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Remember (Names of Our Kedoshim and Their Pictures) - cont.

Code Family name First name Maiden Name Spouse Family code Father Order # Picture
402L Gafterman return Michael   Chesia     374  
402L Gafterman Chesia Greber Michael     375  
402L Gafterman Yentel     daughter Michael 376  
401R Gaiyer Chava Gittel         288  
401R Gaiyer Nachman     son M- Chava Gittel 289 427
401R Gaiyer Yehoshua     son M- Chava Gittel 290 427
401R Gaiyer Yehuda     son M- Chava Gittel 291  
401L Galperin Lipa   Esther     310  
401L Galperin Esther   Lipa     311  
401R Gechman Zev   Miriam     293  
401R Gechman Miriam   Zev     294  
401R Gechman Malka     daughter Zev 295  
401R Gefman Chesia         287 427
401L Gelfand Zvi   Malka     304 428
401L Gelfand Malka   Zvi     305 428
401L Gelfand Sarah (Sonia)   daughter Zvi 306 428
401L Gelfand Etel     daughter Zvi 307 428
401L Gelfand Michael     son Zvi 308 428
401L Gelfand Haim     son Zvi 309 428
401L Gempel Yehoshua Baruch   Batya     312  
401L Gempel Batya   Yehoshua Baruch     313  
401L Gempel Noah     son Yehoshua Baruch 314  
401L Gempel Shailik     son Yehoshua Baruch 315  
401L Gempel Zvi         316  
401L Gempel Leib         317  
401L Gempel Yaakov         318  
401L Gempel Etel         319  
401L Gempel Chava         320  
401L Gendelman Asher   Vita & son   321  
401L Gendelman Vita   Asher     322  
401L Gendelman Mordecai   Pesia     323  
401L Gendelman Pesia   Mordecai     324  
401L Gendelman Rivka     daughter Mordecai 325  
401L Gendelman Ora     daughter Mordecai 326  
402R Gendelman Hersh   Bela     327  
402R Gendelman Bela   Hersh     328  
402R Gendelman Chava     daughter Hersh 329  
402R Gendelman Leah     daughter Hersh 330  
402R Gendelman Chaya     daughter Hersh 331  
402R Gendelman Asher     son Hersh 332  
402R Gendelman David     son Hersh 333  
402R Gendelman Hodel         334  
402R Gendelman Miriam     daughter M- Hodel 335  
402R Gendelman Moshe     son M- Hodel 336  
402R Gendelman Yaakov Shimon     & w   337  
402R Gendelman Rivka         338  
402R Gendelman Shlomo   Leah & 3 daughters   339  
402R Gendelman Leah   Shlomo     340  
402R Gendelman Shmuel   Sheindel     341  
402R Gendelman Sheindel   Shmuel     342  
402R Gendelman Tamar     daughter Shmuel 343  
402R Gendelman Noah     son Shmuel 344  
402R Gendelman Simcha         345  
402R Gendelman Zippora         346  
402R Gendelman Rachel         347  
402R Gendelman Sarah         348  
402R Gendelman Moshe         349  
402R Gendelman Shimon   Bracha     350 427
402R Gendelman Bracha   Shimon     351 427
402R Gendelman Shimon   Fruma     352 427
402R Gendelman Fruma   Shimon     353 427
402L Gendelman Zvi   Hanna     354 427
402L Gendelman Hanna Barman Zvi     355 427
402L Gendelman Leah     daughter Zvi 356  
402L Gendelman David     son Zvi 357  
402L Gendelman Reuven         358  
402L Gendelman Michael   Nechama     359  
402L Gendelman Nechama   Michael     360  
402L Gendelman Shmuel     son Michael 361  
402L Gendelman Yehuda     son Michael 362  
402L Gendelman Nechama         363  
402L Gendelman Arie     son M- Nechama 364  
402L Gendelman Hinda         365  
402L Gendelman Esther     daughter M- Hinda 366  
402L Gendelman Arie     son M- Hinda 367  
402L Gendelman Meir         368  
402L Gendelman Malka         369  
402L Genzel Avraham   Aida     370  
402L Genzel Aida   Avraham     371  
402L Genzel Gershon     son Avraham 372  
402L Genzel (3 other children)     (children) Avraham 373  
404R Gershkovitz Yoel   Zisel     446  
404R Gershkovitz Zisel Blizhovsky Yoel     447  
404R Gershkovitz Shifra     daughter Yoel 448  
404R Gershkovitz Shulamit     daughter Yoel 449  
403L Gertzer Avraham   Devora     441 420
403L Gertzer Devora Linn Avraham     442  
404R Gertzer Theodore     son Avraham 443  
404R Gertzer Simcha     son Avraham 444  
404R Gertzer Pesia     daughter Avraham 445  
401R Gilstron       & wife   292  
401R Gitelman Avraham Asher         275  
401R Gitelman Yaakov   Bela     276  
401R Gitelman Bela   Yaakov     277  
401R Gitelman Yosef     son Yaakov 278  
401R Gitelman Hodel         279  
401R Gitelman Moshe     grandson Gr- Hodel 280 428
401R Gitelman Musiya     grandson Gr- Hodel 281  
401R Gitelman Rivka     granddaughter Gr- Hodel 282 428
401R Gitelman Ziskind     grandchild Gr- Hodel 283 428
401R Gitelman Sonia         284  
401R Gitelman Zvi     son M- Sonia 285  
401R Gitelman Bela     daughter M- Sonia 286  
401R Gluzman Baruch   Baila     296  
401R Gluzman Baila   Baruch     297  
401L Gluzman Miriam     daughter Baruch 298  
401L Gluzman Ita     daughter Baruch 299  
401L Gluzman Aharon     son Baruch 300  
401L Gluzman Moshe     son Baruch 301  
400L Goldfarb Meir   Rivka     260  
400L Goldfarb Rivka   Meir     261  
400L Goldfarb Yentel     daughter Meir 262  
400L Goldfarb Pesil     daughter Meir 263  
400L Goldfarb Sarah     daughter Meir 264  
400L Goldfarb Yaakov     son Meir 265  
400L Golod Avraham   Chaya     266 428
400L Golod Chaya   Avraham     267 428
401L Golomb Rivka Gitelman       302  
401L Golomb Aharon     son M- Rivka 303  
400L Golovey Sender         259 426
400L Golubovitz Hertzel   Etel     256 424
400L Golubovitz Etel   Hertzel     257 424
400L Golubovitz Yisrael     son Hertzel 258 424
400L Gomulka Yona         268  
401R Gorin Zev   Chaya Sarah     269 433
401R Gorin Chaya Sarah Lifshitz Zev     270 433
401R Gorin Rivka     daughter Zev 271 433
401R Gorin Chen     son Zev 272 433
401R Gornstein Hershel   Chaya     273 427
401R Gornstein Chaya Zaks Hershel     274 427
400R Gotleib Zalman   Sarah     235  
400R Gotleib Sarah   Zalman     236  
400R Gotleib David     son Zalman 237  
400R Gotleib Eliyahu     son Zalman 238  
400R Gotleib Gershon     son Zalman 239  
400R Gotleib Rachel     daughter Zalman 240  
403L Grachovsky Avraham   Chaya     438  
403L Grachovsky Chaya Eizenberg Avraham     439 420
403L Grachovsky Rivka     daughter Avraham 440 420
402L Greber David   Raizel     377  
402L Greber Raizel   David     378  
402L Greber Freida     daughter David 379  
402L Greber Yosef   Malka     380 426
402L Greber Malka   Yosef     381 426
402L Greber Eliezar     son Yosef 382 426
403R Greber Miriam         383  
403R Greber Avraham     son M- Miriam 384  
403R Greber Leah         385 426
403R Greber Yaakov     grandson Gr-Leah 386 426
403R Greber Rivka     granddaughter Gr-Leah 387 426
403R Greber Shmuel   Risel     388  
403R Greber Risel   Shmuel     389  
403R Greber Moshe     son Shmuel 390  
403R Greber Chaya Rachel     daughter Shmuel 391  
403R Greber Zisel     daughter Shmuel 392  
403R Greenberg Avraham Yitzhak   Esther Sheindel     397 425
403R Greenberg Esther Sheindel   Avraham Yitzhak     398 425
403R Greenberg Zvi (Hershel) Lifsha     399 425
403R Greenberg Lifsha   Zvi     400 425
403R Greenberg Yisrael     son Zvi 401 425
403R Greenberg Zev     son Zvi 402 425
403R Greenberg Yaakov   Zlata     403  
403R Greenberg Zlata   Yaakov     404  
403R Greenberg Devora         405  
403R Greenberg Sender     son M- Devora 406  
403R Greenberg Chana Raizel         407  
403R Greenberg Eliyahu     son M- Chana Raizel 408 428
403R Greenberg Nisan   Anya     409  
403R Greenberg Anya   Nisan     410  
403R Greenberg Giorg     son Nisan 411  
403L Greenstat Miriam         435  
403R Greiver Michael   Raizel     393  
403R Greiver Raizel   Michael     394  
403R Greiver Sarah     daughter Michael 395  
403R Greiver Hinda     daughter Michael 396  
403L Grempler Luba Zaks       436  
403L Grempler Dvorsia     daughter M- Luba 437  
403L Grinshpan Levy   Mushka     412 426
403L Grinshpan Mushka   Levy     413 426
403L Grinshpan Yoel     son Levy 414 426
403L Grinshpan Shoshana     daughter Levy 415 426
403L Grinshpan Aharon   Chava     416  
403L Grinshpan Chava   Aharon     417  
403L Grinshpan Batia     daughter Aharon 418 426
403L Grinshpan Leah     daughter Aharon 419  
403L Grinshpan Gisia     daughter Aharon 420  
403L Grinshpan Esther     daughter Aharon 421  
403L Grinshpan Rivka     daughter Aharon 422  
403L Grinshpan Boaz     son Aharon 423  
403L Grinshpan Moshe         424 426
403L Grinshpan Bela         425  
403L Grinshpan Shlomo   Batia     426  
403L Grinshpan Batia Meirson Shlomo     427 425
403L Grinshpan Shoshana     daughter Shlomo 428 425
403L Grinshpan Zippora     daughter Shlomo 429 425
403L Grinshpan Meir   Chaya     430  
403L Grinshpan Chaya Kaplan Meir     431  
403L Grinshpan Baila     daughter Meir 432 426
403L Grinshpan Genia     daughter Meir 433  
403L Grinshpan Nechama     daughter Meir 434  
400L Gurberg David         253  
400L Gurberg Baruch     son David 254  
400L Gurberg Miriam     daughter David 255  
400L Gutman David   Rechel     241 425
400L Gutman Rechel Meirson David     242 425
400L Gutman Raya     daughter David 243 425
400L Gutman Genia         244  
400L Gutman Arie     son M- Genia 245  
400L Gutman Pira     daughter M- Genia 246  
400L Gutnik Mordecai   Leah     247  
400L Gutnik Leah   Mordecai     248  
400L Gutnik Aharon   Sheindel     249  
400L Gutnik Sheindel   Aharon     250  
400L Gutnik Minka     daughter Aharon 251 427
400L Gutnik Arie     son Aharon 252  
400R Guz Moshe   Gisia     231  
400R Guz Gisia   Moshe     232  
400R Guz Yisrael     son Moshe 233  
400R Guz Yocheved     daughter Moshe 234  

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