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Remember (Names of Our Kedoshim and Their Pictures) - cont.

Code Family name First name Maiden Name Spouse Family code Father Order # Picture
419L Schreiber return Meir   Sarah     1297  
419L Schreiber Sarah Yuz Meir     1298  
419L Schreiber Yocheved     daughter Meir 1299  
419L Schreiber Shifra     daughter Meir 1300  
419L Schreiber Yaakov     son Meir 1301  
419L Schreiber Nissan     son Meir 1302  
417L Schwartz Rivka Polishuk       1181 444
417L Schwartz David   Chana     1182  
417L Schwartz Chana   David     1183  
417L Schwartz Yisrael     son David 1184  
417L Schwartz Shammai     son David 1185  
417L Schwartz Rachel         1186  
417L Schwartz Asher         1187  
417L Schwartz Avraham         1188  
417L Schwartz Pesia         1189  
409L Segal Shoshana Hendler       743  
416L Shabatzki Chana         1123  
416L Shabatzki Moshe     son M- Chana 1124  
416L Shabatzki Golda     daughter M- Chana 1125  
416L Shabatzki Esther     daughter M- Chana 1126  
416L Shabatzki Miriam     daughter M- Chana 1127  
418R Shachnovski David   Mirel     1219 447
418R Shachnovski Mirel   David     1220 447
418R Shachnovski Aharon (Lulik)   son David 1221 447
418R Shachnovski Freida     daughter David 1222 447
418R Shames Yosef Aharon (HaRav) Rikel     1227 445
418R Shames Leah-Rikel (HaRabbanit) Yosef Aharon     1228 445
418L Shapir Yitzhak Meir   Chana     1234  
418L Shapir Chana   Yitzhak Meir     1235  
418L Shapir Devora     daughter Yitzhak Meir 1236  
418L Shapir Bela     daughter Yitzhak Meir 1237  
418L Shapir Dova     daughter Yitzhak Meir 1238  
418L Shapir Gershon     son Yitzhak Meir 1239  
418L Shapira Avraham   Chaya     1240  
418L Shapira Chaya   Avraham     1241  
418L Shapira Hesel     son Avraham 1242  
418L Shapira Dova     daughter Avraham 1243  
418L Shapira Yisrael     son Avraham 1244  
418L Shapira Alta         1245  
418L Shapira Moshe     son M- Alta 1246  
418L Shapira Batia     daughter M- Alta 1247  
418L Shapira Zippora         1248  
418L Shapira Dov     son M- Zippora 1249  
418L Shapira Moshe Haim     son M- Zippora 1250  
418L Shapira Mottel   Rivka     1251  
418L Shapira Rivka   Mottel     1252  
418L Shapira Maniya     daughter Mottel 1253  
418L Shapira Chaya         1254  
418L Shapira Esther     daughter M- Chaya 1255  
418L Shapira Mordecai   Lipsha     1256  
418L Shapira Lipsha   Mordecai     1257  
418L Shapira David     son Mordecai 1258  
418L Shapira Shlomo     son Mordecai 1259  
418L Shapira Chesia     daughter Mordecai 1260  
418L Shapira Sonia     daughter Mordecai 1261  
418L Shapira Moshe Ber   Taiva     1262  
418L Shapira Taiva   Moshe Ber     1263 448
419R Shapira Yocheved     daughter Moshe Ber 1264 448
419R Shapira Chesia     daughter Moshe Ber 1265 448
419R Shapira Yitzhak   Sarah Leah     1266  
419R Shapira Sarah Leah   Yitzhak     1267  
419R Shapira Yocheved     daughter Yitzhak 1268  
419R Shapira Faiga     daughter Yitzhak 1269  
419R Shapira Shmuel     son Yitzhak 1270  
419R Shapira Rasel     daughter Yitzhak 1271  
419R Shapira Yitzhak   Rivka     1272  
419R Shapira Rivka   Yitzhak     1273  
419R Shapira David     son Yitzhak 1274  
419R Shapira Yaakov     son Yitzhak 1275  
419R Shapira Shmuel   Nechama     1276  
419R Shapira Nechama   Shmuel     1277  
419R Shapira Mordecai     son Shmuel 1278  
419R Shapira Yaakov   Golda     1279  
419R Shapira Golda   Yaakov     1280  
419R Shapira Eliezar     son Yaakov 1281  
419R Shapira Yocheved     daughter Yaakov 1282  
419L Shapira Shlomo   Rivka     1283 448
419L Shapira Rivka   Shlomo     1284 448
419L Shapira Benyamin     son Shlomo 1285  
419L Shapira Raizel         1286  
419L Shapira Luba     daughter M- Raizel 1287  
419L Shapira Rasel     daughter M- Raizel 1288  
419L Shapira Mushka     daughter M- Raizel 1289  
419L Shapira Fradel     daughter M- Raizel 1290  
419L Shapira Pesia     daughter M- Raizel 1291  
419L Shapira Kalman     son M- Raizel 1292  
419L Shapira Nachman   Etel     1293  
419L Shapira Etel   Nachman     1294  
419L Shapira Asher     son Nachman 1295  
419L Shapira Zvi     son Nachman 1296  
418R Shechter Fishel   Runiya     1215  
418R Shechter Runiya Eizenberg Fishel     1216 420
418R Shechter Yehiel     son Fishel 1217  
418R Shechter (son)     son Fishel 1218  
418R Shechtman Dina         1214  
418R Sheintuch Moshe   Malka     1206  
418R Sheintuch Malka   Moshe     1207  
418R Sheintuch Esther     daughter Moshe 1208  
418R Sheintuch Yentel     daughter Moshe 1209  
418R Sheintuch Zahava     daughter Moshe 1210  
418R Ship Faiga         1211  
418R Ship Yeshayahu     son M- Faiga 1212  
418R Ship Raitza     daughter M- Faiga 1213  
418R Shlaifer Baila         1223  
418R Shlipak Shaul   Esther     1224  
418R Shlipak Esther Gitelman Shaul     1225  
418R Shlipak Moshe     son Shaul 1226  
416L Shohet Haim Yehuda   Sarah     1134 444
416L Shohet Sarah   Haim Yehuda     1135  
416L Shohet Moshe   Rachel     1136  
416L Shohet Rachel   Moshe     1137  
416L Shohet Shmuel (Sioma)   son Moshe 1138  
416L Shohet BatSheva     daughter Moshe 1139  
416L Shohet Chaya     daughter Moshe 1140  
418R Shpeilberg Mina   Baila     1229 447
418R Shpeilberg Baila Kagan Mina     1230 447
418R Shpeilberg Muzik     son Mina 1231  
418R Shpilman Sonia         1232  
418R Shpilman Moshe     son M- Sonia 1233  
417L Shtedler Benyamin   Sarah     1196 447
417L Shtedler Sarah Naiberg Benyamin     1197 447
417L Shtedler Rasel     daughter Benyamin 1198  
417L Shtedler Shoshana     daughter Benyamin 1199 447
417L Shteindel Meir   Susel     1200  
417L Shteindel Susel   Meir     1201  
417L Shteindel Shepsil     son Meir 1202  
417L Shteindel (daughter)     daughter Meir 1203  
417L Shteinman Hershel   Malka     1204 447
417L Shteinman Malka   Hershel     1205 447
417R Shulman Moshe Zelig   Necha     1153 445
417R Shulman Necha   Moshe Zelig     1154 445
417R Shulman Yosef     son Moshe Zelig 1155 445
417R Shulman Rivka     daughter Moshe Zelig 1156 445
417R Shulman David         1157  
417R Shulner Yitzhak   Chava     1158  
417R Shulner Chava   Yitzhak     1159  
417R Shuster Chaya         1160  
417R Shuster Genia     daughter M- Chaya 1161  
417R Shuster Batia         1162 446
417R Shuster Yehuda     son M- Batia 1163 446
417R Shuster Necha     daughter M- Batia 1164 446
417R Shuster Yeshayahu   Bela     1165  
417R Shuster Bela   Yeshayahu     1166  
417R Shuster Zisel     daughter Yeshayahu 1167  
417R Shuster Asher   Esther     1168  
417R Shuster Esther   Asher     1169  
417R Shuster Chana     daughter Asher 1170  
417R Shuster Yisrael     son Asher 1171  
417R Shuster Michael   Devora     1172  
417R Shuster Devora   Michael     1173  
417R Shuster Eliyahu     son Michael 1174  
417R Shuster David     son Michael 1175  
417R Shuster Yehoshua   Mushka     1176  
417R Shuster Mushka   Yehoshua     1177  
417L Shuster Chana Hodel     daughter Yehoshua 1178  
417L Shuster Yitzhak     son Yehoshua 1179  
417L Shuster Yosef         1180  
416L Shuver Baruch         1128 445
416L Shuver Genia         1129 445
416L Shvindelman Yaakov Shmuel   Rivka     1141 444
416L Shvindelman Rivka   Yaakov Shmuel     1142 444
416L Shvindelman Yehoshua   Hinda     1143 437
416L Shvindelman Hinda   Yehoshua     1144  
416L Shvindelman (son)     son Yehoshua 1145  
416L Shvindelman Paltiel   Bela     1146 437
416L Shvindelman Bela   Paltiel     1147  
416L Shvindelman Faigel     daughter Paltiel 1148  
416L Shvindelman Moshe     son Paltiel 1149  
417R Shvindelman Yisrael   Chaya     1150 437
417R Shvindelman Chaya   Yisrael     1151  
417R Shvindelman Moshe     son Yisrael 1152  
416L Shwartzberg Yoel (ShU''B) Chava     1130 446
416L Shwartzberg Chava Kleiger Yoel     1131 446
416L Shwartzberg Sarah     daughter Yoel 1132 446
416L Shwartzberg Yitzhak     son Yoel 1133 446
417L Shwartzblat Dov (Berl) Devora     1190 445
417L Shwartzblat Devora   Dov     1191 445
417L Shwartzblat Fania     daughter Dov 1192 445
417L Shwartzblat Mendel   Maniya     1193 446
417L Shwartzblat Maniya (Miriam) Gendelman Mendel     1194 446
417L Shwartzblat Malka     daughter Mendel 1195  
410R Sliep Sarah         774  
410R Sliep Arie (Leibel)   son M- Sarah 775 435
410R Slutzki Aharon   Chaya     771 435
410R Slutzki Chaya   Aharon     772  
410R Slutzki Isser     son Aharon 773  
409L Socher Leah         754  
409L Socher Faigel     daughter M- Leah 755  
409L Socher Yaakov     son M- Leah 756  
409L Soltzman Noah   Klara     757 435
409L Soltzman Klara   Noah     758 435
409L Soltzman Lusia     daughter Noah 759 435
409L Soltzman Shoshana     daughter Noah 760 435
409L Soltzman Luba Weiner       761 435
409L Soltzman Meir     son M- Luba 762 435
410R Soroka Shlomo from Borovoiya Hanna     763  
410R Soroka Hanna Burko Shlomo     764  
410R Soroka Zalman     son Shlomo 765  
410R Soroka Gedalyahu     son Shlomo 766  
410R Soroka Osnat     daughter Shlomo 767  
410R Spivak Shmuel Yitzhak   Leah     776  
410R Spivak Leah   Shmuel Yitzhak     777  
410R Spivak Haim         778  
410R Spivak (wife)   Haim     779  
410R Spivak Hezkel     son Haim 780  
410R Strilovski Zelig   Malka     768  
410R Strilovski Malka   Zelig     769  
410R Strilovski Sarah     daughter Zelig 770  
409L Suka Aharon   Leah     745 435
409L Suka Leah   Aharon     746 435
409L Suka Rachel         747  
409L Suka Pesach     son M- Rachel 748  
409L Suka Shmuel   Sonia     749  
409L Suka Sonia Gendelman Shmuel     750  
409L Suka Zvi     son Shmuel 751  
409L Suka Zalman     son Shmuel 752  
409L Suka Malka     daughter Shmuel 753  
409L Svetchnik Feivish   Dvorsia   (also listed on p416) 738 444
409L Svetchnik Dvorsia Drach Feivish   (also listed on p416) 739 444
409L Svetchnik Doba     daughter Feivish 740  
409L Svetchnik Henia     daughter Feivish 741  
409L Svetchnik Yisrael     son Feivish 742  
407R Tarlo   return Chaya Levin       620 432
407R Tarlo Dunya     daughter M- Chaya 621 432
407R Tarlo Leah     daughter M- Chaya 622 432
407R Tendler Pearl Perl       613 440
406L Tomrin Yaakov         595  
407R Trigun Isachar (ShU"B) Pesil     617 431
407R Trigun Pesil   Isachar     618  
407R Trigun Yisrael     son Isachar 619 431
407R Trossman Haim   Tema     614 431
407R Trossman Tema   Haim     615 431
407R Trossman Yechiel         616 431
407R Turkenich Avraham         612  
406L Turok Chaya         600  
406L Turok Nisan     son M- Chaya 601  
407R Turok Wolf     son M- Chaya 602  
407R Turok Yenta     daughter M- Chaya 603  
407R Turok Haim   Henia     604  
407R Turok Henia   Haim     605  
407R Turok Gisia     daughter Haim 606  
407R Turok Wolf     son Haim 607  
407R Turok Yitzhak   Chana     608  
407R Turok Chana   Yitzhak     609  
407R Turok Yocheved     daughter Yitzhak 610  
407R Turok Luba     daughter Yitzhak 611  
406L Turovitz Tuvia         596  
406L Turovitz Leah       597  
406L Turovitz Gershon     son M- Leah 598  
406L Turovitz Bunia     daughter M- Leah 599  
413R Tzipiniuk (family)         948  
409L Svitcher Fradel         744  

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