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Synagogue/Society Identification
Synagogue/Society ID: GERM-00602
Synagogue/Society Name: Tormersdorf Concentration Camp
Section: Holocaust Memorial
Synagogue/Society Location
Country: Germany
City: Tomersdorf
Synagogue/Society Details
Number of Memorials: 529
Number of Photographs: 529
Synagogue/Society Description:

Tormersdorf Concentration Camp, Tomersdorf , Germany, 529 plaques total.

Photos courtesy of Lauren Leiderman. For more information, please see her website ""Jewish Remembrance Week Görlitz/ Zgorzelec"" (


"We remember those who were imprisoned here in the ghetto in Tormersdorf:

[List of names]

There are the 532 recorded names of the prisoners of Tormersdorf. With one exception, all were Jewish. One woman, who was not Jewish, was married to a Jewish man and was imprisoned as a result.

46 of these people were children.

26 of these people died here: 2 by suicide and 24 by the terrible living conditions and forced labour.

3 of these people were released (the blended family mentioned above).

502 of these individuals were deported to concentration camps including Madjanek, Auschwitz, & Theresienstadt. Of these people there were only 7 survivors: Flora BLASSBERG, Lucia DANIEL, Rosa KRONTHAL, Arthur HILLER, Hans HILLER, and Isidor PESE.

Data last updated: 07/11/2023

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