizel  daughterAharon187 
399LBerezovskyChaya  daughterAharon188 
399LBerezovskyMoshe  sonAharon189 
399LBerezovskyYosef   sonAharon190 
399LBerezovskyMichael  Chaya  191 
399LBerezovskyChaya Michael   192 
399LBerezovskyAbba  sonMichael 193 
399LBerezovskyChava  daughterMichael 194 
400RBerkmanFeivish Miriam  227 
400RBerkmanMiriam Feivish  228 
400RBerkmanShmuel Shulamit& cc 229 
400RBerkmanShulamitShachnovskiShmuel  230447
399LBerlinskiHaim  Chasia  200 
399LBerlinskiChasiaBinderHaim   201422
399LBerlinskiEzriel  sonHaim 202 
398RBikMirel    109 
398RBikRiva  daughterM- Mirel110 
398RBikYitzhak  sonM- Mirel111 
397LBinderMoshe Tzisia  96422
397LBinderTzisiaGolodMoshe  97422
397LBinderBaruch  sonMoshe98 
397LBinderNaftali Herz(Zaidel)Shifra  99422
397LBinderShifra Naftali Herz  100422
398RBinderAvraham  sonNaftali Herz101422
398RBinderYehudit  daughterNaftali Herz102422
398RBinderAvraham Esther Chaya  103 
398RBinderEsther Chaya Avraham  104 
398RBinderMordecai  sonAvraham105 
398RBinderYosef Haim  sonAvraham106 
398RBinderYitzhak  sonAvraham107 
398RBinderTzivia  daughterAvraham108 
399RBinshchukYitzhak    163 
399RBinshchukAsher  sonYitzhak164 
399RBinshchukYona  sonYitzhak165 
398RBlizhovskyAharon    114 
398RBlizhovskyBrunia  daughterAharon115 
398RBlizhovskyPenina  daughterM- Brunia116 
398RBlizhovskyAvraham Rivka  117 
398RBlizhovskyRivka Avraham  118 
398RBlizhovskyAsher  sonAvraham119 
398RBlizhovskyZippora  daughterAvraham120 
398RBlizhovskyDinaEizenberg   121 
398RBlizhovskyEsther  daughterM- Dina122 
398RBlizhovskyPenina  daughterM- Dina123 
398RBlizhovskyHaim  Zippora  124423
398RBlizhovskyZippora Haim   125 
398RBlizhovskyEtel  daughterHaim 126423
398RBlizhovskyRachel  daughterHaim 127 
398RBlizhovskyLeah    128 
398RBlizhovskyYaakov  sonM- Leah129 
398RBlizhovskyShlomo  sonM- Leah130 
398LBlizhovskyPeretz  sonM- Leah131 
398LBlizhovskyNachman  sonM- Leah132422?
398LBlizhovskyBunia    133422
398LBlizhovskyShlomo Sarah  134 
398LBlizhovskySarah Shlomo  135423
398LBlizhovskyIta  daughterShlomo136 
398LBlizhovskyAvraham  sonShlomo137 
398LBlizhovskyRivkaShulman   138423
398LBlizhovskyChaya   daughterM- Rivka139 
398LBlizhovskyReuven  sonM- Rivka140 
398LBlizhovskyGershon  w & 3cc 141 
398LBlizhovskyYitzhak Chana   142 
398LBlizhovskyChana  Yitzhak  143 
398LBlizhovskyNachman Chaya  144422?
398LBlizhovskyChaya Nachman  145 
398LBlizhovskyShalom  sonNachman146 
398LBlizhovskyYaakov Shifra  147 
398LBlizhovskyShifra Yaakov  148 
398LBlizhovskyShalom  sonYaakov149 
398LBlizhovskyFaigelPerlovich   150423
398LBlizhovskyMiriam  daughterM- Faigel151 
398LBlizhovskyYehoshua Chesia  152422
398LBlizhovskyChesia Yehoshua  153422
398LBlizhovskyYisrael  sonYehoshua154 
398LBlizhovskyShlomo  sonYehoshua155 
399RBlizhovskyAnshel Malka  156 
399RBlizhovskyMalka Anshel  157 
399RBlizhovskyHinda  daughterAnshel158 
399RBlizhovskyBracha  daughterAnshel159 
399RBlizhovskyBraindel  daughterAnshel160422
399RBlizhovskyMordecai  sonAnshel161 
399LBrachMoshe Faiga  195424
399LBrachFaiga Moshe  196424
399LBrachSimcha  sonMoshe197424
399LBrachAvraham  sonMoshe198424
399LBrachNechama  daughterMoshe199424
397RBukovDov Pesia  59 
397RBukovPesia Dov  60 
397RBurdMichael Faigel  61421
397RBurdFaigel Michael  62421
397RBurdAharon Genia  63421
397RBurdGenia Aharon  64 
397RBurdYitzhak    65 
397RBurdHaim   sonRafael66 
397RBurdMoshe Devora   67421
397RBurdDevora  Moshe  68 
397RBurdEliyahu  sonMoshe69 
397RBurdSarahBlizhovsky   70 
397RBurdShifra  daughterM- Sarah71 
397RBurdDavid Chava  72 
397RBurdChava David  73 
397RBurdDov  sonDavid74 
397RBurdBatia  daughterDavid75 
397LBurdMordecai  Hinda  76 
397LBurdHinda Mordecai   77 
397LBurdRachel  daughterMordecai 78 
397LBurdLeah    79 
397LBurkoAharon Elka  80 
397LBurkoElka Aharon  81 
397LBurkoMoshe  sonAharon82 
397LBurkoYitzhak Liba  83 
397LBurkoLiba Yitzhak  84 
397LBurkoMordecai Meir Pesil  85 
397LBurkoPesil Mordecai Meir  86 
397LBurkoAvraham  sonMordecai Meir87 
397LBurkoGedaliyahu Miriam  88 
397LBurkoMiriam Gedaliyahu  89 
397LBurkoDevorah  daughterGedaliyahu90 
397LBurshteinBobel    91 

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