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Jewish Holdings in the Latvian State Historical Archives

By: Paul Cheifitz
JewishGen Research Coordinator for Latvia

The following link provides a complete listing of the Jewish records held in the Latvian State Historical Archives. There are three worksheets - one each for Courland, Livland, and Vitebsk.

The first column is the name of the town (shtetl), the second is the District and the third the Province (Gubernia). Within each cell, the town or district name that appears at the top is the old Russian or German (in the case of Courland) name, and the name at the bottom is the modern Latvian name. Coverage varies by town, and there are gaps in the holdings. Some records such as the 1897 All-Russian Census are only held in part. This will give you some idea of the difficulties the Archivists encounter when doing your research. Once you have looked closely at the lists you may be able to suggest to the Archivists the listings that may hold details of your family. Information on contacting the Archives may be found on the Latvia SIG Archival Resources page.

Rows in the table that are highlighted in tan indicate records that have been abstracted and are included in the JewishGen Latvia Database.

The Archives keep their alphabetical lists by the old name and this list reflects that order.

CLICK HERE to access the file

Last Update: 02/20/2019   Avraham Groll
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