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Beginner Home Study Lessons in US Research

JewishGen no longer teaches the Beginner Course, but for those interested we have had decided to make the lessons available. These six lessons (80 pages in 6 pdfs) thoroughly document the following:

Why is this better than a book? because these lessons contains hundreds of tested links to sources on the Internet; this will jumpstart your research.

There is no requirement to receive this series of lessons; everyone is eligible. The price is $50.00, payable by clicking on this link.

For Value Added members of JewishGen, those who have donated $100 to our non-profit organization within the last 12 months, we offer an additional incentive. We will offer three days of discussion, comments, questions and answers...referencing items within the scope of the Beginner Workbook, in our public forum or by email. After you read the lessons, contact Phyllis Kramer with a start date.

For any questions, please email the author, Phyllis Kramer, Vice President, Education, JewishGen.

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