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Remember (Names of Our Kedoshim and Their Pictures) - cont.

Code Family name First name Maiden Name Spouse Family code Father Order # Picture
404R Halprin return Hanka Chechik       463 429
406L Hefetz Stara         591  
406L Hefetz Avigdor (Vitia) Batia     592 431
406L Hefetz Batia Berezovsky Avigdor     593 431
406L Hefetz Musik     son Avigdor 594 431
404R Hendelman Yosef   Sheindel     464  
404R Hendelman Sheindel   Yosef     465  
404R Hendelman Rachel     daughter Yosef 466  
404R Horman Moshe Wolf   Esther     458 429
404R Horman Esther   Moshe Wolf     459  
404R Horman Chaya     daughter Moshe Wolf 460  
404R Horman Sheindel     daughter Moshe Wolf 461  
404R Horman Shlomo         462  
410R Ivry   return Avigdor   Zlata     781 436
410R Ivry Zlata   Avigdor     782 436
410R Ivry Yosef     son Avigdor 783  
410R Ivry Noah         784 436
410R Ivry Moshe   Zlata     785 436
410R Ivry Zlata   Moshe     786  
410R Ivry Yentel     daughter Moshe 787 436
410R Ivry Shifra     daughter Moshe 788 436
410R Ivry Dov (Berl)   son Moshe 789 436
413L Kagan  return Gershon   Etel     963  
413L Kagan Etel   Gershon     964  
413L Kagan (children)       Gershon 965  
413L Kagan Sheindel         966 441
414R Kailer Taivel Baruch       994  
414R Kailer Baruch     son M- Taivel 995  
414R Kailer Chesia     daughter M- Taivel 996  
414L Kaplan Yosef   Dosel     1023  
414L Kaplan Dosel   Yosef     1024  
414L Kaplan Devora     daughter Yosef 1025  
414L Kaplan David     son Yosef 1026  
414L Kaplan Chaya Schwartz   w/son & daughter   1027  
414L Kaplan Chana     w/ 3cc   1028  
414L Kaplan Braindel         1029 443
414L Kaplan Yehuda         1030 443
407L Kasher David   Ita     636  
407L Kasher Ita   David     637  
407L Kasher Chana     daughter David 638  
407L Kasher Yitzhak     son David 639  
407L Katz Yisrael   Sima & cc (twins)   627  
407L Katz Sima Zaks Yisrael     628  
407L Katz Moshe   Rachel     629  
407L Katz Rachel Tuchman Moshe     630  
407L Katz Chaya     daughter Moshe 631  
407L Katz Batia     daughter Moshe 632  
407L Katzenelson Nachum   Chana Baila     633  
407L Katzenelson Chana Baila   Nachum     634  
407L Katzenelson Sonia     daughter Nachum 635  
414L Kek Yeshayahu Baruch         1031 442
414L Kek Chaya         1032  
414L Kek Aharon     son M- Chaya 1033  
414L Kek Shmuel     son M- Chaya 1034  
415R Kek Haim   Sonia     1035  
415R Kek Sonia   Haim     1036  
415R Kek Rivka     daughter Haim 1037  
415R Kek Devora     daughter Haim 1038  
415R Kek Avraham     son Haim 1039  
415R Kek Michael   Mindel     1040  
415R Kek Mindel   Michael     1041  
415R Kek Rasel     daughter Michael 1042  
415L Kerentzberg Yaakov         1064  
415L Kerentzberg Ita     daughter Yaakov 1065  
414R Kimmel Esther Chaya         997  
414R Kimmel Batia     daughter M- Esther Chaya 998  
414R Kimmel Shmuel   Braindel     999 421
414R Kimmel Braindel Baruch (Burd) Shmuel     1000 421
414R Kimmel Ziskind   Shifra     1001  
414R Kimmel Shifra   Ziskind     1002  
414R Kimmel Fradel     daughter Ziskind 1003  
414R Kimmel Chaya     daughter Ziskind 1004  
414R Kimmel Simcha     son Ziskind 1005  
414L Kleiman Aharon         1009 441
414L Kleiman Sonia Shapira       1010 443
414L Kleiman Maniya     daughter M- Sonia 1011 443
414L Kleiman Yaakov   Chava     1012  
414L Kleiman Chava   Yaakov     1013  
414L Kleiman Devora     daughter Yaakov 1014  
414L Kleiman Chana     daughter Yaakov 1015  
414L Kleiman Riva     daughter Yaakov 1016  
414L Kleiman Masha     daughter Yaakov 1017  
414L Kleiman Zelig     son Yaakov 1018  
414L Kleiman Avraham Dov     son Yaakov 1019  
414L Kleiman Yehuda   Chana     1020  
414L Kleiman Chana   Yehuda     1021  
414R Klorfein Pinchas   Fania     1006 441
414R Klorfein Fania   Pinchas     1007 441
414R Klorfein Avraham     son Pinchas 1008 441
414L Knizchnikov Pesia         1022  
414R Kokel Bezalel   Raizel     980 441
414R Kokel Raizel   Bezalel     981 441
414R Kokel Shaintza     daughter Bezalel 982 441
414R Kokel Niosia     daughter Bezalel 983 441
413L Kokoiv Zvi   Batia     977 441
413L Kokoiv Batia Geipman Zvi     978 441
413L Kokoiv Benzion     son Zvi 979 441
414R Korland Fradel         993  
414R Korobochka Moshe   Miriam     984 442
414R Korobochka Miriam   Moshe     985 442
414R Korobochka Fradel     daughter Moshe 986 442
414R Korobochka Yoel   Henia     987 442
414R Korobochka Henia Gendelman Yoel     988 442
414R Korobochka Benyamin     son Yoel 989 442
414R Korobochka Natan     son Yoel 990 442
414R Korobochka Asher     son Yoel 991  
414R Korobochka (son)     son Yoel 992  
413L Koziol Yosef   Chaya     967  
413L Koziol Chaya   Yosef     968  
413L Koziol Haim     son Yosef 969  
413L Koziol Arie     son Yosef 970  
413L Koziol Michala     daughter Yosef 971  
415R Kracher Roza         1063 443
415R Kramer Mordecai   BatSheva     1055  
415R Kramer BatSheva   Mordecai     1056  
415R Kramer Haim     son Mordecai 1057  
415R Kramer Kalman     son Mordecai 1058  
415R Kramer Mordecai   Devora     1059  
415R Kramer Devora Eizenstein Mordecai     1060  
415R Kramer Feivish     son Mordecai 1061  
415R Kramer Chaya     daughter Mordecai 1062  
415R Kravchik Baruch   Masha     1043 443
415R Kravchik Masha   Baruch     1044  
415R Kravchik Baila     daughter Baruch 1045  
415R Krivola Moshe   Faigel     1049  
415R Krivola Faigel Levin Moshe     1050 443
415R Krivola Yehoshua (Shepsil)   son Moshe 1051 443
415R Krupnik Yosef Dov   Batia     1046  
415R Krupnik Batia   Yosef Dov     1047  
415R Krupnik Meir     son Yosef Dov 1048  
415R Krychman Eliezar   Rachel     1052  
415R Krychman Rachel   Eliezar     1053 443
415R Krychman Chana     daughter Eliezar 1054 443
413L Kutz Pesach         972 440
413L Kutz Aharon     son Pesach 973 440
413L Kutz Gedalyahu   Sarah     974  
413L Kutz Sarah   Gedalyahu     975 440
413L Kutz Beiba     son Gedalyahu 976 440

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