Jewish Congregations of the City of London

and the East End of London
(London Borough of Tower Hamlets)


Many of the Jews in the East End were active in the Trade Union Movement.
Among the Jewish unions was the Trousermakers' Union. Their banner was in Yiddish with an English version on the obverse.
(Photographs courtesy of Harold Pollins

The following congregations were within the CITY OF LONDON (the historic "One Square Mile"), generally close to the eastern boundary, and in most instances (particularly in the later period) formed a single community together with the Jews of the East End.

Registration District - London City - Register Office Website (hosted by London Borough of Islington)




The following Congregations comprised the Jewish Community of the
all situated within the boundaries of the present

Since 1 January 1983, this is also the Registration District for the whole borough
Tower Hamlets Register Office Website
List of Synagogue Marriage Registers held at Tower Hamlets Register Office

All but four of the synagogues in the borough have now closed and several were bombed during the London Blitz. 


 *   An active congregation.

    A congregation that subsequently changed its name or merged into another congregation.

 #  Pages recently fully reformatted, with expanded data.

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Search the All-UK Database

The following are records in the database associated exclusively with the City and East End of London. For records relating to London generally (which includes those relating to the the City & East End), see details on the London home page.


Bevis Marks Synagogue, 1836 - 1918 (1,253 records);
Princelet (Princes) Street Synagogue, 1897 - 1907 (81 records);
Sandy Row Synagogue, 1894-1930 (832 records);


Novo Cemetery, Mile End, 1733 - 1918 (Spanish & Portuguese Jews Congregation), (10,732 records*);
Plashet Cemetery, Manor Park
(United Synagogue), (79 records with surname Isaac or Isaacs);

School Records

The Jews' Free School Admission Register Database, initially covering the years from approximately 1856 to 1907, contains records of some 20,000 pupils, both boys and girls, at the Jews' Free School, Spitalfields, in the East End of London, including the names of the pupil and his or her parent or guardian, address, date of entry, previous school (where noted), date of birth, date of leaving and reason for leaving.

Seatholders Lists

1885, 1899 and/or 1910 (13,442 records), in respect of the following United Synagogue congregations:
East London Synagogue; the Great Synagogue; the Hambro' Synagogue; and the New Synagogue.


Spitalfields (695 records).


Subscribers to an English Haggadah 1809 (210 records, all in London);
Subscribers to Jews' Orphan Asylum, Tenter Ground, Goodman's Fields, London E.1. (established 1831), including Life Governors, 1860 (1,234 records).


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Online Articles, Photographs and Other Material
relating to the Jewish Community in the City of London
and London's East End


On third parties' website


Some Other City or East End Jewish Institutions

  • Board of Guardians and Trustees for the Relief of Jewish Poor, founded 1859, incorporated 1920.

  • Oxford & St George's Club, founded 1914.

  • Poor Jews Temporary Shelter. Tens of thousands Jews stayed at the Shelter in Leman Street, London during the period 1896-1914. There is a searchable database maintained by the Department of History at the University of Leicester.


Plaque marking the site of the former offices of the Jewish Board of Guardians,
British Jewry's foremost charitable institution, at 125-9 Middlesex Street, London E.1.
(situated almost on the boundary between the City of London and former
Borough of Stepney, now part of London Borough of Tower Hamlets)
(Photograph provided by David Shulman)


Useful Links

Jewish East End Celebration Society (JEECS) whose purposes include, among others, the focusing of attention on Jewish life and culture in the East End of London; disseminating information about the Jewish East End; re-establishing roots and interest in the Jewish East End; and preserving and documenting past Jewish life. Publishes the Cable magazine.

Poor Jews Temporary Shelter - A database of approx 43,000 Jews who stayed at the Shelter in Leman Street, London during the period 1896-1914

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