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Remember (Names of Our Kedoshim and Their Pictures) - cont.

Code Family name First name Maiden Name Spouse Family code Father Order # Picture
408L Landau   return Leah Steinberg       692 431
408L Landau Chava     daughter M- Leah 693  
408L Landau Veirtzel     daughter M- Leah 694  
408L Landau Faigel     daughter M- Leah 695  
408L Landau Rachel     daughter M- Leah 696  
408L Langer Yitzhak   Chaya     688 434
408L Langer Chaya   Yitzhak     689 434
408L Langer Batia     daughter Yitzhak 690 434
408L Langer Zippora     daughter Yitzhak 691 434
407L Levi Nachman   Tzivia     640 423
407L Levi Tzivia Blizhovsky Nachman     641 423
407L Levi Yisrael   Dina     642  
407L Levi Dina   Yisrael     643  
407L Levin Aharon     son Yisrael 644 432
407L Levin Pearl     daughter Yisrael 645 432
407L Levin Mordecai   Mindel     646 432
407L Levin Mindel   Mordecai     647 432
407L Levin Moshe     son Mordecai 648  
408R Lichtenstein Zvi   Miriam     656  
408R Lichtenstein Miriam Burko Zvi     657  
408R Lichtenstein Shmuel     son Zvi 658  
408R Lichtenstein Masha     daughter Zvi 659  
408R Lichtman Mordecai   Esther     652 432
408R Lichtman Esther   Mordecai     653 432
408R Lichtman Haim     son Mordecai 654 433
408R Lichtman Malka     daughter Mordecai 655 433
408R Lifeman Benzion   Braindel     673  
408R Lifeman Braindel   Benzion     674  
408R Lifeman Esther     daughter Benzion 675  
408R Lifeman Pesach   Miriam     676  
408R Lifeman Miriam   Pesach     677  
408R Lifeman Esther     daughter Pesach 678  
408R Lifeman Hindel     daughter Pesach 679  
408R Lifshitz Moshe Simcha         680 433
408R Lifshitz Arie (Leibel)   son Moshe Simcha 681 433
408L Lifshitz Hiyuta Margalit       682 433
408L Lifshitz Gershon David     son M- Hiyuta 683 433
408L Lifshitz Yosef Haim     son M- Hiyuta 684  
408L Lifshitz Golda     daughter M- Hiyuta 685  
408L Lifshitz Sarah Chava         686 433
408L Lifshitz Zisel     daughter M- Sarah Chava 687  
408R Linn Moshe Hersh   Yentel     660 434
408R Linn Yentel   Moshe Hersh     661  
408R Linn Yaakov   Fraidel     662  
408R Linn Fraidel   Yaakov     663  
408R Linn Susiya     daughter Yaakov 664  
408R Linn Sarah     daughter Yaakov 665  
408R Linn Devora     daughter Yaakov 666  
408R Linn Pesia         667 434
408R Linn Pinchas   Ita     668  
408R Linn Ita   Pinchas     669  
408R Linn Mordecai     son Pinchas 670  
408R Linn Yitzhak     son Pinchas 671  
408R Linn Michela     daughter Pinchas 672  
407L Litvak Buzia         649 432
407L Litvak Arie (Liva) Tamara     650 432
407L Litvak Tamara Lifshitz Arie     651 432
408L Mahler   return Chava Korobochka       704 442
408L Mahler Raya       M- Chava 705 442
409R Makler Etel         714  
409R Makler Yehuda     son M- Etel 715  
409R Margalit Yosef   Yehudit     716 433
409R Margalit Yehudit Lifshitz Yosef     717 433
409R Margalit Golda     daughter Yosef 718 433
409R Marshalek Shoshana         719  
408L Meirson Yona   Musia     697 434
408L Meirson Musia   Yona     698 434
408L Meirson Mary     daughter Yona 699 434
408L Meirson Yosef     son Yona 700  
408L Meirson Zissel   Itka     701 434
408L Meirson Itka   Zissel     702  
408L Meirson Benyamin     son Zissel 703  
409R Meizler (husband)   Mirel     712  
409R Meizler Mirel Vorona       713  
408L Modrik Zvi         706  
408L Muchnik Aharon   Leah     707 434
408L Muchnik Leah Pinchuk Aharon     708 434
408L Muchnik Moshe Yaakov     son Aharon 709  
409R Muchnik Raizel     daughter Aharon 710  
409R Muchnik Vitka     daughter Aharon 711  
409R Nabozhnik  return Faiga         722  
409R Naiberg Yisrael Michael         730 434
409R Naidich Moshe Aharon   Batia     731  
409R Naidich Batia   Moshe Aharon     732  
409R Naidich Anshel   Sarah     733  
409R Naidich Sarah   Anshel     734  
409L Naidich Shlomo     son Anshel 735  
409L Naidich Zarah     son Anshel 736  
409L Naidich Meir     son Anshel 737  
409R Negel Eliyahu   Zippora     723  
409R Negel Zippora (Faigel) Eliyahu     724 435
409R Negel Buzia     daughter Eliyahu 725 435
409R Negel Shlomo   Dvorsia     726  
409R Negel Dvorsia Trossman Shlomo     727 431
409R Negel Zisel     daughter Shlomo 728  
409R Negel Nisan     son Shlomo 729  
396R Olicker   return Yitzhak         6  
396L Olisker Libka         24  
396L Olisker Chana     daughter M- Libka 25  
396L Olisker Genia     daughter M- Libka 26  
396L Olisker Yaakov     son M- Libka 27  
396L Olisker Avraham     son M- Libka 28  
396R Olshansky Yitzhak   Ita     7  
396R Olshansky Ita   Yitzhak     8  
412L Perl   return Sender   Toiva     905 440
412L Perl Toiva   Sender     906 440
412L Perl Meir     son Sender 907 440
413R Perlman Shmuel   Zippora     929  
413R Perlman Zippora   Shmuel     930  
413R Perlman (son)       Shmuel 931  
412L Perlov Chaya Sara Grinshpan       908 426
412L Perlov Miriam     daughter M- Chaya Sara 909  
412L Perlovich Chaya Blizhovsky       910  
412L Perlovich Asher     son M- Chaya 911  
412L Perlovich Bela         912  
412L Perlovich Nachman   Shoshana     913  
412L Perlovich Shoshana   Nachman     914  
412L Perlovich Dina     daughter Nachman 915  
412L Perlovich Asher     son Nachman 916  
412L Perlovich Aharon   Perl     917  
412L Perlovich Perl   Aharon     918  
412L Perlovich Esther     daughter Aharon 919 439 ?
412L Perlovich Peretz     son Aharon 920 439
412L Perlovich Yosef     son Aharon 921  
412L Perlovich Nachman   Rachel     922 439
412L Perlovich Rachel   Nachman     923 439
412L Perlovich Penina     daughter Nachman 924  
412L Perlovich Hodel     daughter Nachman 925  
412L Perlovich Chava         926  
412L Perlovich Esther     daughter M-Chava 927 439 ?
413R Perlovich Avraham     w & son   928  
413R Perlstein Feivish     w & 2cc   932  
413R Perlstein Leah         933  
413R Perlstein Chana     daughter M- Leah 934  
413R Perlstein Rivka         935 439
413R Perlstein Zippora         936  
413R Perlstein Batia     daughter M- Zippora 937  
413R Perlstein Chana     daughter M- Zippora 938  
413R Perlstein Rachel     daughter M- Zippora 939  
413R Perlstein Yaakov     son M- Zippora 940  
413R Perlstein Yaakov   Leah     941  
413R Perlstein Leah   Yaakov     942  
413R Perlstein Mattiyahu     son Yaakov 943  
413R Perlstein Yehuda     son Yaakov 944  
413R Perlstein Miriam     daughter Yaakov 945  
411L Pik Yosef   Chaya Leah     843  
411L Pik Chaya Leah Fuchsman Yosef     844 436
411L Pik Yisrael         845 437
411L Pik Alter   Babel     846  
411L Pik Babel   Alter     847  
411L Pik Chaya     daughter Alter 848  
411L Pik Moshe     son Alter 849  
411L Pik Chana Ita         850 437
411R Pinchuk Avraham   Chava Shifra     822 437
411R Pinchuk Chava Shifra   Avraham     823 437
411R Pinchuk Shalom     son Avraham 824 437
411R Pischenski Arie         839  
411R Pischenski Sima   daughter Arie 840  
411R Pischenski Zippora     daughter Arie 841  
411R Pischenski Miriam     daughter Arie 842  
411L Pkach Bela         866  
411L Pkach Batia         867  
411L Pkach Shimon     son M- Batia 868  
411L Pkach Leah     daughter M- Batia 869  
410L Polishuk Chaya Faiga         792  
410L Polishuk Baila         793  
410L Polishuk Devora     daughter M- Baila 794  
410L Polishuk Mindel     daughter M- Baila 795  
410L Polishuk Dina         796  
410L Polishuk Yaakov     son M- Dina 797  
410L Polishuk Yitzhak     son M- Dina 798  
410L Portnoy Dov         809  
410L Portnoy Moshe     son Dov 810 437
410L Portnoy Pesil     daughter Dov 811 437
410L Portnoy Naftali   Minka     812  
410L Portnoy Minka   Naftali     813  
410L Portnoy Buzik     son Naftali 814  
410L Portnoy Efraim     son Naftali 815  
410L Potroch Mendel   Yentel     790  
410L Potroch Yentel   Mendel     791  
416R Raidman   return Azriel   Raizel     1102  
416R Raidman Raizel   Azriel     1103  
416R Raidman Avraham     son Azriel 1104  
416R Raizelis Henoch   Kraina     1105  
416R Raizelis Kraina   Henoch     1106  
416R Raizelis Raizel     wife (daughter?) Henoch 1107  
416R Raizman Michael   Hasel     1108  
416R Raizman Hasel   Michael     1109  
416R Raizman Yentel     daughter Michael 1110  
416R Raizman (son)     son Michael 1111  
416R Raizman Mottel   Chana     1112  
416R Raizman Chana   Mottel     1113  
416R Raizman Michala     daughter Mottel 1114  
416R Raizman (son)     son Mottel 1115  
416R Reiss Arie   Rivka     1116  
416R Reiss Rivka Zaltzbuch Arie     1117 430
416R Reiss Moshe     son Arie 1118  
416R Reiss (daughter)     daughter Arie 1119  
416R Rekkes Shlomo   Taivel     1120  
416R Rekkes Taivel Greenberg Shlomo     1121  
416R Rekkes Sarah     daughter Shlomo 1122  
416R Reznik Liba         1094  
416R Reznik Haim     son M- Liba 1095  
416R Reznik Chesia     daughter M- Liba 1096  
416R Reznik Dozia     daughter M- Liba 1097  
416R Reznik Yeshayahu     son M- Liba 1098  
416R Rivkin Arie   Musia     1099  
416R Rivkin Musia   Arie     1100  
416R Rivkin Meir     son Arie 1101  
415L Roitelman Rachel         1091  
415L Roitelman Rivka     daughter M- Rachel 1092  
415L Roitelman Roniya     daughter M- Rachel 1093  
415L Rosenstein Aharon Dov   Chaya     1077 443
415L Rosenstein Chaya   Aharon Dov     1078 443
415L Rosenstein Chava     daughter Aharon Dov 1079 423
415L Rosenstein Zvi   Rachel     1080 444
415L Rosenstein Rachel   Zvi     1081 444
415L Rosenstein Zippora     daughter Zvi 1082  
415L Rosenstein (daughter)     daughter Zvi 1083  
415L Rosenstein Baila         1084  
415L Rosenstein Avraham     son M- Baila 1085  
415L Rosenstein (daughter)     daughter M- Baila 1086  
415L Rotman Levi   Riva   1087 444
415L Rotman Riva (Rivka) Yungstein Levi     1088 444
415L Rotman Aharon     son Levi 1089 444
415L Rotman Genia     daughter Levi 1090 444
415L Rozenberg Mordecai   Baila     1069  
415L Rozenberg Baila Schwartz Mordecai     1070  
415L Rozenberg Aharon     son Mordecai 1071  
415L Rozenberg Reuven     son Mordecai 1072  
415L Rozenberg Yisrael     son Mordecai 1073  
415L Rozenzweig Mordecai   Hindel     1074  
415L Rozenzweig Hindel Gendelman Mordecai     1075  
415L Rozenzweig Shmuel     son Mordecai 1076  
415L Rubinstein Chana         1066  
415L Rubinstein Sarah     daughter M- Chana 1067  
415L Rubinstein Avraham     son M- Chana 1068  

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