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Synagogue/Society Identification
Synagogue/Society ID: HUNG-00445
Synagogue/Society Name:
Synagogue/Society Location
Country: Hungary
City: Kisújszállás  
Synagogue/Society Details
Number of Memorials: 120
Number of Photographs: 0
Synagogue/Society Description:

Kisujszallas, Hungary, 120 plaques total.

Kisujszallas, Hungary Memorial Plaques
Submitted by Julia Kalotay
(Photos taken in 2019)

Memorial Plaque #1 With List of Names

This plaque stands in a central part of the town where the synagogue once stood.  It was moved there by the town's beautification committee in 2009, and apparently a memorial ceremony is held there each year.   The plaque had originally been installed in the Jewish cemetery by local holocaust survivors who returned after liberation.  They also fixed the synagogue, which had been badly damaged, but which they eventually were forced to abandon because there were too few people remaining to support it. 
Today there are no Jewish people remaining in the town.  The plaque is divided into two sections, with those who were “deported” at the top, and those sent into “forced labour” at the bottom.   
At the top of the plaque are the words: “In memory of the martyrdom of our loved ones who were kidnapped from here during the year 1943/1945”. The date,  June 18,  1944,  is the date on which Jewish people were deported from the town.
At the bottom of the plaque are the words: “Hate brought about their death. Love safeguards their memory”.

Synagogue Plaque

The second plaque is an engraving of the synagogue building and memorializes the town's synagogue.  At the bottom of the plaque are the words: “This is the spot where one of our town's most beautiful buildings, the synagogue of the Jewish community of Kisujszállás,  once stood,  from 1904 to 1964”. “Erected by the preservation and beautification committee, 2009”.

Cemetery Plaqu

The third plaque stands in the Jewish cemetery.  At the top are the Roman numerals representing the 10 commandments, with the VI highlighted. The plaque says: “Thou Shall Not Murder”.  Underneath, the Hungarian translates to: “Symbolic gravemarker, in memory of the 123 members of our congregation who were kidnapped from our town and who died the death of martyrs, during the years of 1942-1944”


Data last updated: 07/04/2022

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