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Remember (Names of Our Kedoshim and Their Pictures) - cont.

Code Family name First name Maiden Name Spouse Family code Father Order # Picture
406L Chaitchkas  return Zvi   Pesia     583  
406L Chaitchkas Pesia   Zvi     584  
406L Chaitchkas Zev     son Zvi 585  
406L Chaitchkas Henoch     son Zvi 586  
406L Chamer Mordecai   Bracha     587 431
406L Chamer Bracha   Mordecai     588 431
406L Chamer Maniya     daughter Mordecai 589 431
406L Chamer Sonia     daughter Mordecai 590  
413R Charnota Michael   Sarah     949  
413R Charnota Sarah   Michael     950  
413R Charnota Moshe     son Michael 951  
406L Chazanchuk Haim (Shulman) Miriam     579 420
406L Chazanchuk Miriam Eizenberg Haim     580 420
406L Chazanchuk David     son Haim 581  
406L Chazanchuk (daughter)     daughter Haim 582  
413L Chechik Aharon   Chaya Sara     956 440
413L Chechik Chaya Sara Freger Aharon     957 440
413L Chechik Ruchama     daughter Aharon 958  
413L Chechik Mordecai     son Aharon 959  
413L Chechik Moshe Zvi     son Aharon 960  
413L Chechik David     son Aharon 961  
413L Chechik Eliyahu     son Aharon 962  
413L Cherpichnik Yehoshua   Esther     952  
413L Cherpichnik Esther Greenberg Yehoshua     953 440
413L Cherpichnik Rivka     daughter Yehoshua 954  
413L Cherpichnik Dina     daughter Yehoshua 955  
406L Cuvres Henia Korobochka       577 442
406L Cuvres Nachman     son M- Henia 578 442
404R Dach   return Pesia Brunia       (listed twice) 457 429
404R Dubinski Naftali   Rachel     450  
404R Dubinski Rachel   Naftali     451  
404R Dubinski Fruma     daughter Naftali 452  
404R Dubinski Leah     daughter Naftali 453  
404R Dubinski Sarah     daughter Naftali 454  
404R Dubinski Tama     daughter Naftali 455  
404R Dubinski Eliyahu     son Naftali 456  
396R Eizenberg   return Asher   Sarah     9  
396R Eizenberg Sarah   Asher     10  
396R Eizenberg Bezalel   Mindel     11 420
396R Eizenberg Mindel   Bezalel     12 420
396R Eizenberg Zvi (Hershel)   son Bezalel 13 420
396R Eizenberg Meir     son Bezalel 14 420
396R Eizenberg Wolf     son Bezalel 15 420
396R Eizenstein Asher   Chava     16  
396R Eizenstein Chava   Asher     17  
396R Eizenstein Efraim     son Asher 18  
396R Eizenstein David     son Asher 19  
396R Eizenstein Chaya Rachel         20  
396R Eizenstein Yisrael   Tamar     21  
396R Eizenstein Tamar   Yisrael     22  
396L Elshtein Meir     & w   29  
396L Elshtein Tzirel     daughter Meir 30  
396L Elshtein Malka     daughter Meir 31  
396L Elshtein (daughter)     daughter Meir 32  
396L Elshtein Moshe     son Meir 33  
411R Faigelstein   return Dov   Miriam     817  
411R Faigelstein Miriam   Dov     818  
411R Faigelstein Meir     son Dov 819  
411R Faigelstein Hodel         820  
411R Faigelstein Sarah Gittel     daughter M- Hodel 821  
411L Falik Yosef   Chaya     861  
411L Falik Chaya   Yosef     862  
411L Falik Zvi     son Yosef 863  
411L Falik (child)       Yosef 864  
411L Falik (child)       Yosef 865  
411L Feldman Yisrael   Rachel     852 438
411L Feldman Rachel   Yisrael     853 438
411L Feldman Avraham Kopel     son Yisrael 854 438
411L Feldman Aharon Shmuel     son Yisrael 855  
411L Feldman Chaya Pesil     daughter Yisrael 856  
411L Feldman Bracha     daughter Yisrael 857  
411L Felnzreich Leon   Rozia     858  
411L Felnzreich Rozia   Leon     859  
411L Felnzreich Zisel     daughter Leon 860  
411R Finkelstein Yehoshua         825  
411R Finkelstein Paltiel         826  
411R Finkelstein Yisrael         827  
411R Finkelstein Liber   Sheindel     828 438
411R Finkelstein Sheindel Weiner Liber     829 438
411R Finkelstein Moshe     son Liber 830 438
411R Finkelstein Michael     son Liber 831 438
411R Finkelstein Noah (Nionia)   son Liber 832 438
411R Finkelstein Yosef   Miriam     833 438
411R Finkelstein Miriam   Yosef     834 438
411R Finkelstein Rachel     daughter Yosef 835 438
411R Finkelstein Raizel         836  
411R Finkelstein Rachel     daughter M- Raizel 837  
411R Finkelstein Rivka     daughter M- Raizel 838  
411L Fishman Mina         851  
412R Freger Yaakov   Zlata     870 439
412R Freger Zlata   Yaakov     871 439
412R Freger Chava Grinshpan       872 439
412R Freger Yoel     son M- Chava 873 439
412R Freger Chaya     daughter M- Chava 874  
412R Freger Shmaryahu   Freda     875  
412R Freger Freda   Shmaryahu     876  
412R Freger Rachel     daughter Shmaryahu 877  
412L Freierman Moshe         902 439
412L Freierman Yaakov (Yasha)   son Moshe 903  
412L Freierman Zvi (Grisha)   son Moshe 904  
412R Freitel Yaakov   Toiva     878  
412R Freitel Toiva Shapira Yaakov     879  
412R Freitel Faigel     daughter Yaakov 880  
412R Freitel Reuven   Chana     881  
412R Freitel Chana   Reuven     882  
412R Fried Zvi   Chava     883  
412R Fried Chava   Zvi     884  
412R Fried Miriam     daughter Zvi 885  
412R Fried Esther     daughter Zvi 886  
412R Fried Rachel     daughter Zvi 887  
412R Fried Hadassah     daughter Zvi 888  
412R Friedman Sheindel         889  
412R Friedman Natan   Sarah     890  
412R Friedman Sarah   Natan     891  
412R Friedman Zvi   Rivka     892 439
412R Friedman Rivka   Zvi     893  
412R Friedman (son)     son Zvi 894  
412R Friedman Shlomo   Aidel     895 439
412R Friedman Aidel   Shlomo     896  
412R Friedman Sarah         897  
412R Friedman Shlomo     son M- Sarah 898  
412L Friedman Mordecai   Sarah     899  
412L Friedman Sarah   Mordecai     900  
412L Friedman Rachel     daughter Mordecai 901  
410L Fuchsman Asher   Kaila     799  
410L Fuchsman Kaila   Asher     800  
410L Fuchsman Maniya     daughter Asher 801 436
410L Fuchsman Haim Arie   Rassel     802  
410L Fuchsman Rassel   Haim Arie     803  
410L Fuchsman Yaakov   Godel     804 437
410L Fuchsman Godel   Yaakov     805 437
410L Fuchsman Zvi   Maniya     806 436
410L Fuchsman Maniya   Zvi     807  
410L Fuchsman Pesil     daughter Zvi 808 436
411R Furman Yitzhak     w & cc   816  

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